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When selling a house, everyone wants to stand out and blow the buyer’s minds! However, not everyone is ready to invest crazy amounts of money and time. But before interested buyers arrive, and far before they contact moving services Austin Texas has to offer, you can still make your home nice for cheap! To help buyers fall in love with your Austin home, you won’t need a lot of money. What you will need are ideas and inspiration. And we are also here to help you out.

Welcome to Austin

Before you help buyers fall in love with your Austin home, you first need to make sure they fall in love with Austin. Looking back when people talked about this gorgeous city they would quickly tell you about its music. But that was just the beginning. Although what they’re saying these days also matches those words it is by far a lot more than it was. Austin now can brag about wonderful ballet, eye-catching world-renowned museums, one-of-a-kind shopping, and breathtaking outdoor spaces. With so many things to do in Austin, it is easy for people to fall in love with the city. You will catch yourself spending your morning paddling the lake. Or go strolling through a famous history museum. Even when it comes to movers and packers Austin gives its all to help people make this city their new home.

Skyline od Austin Texas
Austin is a good place to call home and raise a family.

The first impression

When you first try to help buyers fall in love with your home, you should know that first impressions are important. Especially when talking about real estate. So what you want to do, is make the potential buyers feel welcomed and cozy from the moment they step into your home. Here is where the little things come into play. You can add a fresh coat of paint outside, or on your porch. Make sure to keep your yard clean, and grass trimmed. You can consider updating the porch light fixtures or at least replacing any lights that are not working.

Pay attention to details like house numbers and doormats. Don’t do only the outside as first impressions inside are also important. Clean up your entry. And you can even decorate it with a slim console table. On top of it, you would need only a small and simple but at the same time stylish hanging fixture.

Small deatils will help buyers fall in love with your Austin home
To help buyers fall in love with your Austin home you will need to pay attention to details.

Storage space

Not every home will boast big walk-in closets or a big kitchen. But you can help buyers fall in love with your home in Austin just by showing them that even without that they will have plenty of spaces they can use as storage. How can you do that? You can use the storage Austin has to offer! Using it to temporarily store your belongings is a great way to keep your items safe but at the same time make the home look bigger. There are really good climate-controlled options you can use when it comes to storage units. That means you can store food from your pantry, sensitive items! All of that without worrying something will go bad or damaged.

Carefully pick the paint

Most people when selling a home decide to paint the walls white. But even though it’s the option that looks the cleanest it is not necessarily the best. The white can sometimes make your home look colder and plain. If you want to help buyers fall in love with your Austin home then there are better colors you can pick. Some neutral colors have proven to be better in situations like this. They will make your home look clean and light. But unlike the plain white paint, they will exude warmth and a homey atmosphere. Not only that but choosing the right paint can make the room look bigger as well.

Living room decorated for sale
Small details, light curtains, and a splash of color go a long way when selling a home.

Make it sunny

Of course, you can’t influence the weather! But what you can do is make your home full of natural light. This way the buyers will be one step closer to contacting interstate movers Texas! If you don’t want to fully remove your curtains make sure to replace them. For example, if you had heavy thick, or darker curtains replace them with some other light colors and materials. Make sure you also pull them to the sides to let the natural light in. And don’t forget to clean all the windows while changing them.

Cozy Touches

Help buyers fall in love with your Austin house by making it look as cozy as possible. No matter how big or small your rooms and porch are there are always ways to make them look cozier. The best way to do it is to add small details. For example, if you hired long distance movers Austin for relocating out of your home before selling it, make sure to leave some small details you can pack afterward. Small details like pillows and candles are something that can make a big change.

Fresh smells and a clean home

Believe it or not, small things like smells can help buyers fall in love with your Austin home. Candles and air fresheners can affect the mood a lot! They will make the home look a lot cleaner and more welcoming. Make sure to clean everything before you add any type of smell! Cleaning your floors is something you must pay special attention to! Your buyers will look at the floors as well as other spaces to see if they are in good condition.

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