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Are you moving to a new place, or you are redecorating your old one? No matter because in both cases you should aim to have a clutter-free home. The one that is beautiful, clean, and easy to navigate. Creating a minimalist home is not so hard but extremely popular lately. Most people are tired of having items all over the place without any plan for them whatsoever. Therefore, before calling movers in Texas, let us help you prepare a minimalist plan for your new place. Let’s dive right in.

Start by inspecting before creating a minimalist home

Start this journey by inspecting your home. You must cover all your furniture and other household items and list them on the inventory list. This way you can prepare the environment and fit all items in your new home perfectly. Although, if you are moving into a smaller place, then you’ll have to get rid of the items you do not need anymore. Or at least find someplace where you can store them. Whatever the situation is, you must know how many items you have and where to place them. So, inspect your new place as well as the old one, and prepare for moving in. Also, your hourly movers Austin need this info to know what size of the moving truck to appoint to your relocation. And remember, while your movers are still on site, instruct them where to place items to avoid doing this by yourself.

minimalist home
Having fewer items will make your home look bigger and tidier.

Keep your items out of plain sight

The very idea of creating a minimalist home is to make your place look bigger than it is and at the same time to have fewer items than most people have. You should aim to have fewer items as possible out in the open. This means you should conceal most of the appliances and random items. Your kitchen and bathroom are the hardest ones to tackle because they hold numerous oddly shaped, sharp, and delicate objects. So, the idea is to hide all items you do not use regularly. Have hidden storage inside each room to help you with this task. For example, wardrobes and drawers should be utilized to the max. And the same goes for cupboards in your kitchen.

As for random items we all have scattered around the home, use plastic bins, cardboard boxes, and other holders to get them out of sight. The fewer items you have out in the open the better. It is easier for cleaning, and it will look much better.

Repurpose old items you have

Having hidden storage for all those items inside the home is okay, but if you have too many of them you must find a different solution. One is to rent a storage unit and split your home in half. Basically, rent a sizeable unit near your home, prepare items for storage, and purchase storage pick up service as well. In a matter of hours, you can get rid of all the furniture you can’t fit into your new composition. The other solution is to repurpose items you already have. Old furniture can be good for your garage and basement. They’ll keep most random household items you rarely use, in a good shape and out of sight.

two people creating a minimalist home
Old shoe boxes and smaller cardboard boxes are a perfect solution for in-home storage.

Also, cardboard boxes, metal containers, plastic bins, and wooden crates are the way to go. If you have them, you can reorganize your items in any way you like. The key to creating your minimalist home successfully is to repurpose what you already have. It will save you money and it can look cool if you add an artistic touch to it.

Declutter to the core when creating a minimalist home

The most important thing to do here is to declutter your home. You will create a minimalist home easier if you have fewer items in general. And if you are relocating, everything is much easier and cheaper. Therefore, go through your items and set aside everything you do not need anymore. Later simply donate, sell online, or recycle them. But you should try to keep old antique and stylish furniture if possible. They will look nice in any home if they are refurbished and cleaned properly. And if you have quite a few, then the interior of your home can revolve around them. Think about it. You can have a minimalist and stylish home at the same time.

cluttered space
Declutter as much as possible. Free your home of unused items.

Add a personal touch

The last tip of the day is to introduce new pieces to your home and add a personal touch to it. So, follow these steps to successfully equip and set up your new minimalist place:

  • Multifunctional furniture.
  • Utilize the negative space.
  • Use natural or eco-friendly materials.
  • Use light to make your space larger.

The last one on the list is a perfect way to make your home look bigger. Even though you have a small and cozy home, it can look twice bigger if you use brighter wallpaper, curtains, area rugs, and proper lighting. LED lights are an amazing way to both brighten up the space and dim the lights and make it more romantic and subtle when necessary.

Now you are ready for creating a minimalist home. Remember, if you have too many pieces, the best solution is to store them in one of the storage facilities Austin TX. If you live in a family home, you can use the garage, attic, and basement as well. Just make sure you are not cluttering your space with items you do not use anymore. Good luck.

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