Common storage complaints and how to resolve them

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A storage facility or unit can be extremely helpful for people that are moving. And of course, in many other instances. However, it’s important for you as a company to keep everything in great condition. When you hire Heavenly Moving and Storage you can be sure that to get just that and more. But it’s also important to notice that certain problems can pop up. That’s why it’s a good idea to take a look at the most common storage complaints and solutions for them. Here are just some of them to keep in mind.

One of the common storage complaints is the fact that the code isn’t working for your clients

Sometimes just the code doesn’t work for the customer. That is going to be a big pain for them as they can’t access the storage unit. Usually, companies use a code or card to ensure the safety of the units. However, in most cases, people just forget or don’t properly input the code for short term storage Austin TX or any other type of storage option. For that reason, it’s a good move if you want to show them how to do it. Of course, firstly check out if anything is wrong with the payment or the card itself. After that, get with the customer and help them with their code. If you show them how to do everything, they won’t have a similar problem later on with their code.

A padlock keeping a gate locked
Sometimes your clients will have difficulties opening their units

Additional fees will be one of the most common storage complaints

However affordable or expensive your storage services might be, you will always find someone to complain about it. There’s nothing that is more disputed between storage companies and customers than fees. That’s why you can count on our storage facilities Austin TX to be transparent and show you all the rates and prices. By doing so, a company will avoid potential problems and disputes in the future. Be it late fees or any type of additional fee, you will have people complaining about them. For that reason, make sure to have good communication and be honest with your advertising to avoid problems as much as possible.

Problems with climate-controlled storage need to be checked out

A big part of the work of storage companies, and an important request from customers is climate-controlled storage. Its function is to make sure all the items that need special conditions have the right humidity and temperature. However, like many companies, you will too get certain clients complaining about it. They do so because they think they know best how to control the temperature of their unit. For that reason, it’s up to you to explain to them your policy and how climate-controlled storage actually works. Only by doing so can you ensure you won’t get calls and e-mails about this particular matter.

The overall security can be among the common storage complaints to look at

One of the most important parts of storage facilities is their security. Unfortunately, it’s not a surprise that there are attempts by vandals and thieves to go to a storage facility and take what they can. Those complaints are usually problems for companies that don’t have enough security in their facilities. That’s why you can count on interstate movers Texas to leave your belongings only in units that are fences, have cameras, and even people checking on them daily. Improve your security in the facilities the best you can and the threat of such problems will drastically decrease.

Security cameras and spotlights overwatching a storage unit
Don’t let security become one of your most common storage complaints

Sometimes clients will complain that the unit isn’t the size that it’s advertised

Unfortunately, there will be people that will try and fish for problems with your company. Those are the ones that will try and measure the unit itself to find the slightest of differences. Of course, you can’t be liable for the company that has built the storage units themselves. That’s why the Westlake moving company will make it clear that the unit sizes are approximate and that a few inches here or there won’t make a massive difference. Ultimately, these clients do this to try and get some discounts. Don’t give it to them as they surely won’t stop there. Working with such clients is a nightmare, so cutting them off quickly can be a true blessing.

Access to the unit is a very important part of a storage facility

If the access to your storage unit isn’t good, expect to have complaints about it. That’s because, for your clients, it’s important to load and unload their storage units in the shortest amount of time. On the other hand, for others, it can be important that a unit is open 24/7. On top of that, if you have storage pickup and delivery, it’s important that everything goes by smoothly. Of course, make it clear to the client that only authorized people can come up to your unit. With a good mix of policies and space planning, we’re sure you’ll have everything in check.

Sometimes even the look of the storage facility can have an impact on the clients

This might not be a complaint per se, but it will have a big impact on your clients. The way your storage facility looks will surely make it or break it for certain customers. As a storage company, it’s important to have all the necessary licenses, insurance, and other documents. Many people will find your company using the Better Business Bureau and other similar websites and find out that you’re legitimate. However, if they come to check you out and see that things don’t look so good, this can be a problem. For that reason, make sure that maintenance of your facilities is at a high level at all times.

A dozen of storage units
Make sure that your facility always looks clean and polished

It’s not easy to operate a storage facility, There are many details that you need to always have in mind. However, it’s also crucial to take good care of your customers. By addressing the most common storage complaints, you will ensure that you have a great company-to-client relationship. Of course, make sure to always keep maintenance of your facility, keep good communication with your clients, and always be transparent with your rates and policies. This will ensure that there are no problems. And even if they come up there are quick and easy solutions for them.


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