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College packing tips for freshmen in Texas

When it comes to Texas, the Fall semester starts on August 16th. For many of you, it'll be an exciting…

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Packing tips for moving to college

Moving to college is a big transition. Not only are you getting used to living on your own, but you're…

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How to pack odd shaped items for a move

When preparing for the move, the most challenging part is packing all your items properly so they don't get damaged.…

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How to pack a carry on when moving houses

If you're moving houses, you might be dreading the packing process - after all, there's so much to remember and…

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Packing tricks for moving in a hurry

If we lived in a perfect world, we would always have enough time to do everything slowly. But sadly, that…

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How to avoid mistakes when packing antiques

You've packed all of your items or at least have an idea, but you're not sure about antiques? Don't worry…

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How to pack a hobby room for moving

Almost every person has a hobby that makes life more beautiful. We are all different and offer attracted to specific…

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How to declutter on a budget before the move

Moving to a new home is something that everyone goes through in life. It is a unique experience, and it…

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Quick facts about packing for summer break

When summer comes by there are so many opportunities for how to spend it. Summer break means there is no…

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The importance of labeling moving boxes

The moving process tends to be a really demanding task. It can cause a lot of stress and drain your…

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