Best rooftop bars in Austin to visit after moving

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Looking for a way to relax after you complete your move to Austin? Luckily, the city is rapidly growing, and with it are the sky-high drinking bars. Due to the constantly warm and sunny weather, people from the area have found their escape from warmth into rooftop bars. So, if you are tired of sipping drinks at the ground level, consider visiting some of these rooftop bars in Austin we will talk about in the article. Besides being able to have a drink at amazing sights, these bars also provide you with an amazing view, depending on their location. If you are eager to visit Austin or even live in it, consider hiring movers in Texas to help you pack and relocate. That way, you will spend less time preparing for the move and more thinking of ways to enjoy yourself in the new city.

Rooftop bars in Austin you should visit

Whether you want to enjoy a cool drink in the evening or want to relax by the pool, Austin has what you need. On top of that, you have the ability to enjoy all of these things on some of the best rooftops in the city. Laying on a deck chair with a cocktail in your hands or swimming on the rooftops while looking at amazing scenery is surely something everyone would enjoy.

four women taking a selfie together at one of many rooftop bars in Austin
The rooftop bars we will be talking about are all made for one thing – pure enjoyment without boundaries

So, if you want to enjoy this and many other things in the city, consider hiring movers South Austin, to help you relocate without any issues. On the other hand, the bars we will be talking about today are:

  • La Piscina
  • Group Therapy
  • Rules & Regs
  • Azul Rooftop
  • Edge Rooftop + Bar

La Piscina

Welcome to La Piscina. A rooftop bar is located in Downtown Austin. This poolside/rooftop restaurant and bar is one of the most popular places in the city right now. Apart from sipping cocktails and other beverages, the restaurant also serves various food to the customers. The Texan-Mexico food mixture is amazing for everyone. The most important thing about this bar is the laid-back atmosphere it provides for people who come here. Moreover, this means that you can come here all dressed up or you can come casually, in flip-flops and shorts. Furthermore, during the summer, La Piscina also hosts the Saturday Sundown Swim sessions where they bring DJs to play live music for the customers. So, if you are looking to settle after moving to Austin, consider renting some storage facilities Austin. This way, you can enjoy your time out instead of worrying about the items you will not use.

Group Therapy

The next one in line when talking about rooftop bars in Austin is located at the ZaZa Hotel in Downtown Austin. The bar Group Therapy is on the seventh floor of the hotel. Once you arrive, you can choose between indoor and outdoor seating. Apart from that, you can enjoy a lovely poolside, as well as various drinks and all-day dining.

a pool alongside a bar at a hotel
If you enjoy live music and large drink portions, the Group Therapy bar is perfect for you

However, if you love beverages, beware, cause everything is bigger in Texas. Yes, Group Therapy is known for having large portions of drinks, as well as food. Some people say that one drink can quench the thirst of four people. On Wednesdays and weekends, you can catch some live music in the bar. On top of that, you can also overlook Republic Square from above.

Rooftop bars in Austin: Rules & Regs

If you are looking to catch a breeze, listen to some soothing music and enjoy the sunshine – look no further than Rules & Regs. This rooftop bar is a part of the Fairmont hotel. The restaurant and the bar serve various snacks, brunch, treats, and tropical cocktails. Furthermore, they also provide beverages for people that do not drink alcohol or need a “hangover cure”. People enjoy visiting this bar when the heat is too much to bear at the bottom levels. When that happens, they climb to Rules & Regs so they can enjoy lovely palm tree shades. Slowly sip cocktails while enjoying the moody atmosphere of the indoor part of the bar. Or go outside and catch shade by the poolside.

Azul Rooftop

When talking rooftop, this bar sets the limits. Namely, Azul Rooftop Bar is located on the 20th floor above the pavement. Furthermore, it boasts some of the most amazing views in the whole of Austin. You can top off the panoramic enjoyment by choosing one out of a huge variety of cocktails the bar offers. Moreover, the bar also offers pool services, cabanas, fire pits, etc.

black and white furniture on a rooftop of a building
Welcome to Azul, one of the highest rooftop bars in Austin with the most amazing views on the city

This bar has gained popularity due to its height and due to its amazing sunset views. So, whether you want to enjoy sunsets, tropical cocktails, or simply drink your beverage along with an amazing view, consider visiting Azul Rooftop Bar in Downtown Austin.

Edge Rooftop + Bar

In Downtown Austin, you will find Edge Rooftop Bar. This, one of many rooftop bars in Austin, is on the fourth floor and is one of the coziest bars to visit. So, contact piano movers Austin quickly, to finish transporting those heavy items you have so you can come and visit the rooftop bar. However, the bar is closed for the public until 5 pm. After 5 pm people can come to the bar and enjoy a huge variety of beer, wine, and cocktails, along with other beverages. Furthermore, there is a menu of tacos, salads, and various light bites you can have with your drink. The overall vibe of the place is quite stylish. Where you can sit around the fire pits in comfy lounge chairs. On one side, you can see the city skyline, while on the other Ladybird Lake.

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