Benefits of using storage when home staging

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So you’ve decided to sell your house but you want to prepare it for the potential buyers. So what should you do? In this text, we’ll discuss the benefits of using storage when home staging. Now if we want our potential buyer to say “wow” once he enters our home that’ll take some work as well. If you want to stage your home well you’ll probably need a storage unit if possible with AC, since you’ll be rearranging or completely changing your furniture, storing and removing items, etc. We as one of the most trusted Austin area movers have decided to help you with staging your home. Let’s dive in.

Using storage when home staging to increase the value

If you as any movers south Austin they would tell you that this is one of the top reasons why people rent storage. It’s well known in the real estate community that staged houses and apartments are sold much easier and faster. That makes sense since the math goes like this, for every dollar that you invest into staging you get about four times that money. Just imagine that the price of your home is going to quadruple does that sound impossible? Now you could find someone to stage it for you or you can DIY it. Also, there are many companies out there that can do it for you but we’ll come at an extra cost. Don’t forget to talk with your sales agent about that as well.

Man in the storage checking a list and thinking about benefits of using storage when home staging;
It’s most important to use storage with AC since if you have a couple or a lot of things that can spoil, or that can be damaged, this storage will save you the cost of repairing damaged goods.

Using storage to move the furniture for the successful staging

Now one of the biggest things that we’ll impact potential customers are photos. Before they even consider vising they’ll probably visit a website or use an app where they’ll see your space. Now if the photographer does his job well but you didn’t that we’ll be a problem. First, you should think about how much furniture do you need? Too many things will make your house seem smaller. Also maybe by the time of your sales furniture movers Austin will take care of most of the items by then. If you still have furniture consult with an agent, interior designer, or staging company to see if you’ll need to exchange your furniture. Just for aesthetic reason, that is. If it’s wooden or leather you’ll have to use air-controlled storage units especially if it’s hot outside. As you could have guessed air control can keep many of our things from decomposing.

Decluttering bookshelves and wardrobes

Once you’re done with your furniture it’s time to go move closer to the walls. Let’s start with the bookshelves. Now you are probably a fan of this and that and you have all of your favorite books like Lord of the Rings, or something else, but that’ll probably have to be packed and moved. Even if it’s still not in the packing box and labeled as ready to go, you’ll have to clean bookshelves. Maybe even some board games could be found there or DVDs if anyone still uses that. Anything from small collections to massive amounts of stuff we’ll have to be stored somewhere. Now if you don’t have storage in South Austin, you could rent one unit so all of your things we’ll be safe and sound. So basically storage with AC control would be perfect for books, or anything since if you’re in Texas somewhere it’s hot.

Room full of boxes;
Decluttering is one of the hardest processes when it comes to storing and moving in general.

Now when we talk about decluttering both bookshelves and wardrobes need to have one rule. So you can store, keep, donate or sell the things that you don’t need or can’t carry with you. If you think about closets they are essential for buyers since they’ll probably all open them or want to see pictures of opened closets. Now, why is this? Simply it’s because they want to see if they can fit all of their things in there. So pack or store, sell or donate all the things from your closets. If it’s too soon to do any of them use a rented storage unit to move it somewhere. Since spring and summer are officially the buying season you don’t want to leave your winter jacket hanging around.

Storing the rest of the things when home staging

Now when it comes to storing the rest of the items that may include photos, on the walls or some kitchen appliances. When we talk about removing photos we just want you to understand that buyers want to see themselves moving in. So we must leave them enough space to create sentiment and empathy for their new home. That is the may reason why interior designers or stagging companies want you to do this. It makes sense since if you think about when you’re buying a house you usually expect it to be free of any personal belongings. So let’s get down to the business and bring down those photos, pack them carefully and get ready to move. If you don’t have enough space short term storage Austin may be the right solution for you, think about it.

Photos hanging on the frame with a lot of tiny lamps behind them;
As we’ve already talked about these sentimental we know that photos are of them so taking them down and packing them is essential. Since most of the buyers would prefer blank walls it opens up the space.

Now kitchen appliances are another must. Well as you can see the kitchen is one of the rooms that people like to look at a lot since they’ll spend a lot of time there. Also, our cultural and biological relationship with food is as hard as a rock. So moving away all of our appliances is crucial since buyers will feel more connected with the room it’s empty. That is it for this blog and these are our benefits of using storage when home staging. Have a great move!

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