A Quick Guide to Reorganizing Your Storage Space

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Every once in a while, you should be reorganizing your storage space. Maintaining your storage unit is crucial for the hygiene and overall safety of your items. And no matter if you have a personal storage space or you are using full service storage Austin TX, the process is the same. You must clean, maintain, and visit your unit regularly. So, let us cover this process quickly and make it a bit easier for you. Keep reading to find all the information you need.

Reorganizing Your Storage Space Is Easier with the Inventory List

If you are a serious storage unit owner, we are sure you have all your items listed on the inventory list. Or at least you’ll have some kind of labeling system to know what is inside boxes. So, the first thing to do is to go over the list or inspect your items physically. All to realize if there are items inside you do not need anymore. If there are, gather them up and donate at your earliest convenience.

A woman with an inventory list in hands
Have your inventory list ready with the knowledge of the content inside your unit to have an easier time reorganizing.

This process will make more space in your unit or for new items you intend on bringing in. Maybe you are moving and your full service movers Austin must bring more furniture in. Or you are swapping furniture in your home, and you need more space for the old ones. Regardless of the situation, reviewing the content of the unit is always positive and it can spring new ideas for sure.

Cover the Spring Cleaning

We are sure you are cleaning your unit each time you visit. The maintenance crew you have in the facility is cleaning only on the outside so you must clean the inside as well. And if you are visiting only a couple of times a year, you might have quite a bit of cleaning ahead. On the other hand, if you have rented the climate controlled storage Austin TX then we are sure your unit and items inside are in an impeccable state. Simply because this service is more than amazing and it will keep your items protected against moisture, mold, pests, etc. But in any case, cleaning is the first thing you must do.

Use regular home cleaning products to clean all surfaces. A simple broom will do the trick when it comes to floors. But do not clean them before you take out all covers and remove the dust from them. A duster will help you with the spider web if there is any. And of course, you will do some cleaning here and there while reorganizing your storage space. Some things must be done on the go.

Implement New Ideas

This is the perfect moment to implement any new ideas you had. Yes, you will move things around, get rid of old stuff, and bring new items in. But how to make it better, have more space, or move around freely? Having a productive storage space is equally important as having a clean one. So, one of the solutions is to implement a shelving system if you did not have one before. You can order it online and assemble it yourself or have someone from the home dept come over and assemble it for you. In any case, a simple shelf stretching to the ceiling should be more than enough to cover all your needs. Also, using old furniture such as armoires and wardrobes is good if you have smaller items to feel the drawers with.

Shelves in a storage space
A simple shelving system can free up all the space inside your storage unit.

Lastly, use hooks with a rope or chain to hang bigger and more robust items off the ceiling or the side of the wall. This is a huge space relief but make sure you are not hanging heavy items that can jeopardize your well-being. All items we have mentioned can be purchased in a local hardware store and are easily installed. Think about it and start the reorganization of your storage space like a pro.

Get help with the reorganization

To make the entire process easier, call a friend to help you out. You were helping friends to relocate before, so now it is time for them to return the favor. Or at least we hope they will. No one likes relocating, cleaning, or anything related to physical labor. But it can only benefit you if you send a few invitations out. The entire cleaning and reorganizing process will be much easier if you have someone to at least keep you company. And if they help a bit as well, you will reorganize your unit in one day.

On the other hand, if you are bringing more stuff in, then maybe it is wiser to call for storage pickup and delivery and let professionals do it instead. It is cheaper, more convenient, and it won’t consume all your precious free time. Remember this if the situation arises.

A packed box for reorganizing the storage space
Reorganizing your storage space means packing things into boxes

Don’t Be Worried About Storage Organization

Reorganizing your storage space can be easy if you have a bit of time, patience, and a few good ideas. Hopefully, we have provided a few, and you can cover this process quickly and efficiently. You shouldn’t be worried if you follow our advice, have a list, and get some help. You will be done with the reorganization in no time.

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