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Packing an office can be a time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be. Nothing is ever impossible. No matter if you’ve procrastinated, or the move is just sudden, there is always a way to get everything done quickly. Here at Heavenly Moving and Storage, we’re proud to present some efficient tips on how to pack your office for relocation in a day. Worry not, let’s get to work!

A couple packing their office for relocation in a day
Follow our tips and you will be able to pack your office for relocation in a day

The correct packing supplies

If you haven’t already prepared packing supplies, you will need to take a quick trip to the store. It won’t take up too much of your time, but it will make the packing all the quicker.

Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

  • moving boxes
  • packing tape
  • bubble wrap for damageable goods
  • scissors, duct tape, etc.

We suggest that you get boxes of various sizes. You never know which box will be perfect for what! Bubble wrap will help with any glass objects you have. Even though you’re moving on short notice, you still want the move to be successful. No damage is needed! If packing is something you don’t feel confident doing yourself, be sure to contact our packing services Austin. Our professionals are well versed in quick moves and will deliver your items safe and sound. You’ll be able to lie back and relax.

Make a list

A list will be perhaps the best tool in your quick relocation. Take inventory of all the items you’re transporting. This way you’ll have a concise knowledge of all the things you own. As well as a good way to get things sorted and done! We suggest going around your office space and writing things down in some sort of pattern. Maybe you have a list of everything in the drawers or on the office desks. So, now you can follow your list for the quickest packing of your life. If you’re moving to a smaller office, a great thing to consider is renting some storage space Austin. For the safety of all your electronics or really anything at all, our climate-controlled storage units are the right thing for you.

Start asap (and get some help)

So, now you’ve got the list and the materials. It’s time to get this show on the road! Even packing by yourself, you’re bound to finish in time. But for bigger office spaces, we recommend enlisting help. This can be either from your coworkers, employees, or friends and family. Now is not the time to be stubborn. Help is always welcome.

Coworkers packing the office for relocation
Help from your coworkers will not only make the packing process easier, but it will also be more fun!

Start with artworks and decorations

Our next tip on how to pack your office for relocation in a day is to start with the biggest items. Everything on the walls, or pictures on desks, etc. Fragile items such as these need more time to be packed. That’s exactly why they should be your number 1 thing to take care of. Additionally, leaving the bare walls and desks will get you in the packing mood. Your office will immediately lose that spark, and you’ll want to pack things as quickly as possible. Also, be careful to make the perfect choice, when your movers are concerned. It isn’t easy to trust someone with all your belongings. Whenever in doubt, consult the FMCSA.

Collecting documents is essential when you pack your office for relocation in a day

This step is something you might overlook, but mustn’t! Before moving on to some of the bulkier items in your office space, it’s time to sort through your documentation first. Set aside all your important documents and file them. These things need good care, so even if you take up some more time doing it, it’s worth it. Pack your documents separately from everything else. You need to know where they are at all times!

Take photos of the back of your computers

Once you unplug your computer, that’s it Usually, we all can pretty accurately connect our computers. But for the extra bit of safety, we suggest taking pictures of the backs of your computers. Not only will you be 100% sure that you’ve connected everything correctly, but you’ll also need less time to connect them! If you require storage Austin, be sure to contact us. Let us help and take a load off your shoulders!


We urge you to disassemble anything that can be disassembled. This will ease the moving process immensely. If you disassemble most of your furniture or machinery, you’ll be able to sort it into smaller and more compact boxes. So, this is the best choice! Of course, disassembling isn’t always a possibility. This is why our commercial movers Austin TX are here to offer our services and help transport your bulkier items. Our trained professionals know all the tricks needed for a successful relocation!

Purge while packing

The perfect time to declutter your office space is right now. While you’re packing all of your items, pay attention if there are any you don’t need anymore. We’re all victims of clutter, but now it’s time to fight back.

A cluttered office space
Getting rid of clutter creates the perfect environment for a brand new start.

If you ever run into some problems like not wanting to dispose of something, but you don’t have the space for it in your new office, worry not! Our storage South Austin is coming to the rescue. The best decision to make if you’re ever unsure is to just store your items until you need them, or get rid of them.

Choose the right movers

Now that you’ve learned how to pack your office for relocation in a day, it’s time to choose the right people to transport you from point A to point B. Trusted movers can make all the difference. Our long distance movers Austin are extremely professional and skillful. They’ve got the experience needed to execute your relocation with ease. Additionally, speed and efficiency will be of no issue. Be sure to check us out while making your decision.



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