How to childproof your home after moving to Westlake

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Once your trusted movers finish the excellent job of transporting your items, you can breathe a sigh of relief. In most cases, the departure of safe movers Austin means the end of a busy moving day. Now, you’re in the middle of a giant pile of moving boxes and you need to form an unpacking strategy. In order to make the process effective, you’ll need a good plan of action. But if you’ve just moved into your new Westlake home with a child, there is one very important task in front of you. Before you start doing anything, you absolutely must childproof your home after moving. Don’t even start to unpack before you made sure that your kids cant injure themselves while roaming around the home. It is also worth mentioning that this isn’t a single task, but a whole process that ensures your child’s safety.

Why it’s important to childproof your home after moving

The main goal of childproofing your home is providing your child with the ultimate safety against any hazards. Your new home is a strange and unfamiliar setting, which is why you need to carefully inspect it and make sure nothing can go wrong. If you childproof your home after relocation, you’ll be giving your child a safe space to play and grow in. Children between the ages of 1 and 4 are especially susceptible to accidental trauma such as burns and choking. So if you have any hazardous items in the house, it is a very wise idea to safely put them away in a short term storage Austin. The process of childproofing consists of the identification of dangers in the household, followed by their elimination. These steps have a close connection because you can’t eliminate a hazard without knowing what it is.

a family enjoying their childproof home after moving
Once your home is fully childproof, you can all relax and enjoy yourself together

Childproof your home after relocation room by room

The following checklist will greatly help you in dealing with the potential hazards in your home. As you unpack the boxes delivered by Westlake moving company Austin, your home will start filling with various items. The more items there are, the more potential for injury there is as well. One important thing to keep in mind is that your child doesn’t see the world the same way adults do. This is why you need to put yourself in their shoes when childproofing the home. The best way to do so, as silly as it may seem, is to get on your hands and knees and crawl around your home. This way, you will see the environment from your child’s vantage. Now, let’s go over the most important rooms, and what you can do to secure them.

Do not delay childproofing your nursery room

This is the room where your little one will spend most of their time on a daily basis. With that in mind, you should secure it as soon as Heavenly Moving and Storage Texas trucks leave your driveway. Start the childproofing process with your child’s bed. Ideally, the cot should contain nothing more than a fitted mattress sheet, and your toddler. Blankets, toys, pillows, and comforters shouldn’t really be in there, as they increase the risk of suffocation. This among the leading causes of accidents and serious injury in your kids. If your child is a bit older, they can choose one toy or favorite blanket to sleep with.

a secure storage unit with shelves
Consider placing any potentially hazardous items in our secure storage units

The changing table should be firmly secured to the wall and be sturdy enough so it doesn’t tip over and fall. During their early years, children can be real explorers, and nothing draws their attention quite like windows. If necessary, install window guards to effectively block any escape routes for your mischievous toddler. To remove risks of strangulation, fit your windows with specialty cordless blinds. And then, there is the floor, the mean hard surface which often causes plenty of bruises. If you want to be on the safe side, outfit the room with a soft but thick carpet. Not only will it be a soft surface for your kid to play and walk on, but it will also be a fall breaker should your child somehow find their way out of the bed by accident.

No childproofing list is complete without the living room

Most of us spend the majority of our free time in the living room, relaxing with the family or watching television. With that said, your child will be there with you. One of the most obvious hazards in the living room is the TV. To prevent it from accidentally tipping over, make sure that it is securely bolted to the wall, or placed on a stable piece of furniture, out of reach together with the remotes.  Lastly, we have the bookshelves, which are usually full of heavy books and ornaments. Try and organize it in a way where books are at the bottom shelves, and any small trinkets are above and out of reach. If there are any decorative items you don’t need, you can call up a storage pick up service. They will take your precious items and keep them safe in a remote storage unit.

bathroom with gray tile flooring
An important step to childproof your home after moving is to make sure to isolate any slippery surfaces in your bathroom

A safe Westlake home starts with a safe bathroom

Paired with accidental suffocation, accidental drownings, unfortunately, top the charts of child injuries. This is why you should be extra careful when bathing your child. If you want to successfully childproof your home after moving, the bathroom must be made perfectly safe as soon as you’re done dealing with moving services Austin. One of the most hazardous places is of course the bathtub. You should never leave your kid alone in it, and if you do have to leave the bathroom, it is best to take your child with you. Since the floors are usually ceramic and there is water everywhere, slip resistance is your best friend. Use anti-slippery mats on the floors and in the bathtub. Every bathroom has a medicine cabinet, which should always be safely closed with a childproof lock. With these steps, your home will be perfectly safe and sound for your child to thrive in.

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