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    What precautions are you taking during COVID-19?

    We are an essential service. This means we’re still in business and we are taking every precaution possible with all of our moves including:

    • Practicing CDC recommended hand-washing techniques

    • Staying home if anyone is showing any symptoms of illness
      (whether related to COVID-19 or not)

    • Cleaning and disinfecting moving equipment used on our jobs

    • Wearing masks while working

    We’re asking customers to follow basic protocols related to social distancing:

    • Maintaining a 6-foot distance from movers and drivers as they work

    • Refraining from any participation in the move

    • Kindly asking any customer who’s experiencing symptoms—whether related to COVID-19 or not— to cancel or reschedule their move

    How much does a typical move cost?

    We get this question a lot. The truth is it all depends on how much stuff you have.

    The beauty of our simple hourly pricing is that your time begins when the crew arrives and you sign them in. Then you’re the boss as long as you need us. If you need us longer than expected, no problem — time is prorated in 15-minute increments.

    If you’re packed, prepared, and it helps us finish early, then the clock stops and you only pay for the time we work. Not a penny more.

    We’ve moved over 25,000 people since 2005 and this is what our data tells us about typical moves:

    average price

    What’s included in my move?

    • 26′ Truck(s) including driver, fuel, and mileage 🚚

    • TV moving boxes at no extra charge (up to 72″) 📺

    • Furniture disassembly and reassembly (we bring the tools) ✅

    • Unloading and unwrapping everything in your new home ✅

    • Silver plan protection coverage at $0.60 per pound per item 🛡

    • Great attitudes, strong workers, and friendly smiles 😄

    How much stuff fits in a 26 foot box truck?

    We can usually fit everything in a home up to 1,700-2,000 square feet. Want to see how much stuff typically fits? Check out this video.

    Need more stuff moved? We’ve got you covered with extra trucks and oversized trailers as needed!

    How can I reserve my move?

    We ask for a $100 refundable deposit to reserve a move slot with us. If you have to cancel or reschedule, we ask for 72-hour notice so that we have an opportunity to fill the spot you left vacant and get you rebooked at a more convenient time.

    When do I pay for my move?

    At the end of your move when you sign out your moving crew. We can use the credit card you used for your deposit, a new credit card, or cash.

    How much should I tip my movers?

    Most customers thank our movers by leaving 10% to 20% of the final bill. Gratuity is not expected but very much appreciated since as you know, moving is tough. You can leave your tip on a credit card or pay in cash at the end of your move. If tipping isn’t in the budget, a review on Google, Yelp, or Facebook means the world to us!

    Do movers take a lunch break?

    Lots of movers bring their own lunch. Some moving crews will stop somewhere along the way en route to the next location. If they stop, they’ll clock out any time they spend eating during their lunch break.

    How does professional packing work?

    We offer full-service packing priced at our simple hourly rate. We can pack a couple rooms or pack your entire home including kitchen, clothing, and special items like artwork and pianos. We also have a full line of packing materials at affordable prices so we can bring everything we need to get your packing done.

    If you choose not to book packing services, your items will need to be packed and ready by the time your moving crew arrives on move day.

    Does your moving company have insurance?

    Absolutely. It’s actually quite challenging getting insurance in this business so many moving “entrepreneurs” are uninsured. We are fully licensed and insured and provide the required valuation protection of $.60 per pound for any items broken, lost, or damaged during a move. Movers in Texas are regulated by the TxDMV and the Texas Department of Insurance. Our TX DMV number is 00901587C 🚚💨

    Do you offer more protection plans?

    The Silver plan is included in the price of our moves. But most customers prefer to upgrade to the Gold plan🏆
    protection plan

    I have the Silver Protection Plan, will I only receive .60 cents/lb reimbursements for damaged items?

    Your claim will be evaluated and approved based on your Protection Plan. However, the Claims team will take many factors into consideration when reviewing your claim, and we encourage filing a complete claim for any affected items.

    How to file a damage claim?

    In the unfortunate event that something is damaged, Heavenly has a simple claims process. We ask customers to initiate a claim within seven (7) days of delivery of the item(s) and provide any additional information requested by Heavenly in a timely manner to facilitate the claims process.

    To initiate this process, please submit your claim online here: Claims Submission

    After filling out the claims form, the following information will need to be submitted to our claims team:

    1. Photos of the damage (make sure to include a photo of the whole item as well). Photos of any identifying labels with make and model information.
    2. Copies of the original receipts. If you don’t have a copy of the receipt, please provide a website link to the same item from an online source.

    Once you’ve initiated the claim and have sent us the required photos and receipts, we can submit the claim to be reviewed by our Claims Department in accordance with our Terms of Service. Please note that any compensation will be based on your coverage limits in accordance with your selected Protection Plan.

    The review process can take between one to three weeks from the time we’ve collected all the information.

    How long will it take to process my claim?

    Once all necessary information is collected, the review process can take between one and three weeks. Keep in mind that your claim cannot be submitted for review until you have filed a claim and submitted photos and/or receipts.

    Once your claim has been reviewed, you’ll receive an email from a member of our Claims team with additional information and the next steps.

    What is pricing for special items?

    We’ll move (almost) anything including the items below:

    Special Items Price
    Piano No charge for upright unless going up or downstairs ($100); baby grand is $300
    Gun Safe $150 unless it’s small/closet-sized
    Hot Tub $500
    Pool Table $400
    Playscape $350

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