College packing tips for freshmen in Texas

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When it comes to Texas, the Fall semester starts on August 16th. For many of you, it’ll be an exciting and emotional period of time. You will get ready to move out and spend your time away from home but in student dorms! At Heavenly Moving and Storage Austin, we know changes like these can be quite difficult, and as such, we want to help you. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of college packing tips for freshmen in Texas: to guide you through the process. This is a big step, both for you and your loved ones: they might want to help you but don’t know how. That’s where our college packing tips come in: from what to pack for college to the best ways to pack, we’ll cover it all. Without further ado, let us dive into the subject and show you how college packing is done!

You need to be prepared for the move and the packing process as well

Like everything else, you must prepare and have the right tools before you pack and move. This even includes moving companies that specialize in student moving Austin residents rely on! If professional movers need to prepare, so do you: but the question is, how do you do it?

Firstly, a good moving and packing company always chooses the right materials and supplies for the job. Secondly, experienced movers always use the best and safest methods for packing your things. To help you pack like a pro, do the following:

College packing tips for freshman in Texas
You have to pack lots of things, including books and notebooks, so it’s best to be prepared.
  • Make an inventory or audit of your belongings. This is to help keep track of what you need and what you’ve already packed for the move.
  • Source your packing materials wisely. Normally, when you hire movers, they get brand new, high-quality packing materials. However, you can always use things you already have at hand: clothes, newspaper, towels, old or second-hand boxes, and IKEA bags…
  • Test your electronic devices and gadgets. We’ll talk more about what kind of devices you’ll bring to the dorm with you. However, a broken gadget is of no use and can only occupy space or put you in danger if it’s faulty. 
  • Labeling boxes before you move as a freshman is so important. Get some tape, paper, and a permanent marker, and write your info on your boxes. What you want to write on the labels is your name, room number, dorm name, and phone number. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Some of the materials you could need are boxes, containers, duct tape, bubble wrap, markers, a box filling of some sort, bags, scissors, garment bags, and coat hangers. And, of course, a lot of patience while packing.

Among our college packing tips for freshmen in Texas are tips on WHAT to pack for the move

Whether you decide to pack by yourself or with the help of our moving company’s packing services Austin locals always count on, you’ll need to know what you want to pack. Of course, you will certainly forget to bring something, but if you bring the most important things, you’ll be fine.

 Firstly, pack clothes for the move. Make sure to have some comfortable ones, some PJs, one or two classy/professional outfits, and then choose the rest. Pack clothes only for the current season, with one or two options if the weather changes. Next, you’ll want to pack the essential toiletries and towels: whatever you use daily. A mattress or two and a pillow are more than welcome when it comes to packing, as well as laundry supplies such as detergent and fabric softener. You also want to include a tool set with some basic tools, a stain stick, a lint roller, shower shoes, an electric kettle, a fan (consult our tip for testing electronics before packing), a first aid kit… Packing food and snacks that won’t spoil are a good choice, too.

organized table with laptop and pencils
These college packing tips for freshmen in Texas can help you out a notch.

When you’re a freshman packing for college, you want to wrap things up as soon as possible. In this rush, you might make mistakes, and we’re here to prevent that. When packing liquids and bottles, try to tape the lid to the bottle. When you pack electronics, secure the cables and use good boxes or original packaging. Lastly, if all of this is too overwhelming and you feel like you can’t move alone, the best hourly movers Austin folks count on can help. Help during relocation is a call or moving quote away.

A few more things you should know before you move to Texas as a freshman

A few last tips you should take into account can help you downsize and bring fewer items to campus. The most important thing is to consult your university or college for details. Every college has different rules, so it’s best to check what you can and can’t bring. It can also help determine whether you need to bring some things or not. Also, contact your roommate and see what they’re going to bring. You don’t need two mini-fridges and such. Also, remember that during summer holidays and such, you will most likely be forced to move your thing out again, but don’t worry! Instead of moving everything back home, use our student storage Austin freshmen always rely on! It’s safe and clean and much more practical than taking everything back home.

student storage unit with boxes
No space or time to move, no problem: our student storage units can help.

After reading our college packing tips for freshmen in Texas, you’re ready to start preparing for the move and hit the road! It will be a daunting task, and you’ll have many ups and downs, but it’ll all be over soon. With the help of Heavenly Moving and Storage, your moving experience will be divine. Get a free moving quote and contact us so we can plan your move together as soon as today!


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