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You’re finally moving to your new home. You’re excited, you’ve found the perfect new home for a new stage in your life, but there is a tiny problem. How are you going to be moving a hot tub? Hot tubs are an investment and not something you can usually just buy again when you feel like it. Your new home will be enriched by your hot tub. But worry not, here at Heavenly Moving and Storage, we offer solutions for moving your hot tub with you.

A picture of a woman in a hot tub
Moving a hot tub doesn’t have to be a complicated task

Prepare your hot tub for a safe move

First things first, you want to avoid any danger during your move. It’s imperative you drain your hot tub. It’s not that hard draining it, and usually, you can simply use the water to water your garden, reducing waste. Be aware though that apart from the tub itself, the pipes and pumps need to be drained as well.

If at your new home, you are currently not able to put your hot tub into use, do not fret. Storage rental Austin is here to offer an alternative until you get your new home in order. Storage options are always your friend, instead of cluttering your new home, leave the storage and safe-keeping to us. For a thorough draining process, follow these easy steps:

1. Disconnect your hot tub from the power supply

Usually, this can be done simply by removing the plug from the power supply. You should know according to the model of your hot tub if it’s done in a different way. Sometimes there is a switch in the circuit box, or if the hot tub is wired directly to the power supply, you should consult an electrician.

2. Using a hose, drain your hot tub

You will have to locate the draining valve and connect a draining hose. We recommend simply letting it drain on its own, even though it might take a bit more time, it’s the easiest and most cost-effective way. Be careful where you drain your water, some places might fine you if you drain it into the sewers.

3. Thoroughly clean the hot tub

This step is not exactly needed, but it will lessen your workload after the move. It’s always better to have a prepared, pristine hot tub for your new home. Depending on how much dirt has accumulated in the tub, you can either clean it just by hand and some kind of detergent. If there is some murky water left over in the tum after draining, we recommend a wet-dry vac to help you out.

Cleaning supplies
Choose the appropriate cleaning supplies for your hot tub

Plan for actually moving a hot tub

Hot tubs can weigh between 500 to 1000  pounds when empty, which is quite a lot. Moving it on your own, especially if you’re not a professional is not something we can recommend with a clear conscience. Heavy lifting is a straining process and can result in injuries if you’re not adequately trained.

With our moving service Austin professionals, we can guarantee a pleasant experience and a quick, affordable move. All of our services as customizable and can be tailored to your preferences. What’s important to us, is your comfort during the move.

Climate-controled storage space
Storage space can ease any moving difficulty

Storage is out of the question for you to worry about, a storage pick-up service can help you out. Our storage pick-up service can handle the whole moving process without you having to set foot in a storage unit. With everyday stresses, work and family, we know the last thing you need is to run around from a storage unit to another. Let us handle all the necessities that distract you from comfortable living.

Assemble the needed equipment

Once everything’s been planned out and booked, it’s time to assemble all the equipment you’ll need. Most often movers already have all the needed equipment, so you should consult them before preparing anything. Things you will need:

  • moving straps and blankets – these can usually be rented from your truck company
  • a 4 wheel furniture dolly – you will have to consult your movers about the size of your hot tub
  • appliance dolly – needed if moving your hot tub requires moving it across stairs
  • 4×4 lumber boards – these are not completely necessary but are a safety measure

If you’re still up for the challenge, here’s how you should go about moving your hot tub. Movers South Austin can be of great help here, so if you run into any difficulties, just know we’re always here to help.

  1.  Assemble enough people to help you  – As we’ve mentioned, heavy lifting can be tricky. You will need around 4-5 friends to help you out with this. As far as the actual transport, you will surely have to rent a truck service.
  2. Place your hot tub on the moving dolly – Before you place the hot tub on the dolly, you will first place the lumber boards. Lumber boards help protect your fingers from any accidents and also help center the hot tub on the dolly. This will help with balance and the transportation itself.
  3. Secure the hot tub – Using your moving straps, secure the hot tub to the moving dolly. This will prevent it from moving in the truck or flipping over. In the end, for extra protection, cover your hot tub with blankets.

Enjoy your new home

As parting words, we would like to wish you an enjoyable new home. After moving a hot tub safely you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Storage South Austin can offer a home to your hot tub if your new home is unable to house it. We offer climate-controlled spaces and the utmost care for your belongings. Some extra storage is always a good way to make sure your new home won’t be cluttered, and you’ll have a clean, tidy space.

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