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With global warming, there is a shift in peoples’ thinking. Because becoming conscious of the carbon footprint we leave is a must if we wish to save the planet. But not only that, the amount of waste we make, the food we eat, all these things have an impact. And companies are starting to realize this and are switching from old ways to “green working”. Resulting in technologies and products that can help us lower the levels of daily emissions. Even the way we store our belonging can be more ecological. But not many people realize this. Therefore movers TX would love to share with you eco-friendly storage tips. With these simple ideas, you will be able to store your belongings long-term and save a lot of money.

For eco-friendly storage use secondhand cardboard boxes

Waste is the number one problem of this century. And there are many ways to avoid adding more to the pile. Therefore for eco-friendly storage, do not buy brand new cardboard boxes. Instead, take some time to gather the used ones. They do not look beautiful nor new, but they will get the job done. You will be able to pack your belongings and put them in storage Austin TX. So ask your friends and neighbors if they have any leftovers from their moves.

woman holding an old cardboard box
Save money and the environment by using second-hand cardboard boxes

Plenty of stores, markets, and bars often have a few extras that they do not need. Just be careful when you pack things. Because they are used and old, they are not as sturdy as the new ones. And if you overload them, they might break and spill everything.

Use old blankets and rags in your ecological storage

Once you pack everything in boxes and stack them in your storage unit, you need to protect them. Because there can be dust and covering them will keep the dirt away. Also, they might tumble down, and having something to cushion the fall is a good idea. Even if you hire local moving companies Austin TX, to professionally organize your storage, accidents can happen.

However, usually, people use plastic sheets. And they are extremely bad for the environment because it takes ages for them to degrade. Therefore it is best to use materials you already have but do not need. For example, old blankets and other rags. They will much better do the job because they are thick. It makes them perfect for covering everything. And the best thing is that they will not cost you anything.

If you wish to have green storage avoid bubble wraps

Plastic is one of the most toxic materials. Because we still have not figured out how to recycle it. And once we throw it away, it will take hundreds of years for it to degrade. However, there is one solution that can solve this problem. Not using plastic in our daily lives will lower the amount of toxic waste we make. And the same goes with packing our belongings before apartment movers Austin arrive.

Since every household has a bunch of fragile items, the usual practice is to wrap them in bubble wrap. However, there is a better and more eco-friendly solution. Old newspapers are a perfect solution. They are cheap, and they degrade fast. Also, they will perfectly protect all your more breakable items. You can wrap everything and fill up the empty space in between. So that things can not move during the transportation and break.

hands wrapping with paper a bowl
To have eco-friendly storage use biodegradable materials to wrap fragile items

Exchange duct tape for zip ties for a more environmentally safe storage

Once you pack everything into boxes, you need to seal them well so they can not open during the transport. Otherwise, your belongings can get damaged. Not to mention that somebody could get injured.  Therefore to prevent this, the most used and useful tool is duct tape. But unfortunately, it is the most toxic one. Because it is made of plastic and other materials that are quite toxic to the environment.

There is a way to somewhat lower its usage. Movers South Austin recommend using zip ties. It is even possible to find reusable ones. So if you have items that you need to tie together, zip ties are the perfect solution for green storage.

Put energy-saving lights into your storage unit

Self-storage units have lights that are on non-stop. It is done for security reasons so that the cameras can have a clear picture. But the major problem with these is that most of those lights are outdated. And they waste more energy than it is good for the environment. However, if you exchange them for power-saving ones, you will save a lot of energy.

For example, one simple led lamp can save up to 90 percent of energy. That means that using them in a household will drastically lower the energy bills and save you money. Therefore for more environmentally friendly storage, use bulbs that do not waste a ton of energy. Also, you can install motion sensors. They are perfect for turning on the light only when it is needed.

a light bulb
Ecological storage is possible if you change all the old light bulbs for the more power-saving ones

Eco-friendly storage is good for the planet

Relocation businesses are thriving. And with them, the consumption of packing materials is rising. This would not be a problem if most of them are not made out of plastic. The material is hard to recycle and needs hundreds of years to degrade. But there is hope. Therefore ask your friends and neighbors for second-hand materials. Because it is not only good for the environment, but it will save you a lot of money. Visit some of the Austin TX stores and markets for free boxes. And change all the old light bulbs for power-saving ones. By choosing eco-friendly storage, you are helping the planet and yourself. 

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