Best areas to move for college students in Austin

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Dear students, if you’re looking for the best areas to move for college students in Austin, you’re in the right place. Understandably, this can be quite frustrating, especially if you’re moving from afar and don’t know anything about Austin. Because of that, we as one of the most reputable Austin area movers would like to help you out kids. So let’s dive in and see those neighborhoods.

The two best areas to move for college students in Austin are Downtown and Bouldin Creek

Everyone likes the Downtown, simply because that place has it all. For a student the proximity to places like:

  • Attractions and popular locations
  • Parks, gyms, recreational centers, etc.
  • Nightclubs and nightlife in general
  • Restaurants, diners, cafes, etc.
  • Shopping malls, convenience stores, megastores (e.g. Walmart or Costco, etc.)
  • Galleries, music halls, museums, cinemas, theaters…
Downtown Austin is one of the best areas to move for college students in Austin;
This is one of the best areas to move for college students in Austin.

In the end, you’ll enjoy every minute of Downtown Austin since you’ll be in the middle of it all. Also for students, it’s quite important to be near public transportation, which Downtown in most cities can offer. You’ll thank us for this information especially if you’re famous for being late all the time. Being in proximity to student storage Austin is also one on this list. This comes with an average price of $2,248 for a studio apartment or $2,822 for a one-bedroom apartment.

On the contrary, Bouldin Creek is just the opposite. It’s not so fast nor fancy it’s quite tranquil and slow-paced. Student moving Austin can be quite different, it depends, on the type of person you are. So if you’re not a cool kid who would like to be downtown then this is for you. It’s a bit more expensive since the median price of a one-bedroom apartment is $2,970 and $2,414 for a studio apartment. It makes sense as it’s one of the oldest parts of Austin. Here you’ll also have a chance to meet a lot of other young students and your professionals, and don’t worry you’ll have a bar and good nightlife here as well.

More affordable areas to move for college students in Austin

Next to Downtown Austin, you’ll find a beautiful and interesting part of the city called Clarksville. It was once a historical core of the city, but nowadays it’s modern and it’s not as expensive as the downtown is. According to the renting website Zillow, the average median price for a studio apartment is $900 while the median price for a one-bedroom apartment is only 897%; so if you want to share a two-bedroom apartment it’s $1,220 per month. Just think about it having an apartment close to downtown for just a bit over $600 per month, it’s a dream come true, isn’t it? This is especially true if you don’t like to be in whole hustle and bustle which is typical for downtown, but you want to be near all the good places. If you want to grab some fresh air you have Zilker Park nearby.

Steet in Autumn;
Clarksville is the perfect in-between place.

A place similar to this Clarksville is Dawson in Austin. It’s not that different in terms that the whole neighborhood has undergone gentrification. Both neighborhoods are diverse and the architecture is amazing; which means that it has touches of both old, renovated, and new trendy styles.  This neighborhood unlike Clarksville has also a mix of families in it. It’s next to St. Edward’s University and Bouldin Creek. The median price for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,402 and $2,143 for a two-bedroom apartment. If you have any of the possessions that you don’t want to be broken, you’ll need safe movers Austin for this job. You’ll be lucky if you run into any of them since most companies will offer good but not the best help there is.

North Campus and Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the most popular areas to move for college students in Austin. This makes sense as it’s close to Downtown but it’s quite a peaceful neighborhood.  When we mean peaceful it means that there are not a lot of restaurants, nightlife, or cafes.  Also, a large number of residents are families that live there. You’ll see the iconic white fences and probably you’ll meet a lot of professors along the way. The price of a one-bedroom apartment is $1,296 and $1,697 for a two-bedroom apartment.

North Campus and Hype park are perfect examples of peaceful and quiet neighborhoods.

As the name already suggests North Campus is a student-oriented area in Austin. The price is $1,200 for a one-bedroom apartment and it’s only $1,749 for a two-bedroom apartment. This isn’t that much since you won’t have to commute all the time. You’ll be surrounded by universities, professors, staff, and other students. Also, it’ll be quiet but you’ll have everything that you need like cafes, nightclubs, restaurants, parks, supermarkets, etc. Simply said it’s a perfectly balanced neighborhood, designed perfectly for college life.

How to choose which one to pick

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, because there are many areas to move for college students in Austin. You should take a piece of paper and a pencil and put them all down. First, you’ll have to set down the numbers (trust us this is the easiest part), so you’ll need to figure out the finances. If you need a student job you’ll be better off in a place like Downtown since it has a lot of career opportunities. After that, you’ll have to see do you like more university-oriented neighborhoods so you’ll probably pick North Campus or Hyde Park. Clarksville and Dawson are also good options. In the end, it’s all up to personal and financial preference. If you need any packing tips for moving to college check out our blog section.

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