7 Ways to spend Valentine’s Day in Austin after moving from Westlake

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Moving can be really exhausting. All those preparations that you have to do. There is preparing of your items, packing, finding a reliable moving service. And the whole process does not end there. After moving, you have to do a lot of unpacking and sort out your items around your new home. The whole process can be even harder if you relocate during winter. But there are many things that you can do to have some fun after the relocation. Now that one of moving companies Austin has brought your goods into your new home, you can start organizing your day. Certainly, there will be many things to do. But some of it, you can leave aside. Instead, since it is February there is an upcoming holiday for those in love. In this article, read how to spend a nice Valentine’s Day in Austin after your move.

How to spend Valentine’s Day in Austin straight after the move

Some people say that going out on Valentine’s Day can be very expensive. But one thing is for sure- it is one of the busiest dining evenings in the whole year. But with so much romance in the air, it would be a shame to miss going out with your partner on this evening. Especially if you have moved recently. It must have been pretty exhausting to organize the whole process. You put some items in the storage facilities Austin TX, and sorted some things out, you deserve to have some fun. Therefore, take your time and ask your neighbors to recommend some nice place for you and your beloved. Remember that the hardest part of your move passed. Therefore, Valentine’s evening is a perfect opportunity to relax and  enjoy a nice meal in some popular restaurant.

a storage unit
Put away items in storage units and have a great Valentine’s Day in Austin

Start your celebration earlier

You do not have to only spend a night out in order to have a nice Valentine’s holiday. Together with your partner, start a celebration as early as possible.

If it happens to fall during the weekend, then you can book some couples spa day. Grab your partner and head to some of the numerous spa centers in Austin. If you still did not unpack all the bulky items, please do not worry. Instead, let your Westlake moving company Austin to do the unpacking for you. In the meantime, you can take some time to relax and renew with your partner. Do not forget to book this service in advance since many couples will have the same idea. Do not think about unboxing. Instead, try to relax in the local favorite spa center Milk + Honey, or Viva Day Spa. This will be a Valentine’s Day in Austin to remember.

a couple having great Valentine's Day in Austin spa
Book a spa day in Austin

Go on a romantic afternoon hike

After spending a great day in a local spa center, you can plan further to go and take some walk around Austin. Even if the weather is not that nice, this is not the reason to stay indoors, or in a restaurant.

You can still have a great day with your sweetheart. If you still worry about your new messy home, maybe now it is the perfect moment to book storage and pick up delivery of your items. While movers are busy with your items, you can enjoy your walk around Green Belt. In addition, you can visit River Place Nature Trail, Mount Bonnell. Think about a lovely picnic you can have there. Therefore, grab a picnic basket, put in some wine, chocolate, and cheese. Also, do not forget to bring a blanket and some coffee to make this day even better.

a couple drinking wine
Enjoy a nice Valentine’s picnic

Prepare for the romantic evening

If you went on hiking around the Mount Bonnell, stay there all the way so you can watch beautiful sunset behind Lake Travis. Do not remember to turn off your phone, or at least stay away from social networks. Try to spend a quality time with your partner without interruptions from phone buzzing. Try not to think about the moving boxes left after the unpacking. Interstate movers Texas will remove all the junk after the Valentine’s Day. If you are both wine lovers, you can go Valentine’s Day celebration at the Hill Country Galleria. Also, Zilker Park is a must-see place in Austin. This place offers a stunning view of Austin’s iconic skyline. There you can enjoy the beautiful view, especially at sunset. Also, what can be more romantic than a Drive-in Movie. So, sit in your car and dry away to see some romantic comedy.

How else to spend a Valentine’s Day in Austin

The romantic evening is coming. But you do not necessarily have to go out. Instead, you can stay in and still have a memorable evening. You can make your own dinner by trying a Copycat Austin Recipe and make your own romantic meal. If staying in, there are plenty of Austin movies that you can stream. You can try Dazed and Confused, ACL TV Tapings, Slacker, Tower and so on. If you decide to go out after all, try visiting Winflo Osteria for a beautiful candlelit dinner. There, you can also enjoy some live musical performance by American singer-songwriter Matthew Mayfield. You can choose there a 5-course meal, and choose a bottle or some Italian red wine. On the way home, you can buy a bunch of doughnuts to finish the day with.

As you can see there are many ways how you can spend a Valentine’s Day in Austin. This will definitely be a great treat after the overwhelming moving experience. Visit some parks or lakes where you can have a nice little picnic with your beloved.  Go to some rooftops and enjoy beautiful and romantic sunset. Do not bother with your unpacked boxes. There is plenty of time to do that. Book a restaurant, spa center or drive-in movie for a great Valentine’s experience. Finally, to save some money, buy a bunch of sweets and stay in to enjoy some of the most Austin-like movies. You will have a night to remember!

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