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Whether you just moved to a smaller home, or you have a lot of items with you, storage can often pose an issue regardless of the home size. Luckily, aside from hiring professional moving companies, like Heavenly Moving and Storage, and renting a storage unit, there are other ways that can help you increase the storage in your home. Having that additional storage space in your home is also important even if you do not have a lot of items with you. Namely, the storage you have will help you be assured that there will be no clutter in the future in your home. Now, luckily, storage can easily be improvised. Moreover, you can find many different items, places, and rooms in which you can store your items. Today, we help you find ways to increase the storage in your home. Most importantly, we help you utilize leftover packing supplies.

Creating additional storage space in your home after you move

Luckily, you just moved into your new home and have somewhat organized your belongings. This will make moving in and settling down a lot easier. However, moving with all of your belongings is not something anyone would recommend. Many people utilize the opportunity to declutter and get rid of some of the items. This is something we will discuss later. Now, you might think that your current home does not have a lot to offer in terms of storage space. On the other hand, you do not need a large room in your home only for storage. If you are moving using interstate movers Texas services, you can always enquire about the storage options they might have. Moving without a plan is not a good idea. If you are to move into a smaller home, with all of your items, you would most likely suffer high levels of stress.

First and foremost, declutter

Always declutter. If you did not declutter before you were moving, declutter after you move. There is a high chance that there are a lot of items that you are not using or need. So, why are they collecting dust and taking space in your home? This is the perfect time to get rid of them, one way or another.

a woman folding her wardrobe to depict ways to create additional storage space in your home
To create more space for storage, declutter your household first

Decluttering your household is something that will set you up for the next endeavor. Most importantly, if you did not declutter before Westlake moving company Austin relocated you, start as soon as possible. As you go through your items, you can separate them into three groups:

  • Selling – Items in good shape that you do not need
  • Donating – Items that would be of much greater use for someone in need
  • Throwing away – Only the items that are in a really bad shape, or malfunctioning

Utilizing the leftover packing supplies

You most likely have some leftover packing supplies at your home from the move. We are mostly thinking about plastic or cardboard boxes that you were using. These boxes are the perfect solution for your storage problems. In addition, by utilizing them, you are reducing waste and saving money.

a simple cardboard box that is labeled as storage
Plastic bins and cardboard boxes are a great way to create additional storage space in your home

Boxes and bins are a great storage solution because they can hold many items in one place. More importantly, these bins and boxes can be easily stacked on one another. Therefore, not only will you be able to store everything, but you will also save room. Finally, if you decide to opt for storage facilities Austin TX, leftover boxes and bins can also help you keep the storage in order. If you want to use them at home, they will be a great storage solution for under the kitchen sink, pantry, or cupboards.

Shelves can provide additional storage space in your home

Shelves might seem like small surfaces, but several of them can help you avoid clutter. Whether you want to find additional storage for the spices in the kitchen or books for your living room, shelves can help you create that additional space. Even if you have a “dead space” or a corner that is weirdly shaped, you can place shelves to make it more useful and aesthetically pleasing.

a living room with a large bookshelf full of books and other items
Shelves are very easy to install, yet they provide so much purpose to our everyday lives

On the other hand, something that is similar to shelves, but not quite: Staircase storage. The majority of stair walls can accommodate items as they are, most of the time, hollow. By building the storage space inside the staircases, you can both create additional storage, and save space. Once you do that, you can opt for storage pickup and delivery services, to bring your storage items to you.

Take advantage of outside storage buildings

Do you have a shed or a garage? If the answer is yes, you have your storage unit. If the answer is no, why not acquire one? Even the smallest backyards can fit a shed, which will have several uses. Besides being used for storing tools and equipment, one can use a shed to store certain things inside. The same goes with the garage and other similar buildings one might have. There are many reasons why one would want a shed. However, creating additional storage space in your home after moving will require some work, that is for sure. It will also make you utilize your creativity during the process. This might be a good thing because there are a lot of ways to store something. Most importantly, the vast majority of items we meet on a daily basis can help us create some additional space in our homes.

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