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Finding a perfect storage unit is complicated. You need to tick off many boxes for it to fulfill all your expectations and needs. Finding a storage unit for your business is another level of “challenging”. Not only do you need a bigger unit, but you also need to pay extra attention to choosing the best and safest storage facilities. Whether you are relocating your business with movers Austin, or you need storage space for your merchandise, you are likely puzzled by the choices. We are here to share a quick guide to business storage in Austin. Check out our guide and be properly prepared to make an informed decision when you go searching for storage for your company or office.

The first part of our guide to business storage in Austin is dedicated to choosing the right type

When you choose business storage, there are several things to keep in mind. Even if you have previous great experiences with residential movers Austin TX, take your time to find the perfect storage unit or ask them for professional help. Here is what you should be mindful of when looking for business storage:

  • your company needs
  • the size of the storage unit
  • the location of the Austin storage facility
  • the price of renting a storage unit
office furniture
With our guide to business storage in Austin, you’ll find a perfect unit in no time.

Be mindful of your business’ needs when it comes to storage

The most important thing to keep in mind when you choose a storage solution for your business are your specific needs. The kind of unit you choose will depend on whether you need long-term storage or short term storage Austin offers. The price will also depend on how long you will need to use the storage unit, among other factors. You also should pay attention to the accessibility of the storage facility. Some storage units do not have 24-hour access if that is something you need. If you plan on storing your merchandise in the storage unit long-term and need to access it daily, you will need a bigger unit and a different kind of storage.

On the other hand, if you are relocating your office and need to put the office equipment away until moving day, you are better off with short-term storage and don’t need to access the unit daily, you will likely be able to find more affordable solutions.

Choose the right size storage unit

The size of the storage unit is another important aspect of storage rental Austin. You don’t want to rent a unit too small to fit all the things you plan on storing there. But, you don’t have to waste money on getting the biggest size unit available if you don’t really need it. What you can do is to get an estimate of how many moving boxes you’ll need to pack everything. Then decide on the size of the storage unit based on the number of boxes you will have.

Pay attention to the location of the storage facility

Location is probably the second most important thing when you search for the ideal storage unit for your business. If you need the unit for your merchandise, then it is optimal to rent a storage unit in a facility as close to your business as possible, since you will have to access it fairly frequently. In case you had a great experience with piano movers Austin and you are hiring their professional movers to handle your commercial relocation, then you can have them store the contents of your office in a unit in their storage facility, given they have one. The location is not of utmost importance in this case.

The price matters too when you choose storage in Austin

Equally as important as location is the price of the business storage you seek. If you can’t afford a storage unit in the city center, then don’t even look at the facilities located there. Renting business storage on the city periphery will come at a much more amicable price. If you can afford the downtown storage for your business, and you need it for frequent usage, then by all means go for it. But don’t feel the need to break your bank to get a unit in the most expensive storage facility. There are excellent affordable options out there. You should also keep in mind that you will probably need climate-controlled storage for your office equipment. Facilities that offer temperature control are often slightly more expensive than the ones that do not.

indoor storage
Indoor storage units that are climate-controlled are usually higher in price.

The ultimate tip from our guide to business storage in Austin- opt for a secured facility

The most important thing about a storage unit is that it is located in a secured facility. The safety of your office equipment should be your top priority. When you check out potential storage companies, ask about their safety measures. The best option would be security at the entrance, video surveillance, and your own key or card to access the facility. It is also good if the premises of the facility are surrounded by a gate. Surely, Austin offers numerous top-notch storage solutions at different price points.

computer on the desk
Office equipment is expensive, which is why you need a secured storage facility.

Hopefully, our short guide to business storage in Austin has helped you get a clearer image of your storage needs. This way you will be able to find the ideal storage solution for your company without wasting time or money unnecessarily. Keeping in mind the reason why you need a storage unit for your business, the price you are willing to pay, and the location where you want the unit will help you narrow the choices down to the very best solution. Austin offers different storage solutions for various business needs, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the perfect unit.

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