Going green in your storage unit: Tips and Tricks

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Unfortunately, when it comes to our planet, we leave a massive carbon footprint on it! We have to be aware of that fast, and we should start changing that as soon as possible. Going green in your storage unit is just the first step, in order to save what has been left of our beloved planet. You have to make those small changes and spread awareness to other people. Only together we will be able to save our home. There are some simple tips and tricks that will help you go green.  Not only your storage but also your home. You should check the storage space Austin has. Because they really have a lot of benefits, not only for you but for the others as well. That is why you have to make an example, so others can follow.

Going green in your storage unit can save you money

You have to set an example and take care of our environment. Among many benefits that you can get from going green in your storage, it can also save you money. As well as storage South Austin residents gladly recommend. You will see many examples of how to save money on storage units as well as packing materials.

Cardboard boxes in various sizes ideal for going green in your storage unit
Cardboard boxes are much better and more useful than plastic ones.

There are several easy methods that you can make in your current storage. And make it more eco-friendly:

  • Make use of the boxes you already have – In case you have some spare boxes that you are not using at all, or from your last relocation where long distance movers Austin relocated you. This is the right time to use them. If you have some shoe boxes or packages that are left from big appliances, you can store a lot of stuff in them, and therefore you won’t have to buy new ones, which automatically will save you some money.
  • Instead of plastic, use cardboard boxes – Cardboard boxes are biodegradable, and when it comes to plastic, unfortunately, it is not! It is a much more environmentally-friendly material. In case you have it at your place, you can give them away and help the next person to also become eco-friendly. And that is the goal, to spread the awareness of how that important is, and to involve as many people as you can.
  • Going green in your storage unit by using blankets – This is a much safer and far more effective way to protect your items. Because they are perfect for wrapping items and also provide enough cushion. So your things won’t damage.

Those are just a couple of simple ideas to go green and save some money on the side.

Use energy-efficient light bulbs

This is a really simple trick that will really make a huge difference. You have probably already heard about it. The best way to go green in your storage is to switch from regular light bulbs to LED lighting. And they do not cost a fortune. You may also check a storage pick up service to get everything you need. Regarding the LEDs, you can categorize them by type, color, and lumen value.

LED light.
This is a must if you want to go green in your storage, switch to LED light bulbs.

Everything depends on how and what for are you using the LED.  In your specific case, you should use either LED or B-rated halogen light bulbs. You should also know that the lumen provides a more accurate measure of how bright your energy-saving light will be. We leave the color to you to choose from because that really comes to personal preference, or you want to fit it in within the design of your room.

Our recommendations are that you use pure white low-energy bulbs for your garages, spotlights, and areas that require more light. Another thing that you should consider is investing in motion sensors. That way, the light will only turn on if they register movement, which can really cut serious costs to your electricity bills. And if you need help with the whole packing process and transportation to your new storage, packing services Austin will provide you with assistance. This will maybe cost a bit more, but it will make your life much easier. And after the motion sensors are installed, you are going to save a lot of money on your electricity bills, and this is an investment that is worth it.

Renting a storage unit

In case you do not have a store on your own but have a lot of items that you cannot fit in your home, you have to rent a storage unit. There are several factors that you need to look out for in order to find the perfect storage unit. A storage unit with good insulation is really a must, and not only in winter months but also in summer.

Climate control unit.
A climate-controlled storage unit is a must if you want your items to be safe and plan on going green in your storage unit

In the summer, the insulation will prevent the heat from getting inside the storage unit. This will keep your items safe and on the other hand, your bills will be significantly lower. The important aspect of that is that your carbon footprint will be really minimal, with the tips already mentioned. Many reliable movers are starting to be aware of the benefits that eco-friendly units have. That is why they are trying to make those adjustments within their units and offer them to new clients who are aware of those facts. They will also be more than happy to advise you and give you tips regarding green storage. Also, you don’t want to have many appliances in your unit. They will just keep adding to your electricity bills. Just keep it simple and clean.

Going green in your storage unit is really not that hard. Small changes really make a big difference, and that is why it is really significant to involve as many people as we can in order to save our planet. By doing those small changes, we are setting new standards, which our future generations can follow.


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