Downsides of friends helping you pack for a move from Texas

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So, you are planning on organizing a relocation from Texas soon? In case you were planning on calling your friends to help you out, there are certain downsides of friends helping you pack for a move that you should know about. We are going to cover the major downsides of packing with friends for a move as well as how to avoid them. In addition to this, we are also going to talk about the importance of hiring a reliable, best moving company Austin to help you pack and move.

Packing with friends – The downsides


The process of moving is far from being easy. There are lots of moving-related tasks that you have to complete. One of the biggest ones is going to be the packing process. Therefore, you may have to use different methods and take certain steps in order to ensure it goes as efficiently as possible. Packing with friends is, without a doubt, a lot more fun than if you were to do it on your own. However, packing with friends can also be dangerous. This is very important to point out and is the first downside on our list of having your friends help you pack.

Friends carrying a cardboard box.
Injuries when moving and packing heavy items are one of the bigger downsides of friends helping you pack for the move.

Injuries can happen and are quite frequent especially when it comes to moving the packed items or moving heavier items during a relocation process. Ways to avoid this? There is no problem in having your friends help you pack with the easy stuff. It is best to contact professionals who can offer you the right moving services Austin Texas. Especially so if you have a specific item that needs careful handling.

Time management

Although fun, packing with friends can quickly get out of control and you could end up losing a lot of time. Time management is important when relocating. However, if you are packing with your friends only, you may quickly start to lose track of the actual packing process and in turn, start losing a lot of precious time.

Poor packing

Another major downside of packing with friends is potentially poor packing methods. There are lots of things that go into the packing process itself. You will likely first prepare your packing supplies and a packing checklist. From there, you will move on to the packing process by starting with certain items from your inventory. If you are packing with friends, the order may not go that way. While we are sure that your friends will do their best to try and help you pack as soon as possible, there is still a high risk of poor packing and potential damage to your items. There is a big reason why professional movers offer packing services and experienced hired workers. If your friends do end up helping you pack certain items from your inventory, try to show the proper packing methods and how to properly construct moving boxes to avoid potential damage.

Packing an item.
When you only pack with your friends you run the risk of poorly packing certain sensitive items which can lead to damage during transportation.

How to properly pack for the move

Set up a packing plan

Before you even begin packing, create a plan for this often demanding task. List all of the things you have to pack and the timeframe when you plan to do it. A plan will make your packing process smooth and efficient. Try to include the following key elements in your packing plan:

  • The size of your inventory,
  • The date of your move,
  • The packing schedule,
  • The packing supplies.

Decide what goes and what stays

Since you will likely have a ton of items to pack, it is best to take your time and take a good look at your inventory checklist. Decide which items stay and which can be downsized. This will also make packing more efficient and easier. What you do with your downsized items is up to you. We recommend contacting a local charity organization. In addition to this, you can also set up a garage sale.

Hire professional packers and avoid any downsides of friends helping you pack

As mentioned already, even after you have a plan and a clear layout of your packing process, it is still best to leave the bulk of it to the pros. There is no harm in your friends helping you pack with a few minor moving-related tasks. However, professional packers are there to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. You will have minimal damage risk for your inventory and an easier time relaxing. Finding the right short term storage Austin is something professional movers can help you with.

Hired movers to avoid downsides of friends helping you pack.
Hire professionals to assist you with all of your moving-related tasks.

Getting the right storage unit

During the packing process, you might find that you are lacking a bit of extra space. For some reason, you may not be able to move all of your items at once. Storage units are great for temporarily placing items in a safe and closed-off space. If you have sensitive items, they will find the right climate controlled storage Austin. Professional movers can also help you find the right storage unit for your inventory.


To sum up, the process of moving can be quite difficult. You will want to enlist the help of your friends. While it is good to have someone help you with minor moving-related tasks, there are certainly downsides of friends helping you pack. The major tasks such as packing should be left to the pros. Professional movers will make sure your items are safe and protected during the transportation process. So, create a good plan, prepare the packing supplies, and hire professional movers for a stress-free relocation.


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