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You decided on relocating to Austin TX and before you can settle in and enjoy you must cover all the moving stages involved. You must calculate costs, organize packing, and find the best movers in Austin. Those are time-consuming tasks and you might not have enough to browse and explore your new neighborhood. Therefore, we will help you get to know your new environment by pointing out a few amazing places in Austin for nature lovers you should visit once you settle in. Let’s start exploring!

Organize your relocation first

Before you begin your adventure, you must secure your belongings and ensure you have a safe and successful relocation on your hands. Start by inspecting your home and cover all rooms, belongings, and furniture. Note everything down on your moving checklist and while you are at it, declutter and downsize a bit. Once you have items you are not using on the side, you can either store them inside a storage Austin unit, donate to charities, recycle, or throw them away. If you do it right, you will have fewer items to pack and your relocation will be cheaper.

Once you have your checklist full, you can contact your furniture movers Austin and let them help you organize further. With the info you brought, they will calculate your moving costs and help you finalize your moving plan. The idea is to organize safe and affordable relocation and there is no one better than a professional moving company to assist with that.

Creek rocks and a waterfall
Become a part of nature and take a swim in Barton creek pools!

Barton Spring Pool and the Barton Creek Greenbelt

Barton Springs, a natural beauty, is one of the places in Austin for nature lovers you shouldn’t miss out on. Texas is famous for the high temperatures throughout the year and what better way to release the pressure than to take a swim. Surrounded by nature and shady hillsides, Barton pool is a perfect spot for people of all ages to engage in all kinds of fun activities. People exercise, sunbathe, swim, chill with friends, or have a picnic with their families. Take your dog for a walk or take a stroll through this amazing place. Bring your swimming suit just in case.

Zilker Botanical Garden is among the places in Austin for nature lovers

Zilker Botanical Garden is a perfect place for tourists all over the world. It is strategically placed between Barton Springs and the restaurant row, making this place a perfect spot where you can spend a whole day with your family. Start by taking a swim at Barton Pools, move onto one of the many gardens within the complex, and finish it off by watching birds and turtles.

Also, know that you can rent canoes and kayaks at Zilker’s rentals. All you need is an ID and enough courage to hit the water in one of the boats. And we are sure that you’ll fall in love with this place within a day. If this is the case, speed up the relocation process with your North Austin movers and become the permanent resident as soon as possible.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Wildflower center is surely one of the places in Austin for nature lovers. You must visit colorful 300 acres gardens covered in indigenous Texas species. And not only from the area but from all over the world. It has a self-sustaining irrigation system feeding this place throughout the year. If you are a nature lover, and a flower person, in particular, you will enjoy one of the organized tours. Or a simple stroll through the gardens should be enough to feed your artistic soul.

Wild flowers on the field
Visit Wildflower gardens and learn more about the indigenous nature of Texas.

Also, if you wish to learn more about the amazing species and their lifecycle you can address the Wildflower gardens personnel and enlist in one of the courses. There are many events throughout the year and the best time to visit is during Spring. Although, something colorful and vibrant is blooming throughout the year so you shouldn’t fear you’ll miss out. Visit whenever you like and enjoy the majestic view our mother nature provided.

Lady Bird hiking trail

If you want to combine nature and sports, the Lady Bird Johnson Grove hiking trail is the best place for you. Nature is simply amazing with enough cozy places to have a picnic, read a good book, or enjoy watching birds and critters. But along the trail, you’ll find street performers, artists, wandering pedestrians, and people feeding ducks and having fun with their families. You can do the same if you give it a chance.

You can become a part of Austin’s nature in a matter of days. Simply contact your local moving companies Austin TX and let them help you become a permanent resident. Then you can hit this beautiful hiking trail a couple of times a week and re-charge your batteries.

Hamilton Pool is one of the best places in Austin for nature lovers

And finally, we reached the forever famous Hamilton Pools. A similar place to the Barton Pools with all the nature you’ll ever need. Although, all the green areas, waterfall, and pool, are crowded in the peak season so you’ll need to reserve your spot beforehand. So, you must take the spot and schedule a visit with your entire family. Next to the sunbathing and swimming, you’ll find this place to be a small Hawaii in the middle of Texas. The clear water, grottos, uniquely shaped rock formations, and enough shade to relax in. You will surely find this place worthy of your attention.

Hamilton pool is one of the places in Austin for nature lovers
Pick a date and visit Hamilton pools. Enjoy the natural beauty this place holds.

These were places in Austin for nature lovers you should consider visiting. Choices are vast and we only scratched the surface. You can browse online and find a few more for sure. Hopefully, we gave you enough material to work with and you can already begin planning where to rest and relax after settling in. We wish you a safe relocation, and to enjoy the nature Austin has to offer.

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