6 things to know before looking for movers around you

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When planning for relocation, there are several key factors to consider beforehand. Besides gathering supplies and planning out logistics, you’ll probably think of hiring a moving company to help you out. Professional movers will not only spare you the heavy lifting, but they will also make everything run more smoothly. Luckily, if your final destination is Texas, there are some trustworthy movers Austin you can count on! Just to be on the safe side, here’s a list of things to know before looking for movers around you. 

Determine the type of moving company you’ll need to hire

The type of move you’ll be making is one of the things to know before looking for movers around you. The decision between moving across the street or to a different state will influence the choice of a moving company. To help you narrow the search down, you may begin by learning the difference between an interstate and intrastate relocation.

a man driving a moving truck
Before looking for a moving company near you, think of the moving services you will need.

When you’re all set, think about whether you need help with everything, or you can move something on your own. It will be easier to plan your move if you only have your personal items and furniture to account for. However, if you also plan to move your office, consider hiring reliable commercial movers Austin TX. Don’t worry, because versatile and experienced moving companies will be able to assist you with all kinds of relocations!

A company’s reputation is one of the things to know before looking for movers in your area

Wouldn’t you be suspicious if you couldn’t find information about a potential business partner on the internet? Well, you should apply the same level of caution when looking for local movers Austin. When moving, you’ll want to easily get in touch with the people who will be handling your most expensive possessions. Therefore, you should know that a moving company that does not have an informative website is most likely deceptive.

However, even movers with a strong online presence might turn out to be con artists. As a result, pay attention to what popular pages and forums have to say regarding moving scams. Sometimes all it takes is a quick online search to figure out that you’re dealing with a shady moving business. Looking up complaint registries will be a great way to start your investigation because you’ll find priceless advice there. Word of mouth is still important, so you could ask friends to recommend a dependable moving company to you as well.

Consider the full cost of hiring a moving company

The approximate cost of your relocation is one of the things to know before looking for movers in your area. The cost will depend on many factors, like distance, the number of items, etc, so you’ll need an estimate. Once you request a quote, it is critical to understand exactly what services and prices the company provides. Nowadays, decent moving companies frequently add packing services Austin to their portfolio. Consider this option if you don’t have time to pack properly, or if you wish to avoid that hassle. 

A person working out how much they should pay a moving company
Cost is definitely one of the things to know before looking for movers around you.

Saving money has its benefits, but it should not be your only goal. In the end, using extremely low-cost moving services will somehow always cost you significantly more! Also, make sure to double-check for any hidden fees in your moving contract. Extra fees may include packing materials provided by the mover, or the cost of disassembling large furniture. However, a reputable moving company will ensure that all fees are disclosed in advance and included in the quotation. 

Things to know before looking for movers around you also include their licenses

You certainly wouldn’t want to put your belongings in the care of an unauthorized moving company. That’s why it’s necessary to verify that your moving business has the necessary licenses and insurance to transport you legally. That being said, you should know that all factual movers are listed in the official registry. If you have an accurate company’s USDOT number, you’ll be able to find plenty of information about it online

It’s a good idea to declutter your home before you find a local moving company 

When you’re contemplating relocation, you might realize that you own more things than you previously thought. But what’s the purpose of having many belongings if they aren’t used at least occasionally? That’s why before hiring movers you should make a list of items you haven’t used at least once a year. Then, clean out your living space by selling, throwing out, or donating anything you won’t need anymore. 

A woman holding boxes and thinking of things to know before looking for movers around you
Once you declutter your home, you’ll need moving help only with items you plan to keep.

Adopting a more minimalist lifestyle before looking for movers around you will certainly have many benefits. For example, you can make better use of available space, and you’ll pay much less for moving services. However, you might have some extra items you’re rather fond of, but they won’t fit in your new apartment. In that case, making use of storage solutions Austin might be the right choice for you!   

There are more advantages to looking for movers around you than just packing and transport

People commonly call moving companies when they need help with the logistical part of relocation. However, versatile movers offer so many services that can make your move as smooth as possible! For example, putting personal belongings in short term storage Austin can help you stage your home for potential buyers. 

Renting temporary storage will also give you time to determine how you want to arrange furnishings for your new apartment. What’s even better is that it will enable you to unpack in stages rather than everything at once. Finally, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings while you finish renovating your new home.  

Because there are many companies to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when it comes to hiring movers. Hopefully, with this list of things to know before looking for movers around you, such a task will be a little bit less complicated.


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