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You want to move to Westlake, Texas but you don’t know anything about it. That’s why we as one of the best movers TX would like to help you. We’ve created a complete guide on Westlake, Texas. So let’s explore together this beautiful town with a population of just a little over 1,600. It’s located in the northeast part of Texas. The town is filled with plants and animals so it looks like an Eden of Texas. Now let’s dig a bit deeper and see why this town is so popular.

The cost of living in Westlake Texas

The average rent is $2,037 per month for a 900 sq. ft. size apartment according to the website Rent Cafe. Now when you look up the internet and see that there is only 1 property left the price is $13,500 for a much bigger place. Now the prices of food are below the national average, but the data shows that people here spend a bit more. So, the national average expenditure on food is $10,963 compared to $12,177, which is not that much. Also, post-pandemic inflation plays a key role since the start of 2022 wasn’t great. Prices of gas and other fossil fuels have gone up nationwide with Westlake not being excluded from it. We, Westlake moving company Austin, one of the best in this area, can tell you that gas prices have increased prices of moves too.

A man and a woman talking about a complete guide on Westlake, Texas.
One of the most important things is the cost of living guide on Westlake, Texas.

Since this is a town and if you lack some space you could always use extra storage. Now we offer special storage pickup and delivery which is great since we’ll do all the work. You just need to pack some things in boxes and that’s all. But if you don’t want to do this, we can also arrange for someone from our company to help you pack whatever you need. Now let’s see other prices so that you have a complete guide on Westlake, Texas:

  • Utilities are $5,588 per year
  • Healthcare is $6,133  per year
  • Transportation is $14,078 per year

These are just overall expenses so we all know that they can also go higher or lower depending on our personal preferences.

A guide on Westlake’s finances

First of all, a lot of apartment movers Austin have seen people moving out to Westlake. One of the reasons is that it’s peaceful and it’s more quiet and much more beautiful than the city. On the other hand, it’s much healthier lungs, mind, body, and pocket. The medium individual income is $109,625 which is almost 2.5 times that of the Texas state average. While the median household income is $227,083 which is 260% higher that the Texas state average. A lot of freelancers and people working remotely are moving out of big cities because rent prices and real estate are through the roof right now.

Wrapped up dollars
Money is the most valuable asset thus you have to know how to treat it right.

Now, there’s a great rule of thumb when it comes to finances. This is the well famous 50/30/20 rule which is easy to remember and simple to follow. So take 50% of your salary after the tax deduction and spend it on your needs; the other 30% spend on things that you want to buy (cinema, new perfume, video game…); the rest 20% goes to your saving but nowadays people prefer investing because things like Bitcoin and stocks are down, and that’s the time for buying right now. If you have anything valuable and you can’t or don’t want to in keep it your house consider storage facilities Austin to keep it safe there. Nowadays safes are not that popular anymore and bank vaults are becoming more and more expensive. One extra thing about storage is that they have CCTV cameras, security guards, alarms, they’ve got everything.

A guide on Westlake, Texas fun activities

If you’re into nature you’ll love Westlake. There’s a great place for fishing called Turner’s Lake and it’s really popular in Westlake. Also, if you’re into gold, there is the famous Vaquero Club located in the southeast part of Westlake. While you’re looking around, you could also check out the local moving companies for the best moving quotes Austin can provide you with. Local movers like to say that Westlake is like the city because it’s so close to Dallas and Forth Worth, especially it’s so close to the airport if you need it. Now the biggest attraction is Grapevine Lake which has it all, the park, trails, fishing, camping, and just about anything that you can imagine about wildlife. If you’re into riding horses visit the Marshall Creek Ranch for the best experience.

A cafe in Westlake
There are plenty of options for fun in Westlake.

If you’re with family or just want to geek out a little bit, do visit Tornado Terrys Family Amusement Center. Here you can find some retro arcade games, pinball machines, air hockey, pool tables, etc. It’s fun for the whole family and all the generations. If your family or you prefer animals, there’s a Nana’s Pacas Alpaca Ranch. This beautiful farm is run by an elderly couple of animal lovers. Everyone loves Tom and Ellen (the people who run the ranch) since they’re super hospitable and knowledgeable about Alpacas. They’ll gladly answer any question and give you a tour. Another hidden gem of Westlake is Journey Dome. This is a Christian event and story so it should be fine if you’re into religion.

Westlake in a nutshell

Westlake is a small town near Dallas-Fort Worth and it’s a place filled with nature and joy. If you prefer small-town vibes with the accessibility to big cities’ amenities then this is the place for you.

Thank you for reading our guide on Westlake, Texas. If you need any help with the move you can call us. If you want the best packing services Austin we’re here to help you out too, but there’s a lot of help already for free available in the blog section. Have a great time in Westlake and a great move.

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