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Relocation is a very complex process and packing your valuable possessions can be really overwhelming. Especially if you are dealing with irreplaceable antiques. The risk starts with packing and then transferring the items to the moving truck. In addition, the biggest risk might happen when the truck is on the road. And the boxes are bumping against each other. In this case, we recommend hiring Austin area movers. Just imagine what might happen with your items if you do not handle them properly. Movers with enough experience will deal both with packing and transportation in the right way. As moving includes packing all other possessions, you can then focus on packing the rest. Still we will focus on some tips and trick on how to organize when moving antique furniture. In this article, read about antiques moving preparation and how to reach your new home safely.

Basic preparations for moving antique furniture

When we need to pack our clothes for moving, usually it does not need any special kind of preparation.

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You can just use the regular cardboard boxes and put your clothes there. But when it comes to packing your valuables, the things are different. Also, one of the most important tasks for you would be to find movers with enough experience. Therefore, start comparing services that furniture movers Austin offer. On each movers’ website you can read if they deal with this kind of moving. Also, you should always ask if they can fulfill this. Ask how many years they are in business. In addition, ask them what packing materials they have and how they plan to transport the goods. Each serious and responsible moving company should be able to answer your questions regarding your move. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask.

Who should handle packing?

This is a tricky part when it comes to packing some very expensive pieces. It is reasonable that you wish to save some money on your move and pack things on your own.

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Moving antique furniture is a very serious process that professionals should handle

However, dealing with precious items means first of all protecting them. It would be very useful to create an inventory list. Of course, if you have more than one or two pieces it is useful the write down the conditions in which they are. In addition, you need to think about hiring packing services Austin. Professionals should handle some very expensive pieces. They certainly have the right packing materials to make sure that your items arrive safely. Also, it is important to buy any kind of insurance a moving company offers. There are different kind of coverages. In case of any damage or loss, your moving company will cover the damage either partially or completely.

In case you wish to handle some pieces on your own

Moving valuable furniture is not the same as moving other types of furniture such as bookshelves, or coffee tables. But if you have some smaller pieces of antique furniture there is a proper way to pack those as well. First of all, take care of the right boxing. You should use boxes that completely fit your pieces. There should be minimum empty space in the box, to prevent from bumping. Do not forget to protect corners by putting some protectors. In case you need to move some larger pieces, such as piano, leave it to piano movers Austin. Also, you should add some cushioning. Air-filled plastic wrap is one of the best packing materials to use. Put this wrap around your items at least twice. Then secure it with packing tape. Finally, use some fillers in between the items for further protection.

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Use some storage services when moving antique furniture

When packing your antiques, it might turn out that you cannot immediately transport them to your new home. Sometimes it will be necessary to first transport your regular furniture and set everything up. It may be too risky to bring and transport your valuables at the same time. In this case, either you or your movers should secure safe packing. After you finish with packing, Let your movers transport the goods to storage South Austin. There you may leave your goods until you unpack and set everything up in your new apartment. This is a very useful service. Austin movers can offer some climate-controlled storage units. There your possessions will be safe from damp, mold, or any other kind of damage. In addition, do not forget to regularly go and clean your storage unit to keep your items safe.

Other preparation actions that you should take

Before packing to move antique furniture, make sure to clean them first. This will ensure that those will arrive in a good condition. First of all, keep a clean and soft microfiber cloth to wipe the dust and debris off your items. It is very important to remove all the dirt that accumulated over time. Remember not to use any chemical products that can damage your furniture. Make sure to use proper cleaning methods in order to keep the original state of your items. Be extra careful with wood furniture, and the one which you plan to put in a storage unit. If the cleansers you use have a lot of oil, you should avoid using it too much with wooden furniture. Instead of scrubbing, use gentle wiping motions. Finally, you can put some furniture paste wax as a final touch to protect the goods.

As you can see, moving antique furniture is a very complex task to do. However, by following some important steps in the preparation process, you will ensure safe transportation. If you are not sure what kind of packing materials you need, consult with your movers. In addition, the safest way to handle would be to let the responsible movers do all the packing and transportation for you. Still, if you wish to go on your own, remember to properly clean them first. Remember that proper packing means that 80% of the job is properly done. Soon you will enjoy unpacking your antiques in your new home.


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