How to deal with bulky items while renovating your home?

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Whenever we want to renovate our homes, we usually tend to look at the long run. However, we oftentimes forget the short-run clutter we are going to create. Of course, renovating a home means creating a better environment, opening up the space, and changing things around the house. On the other hand, it also means having to spend a couple of days in mess and clutter. Or is that so? Today, we help you deal with bulky items while renovating your home. Bulky items in general create headaches for people that have to deal with them. Their sheer size and weight, on top of the fragile state they are in, can create stressful situations in no time. Not to mention having to go around them every time you need to do something. So, contact movers Austin TX, and move your items until you finish renovating your home.

How should you deal with bulky items while renovating your household?

Yes, bulky items can induce serious stress levels when you need to move them or work around them. However, what is scarier is the fact that because of these items, many people simply say “Never again” to redecorating their homes. Having to deal with such items, while also figuring out how to redecorate and where to start can be really difficult. Although decorating can make some people anxious, the way you approach the whole process will determine how well you go through it.

representation of how to deal with bulky items while renovating a home
Your furniture might seem spacious and comfortable until you have to move it out of the house to redecorate

So, maybe you should give less attention to the fact that you have to move an item and more to the creative aspect of decorating. Oftentimes will people be consumed by moving these items out of their way that they simply lose their inspiration for redecoration. We are here to stop that from happening.

Firstly, make sure you do one room at a time

Instead of creating a mess throughout your entire house, try focusing on one room at a time. This can help you narrow down your focus and devote yourself to each room individually. Furthermore, by doing so, you will have the option to simply move the items from that room into the next one. At least for a while! That way, you make one room empty, while making clutter in another room. Not ideal, we agree. However, it is better to have clutter in one room at a time than in several. On the other hand, you can always choose to avoid entering the room with clutter unless you need to. The simple visualization of clutter can cause stress, so make sure you do it properly. Furthermore, if you focus on one room at a time, you will avoid clutter much easier. Ultimately, this is something to strive towards.

If you have a lot of furniture, for example, find the best solution for it

Furniture is something you do not want to stain, damage, or scratch while working on your new house decoration. Not only is furniture expensive, but it is also quite susceptible to damage or stains. However, furniture is often quite bulky and hard to handle. So, you will need to find the right solution to deal with large items while remodeling, such as furniture.

a bedroom with a large bed and other furniture in it
Before you decide to take out the furniture, find a proper place to store it so its quality does not deteriorate

One of the most common solutions is renting a storage unit for those items. If you need help to adequately do this – here are 3 tips for preparing furniture for storage. Furthermore, one of the most important things to know is that most furniture pieces can be disassembled. By disassembling the furniture, you make it easier to move it around and store it. Plus, it is a much safer method.

Deal with bulky items while renovating by opting for the right storage solution

Whether you plan on moving a piano, a fridge, or a king-size bed, you need to ensure that these items have adequate conditions in storage. So, if you opt for storage solutions Austin, for example, you ought to take the conditions of the unit into account. Now, many storage units will provide you with conditions like:

  • Deep freeze temperature
  • Refrigeration temperature
  • Cold or cool temperature
  • Room temperature
  • Climate Control options, etc.

These conditions all play a role in how protected your items inside are. Furthermore, one of the most important conditions to opt for is pest control. Especially if you plan on storing valuable items you will be using later. Pest can nest in your storage unit if the conditions are good enough for them. This can cause issues with your electronics in appliances or issues with your furniture.

On-site storage solutions are an option as well

Do you feel like you would waste a lot of time transporting your belongings to the storage facility on the outskirts of your city? Do you also have a lot of yard space? If so, consider renting on-site storage to accommodate all of your belongings. Transporting bulky items is not an easy task. The bigger the distance you move them to is, the higher the chances of anything wrong happening are.

a large number of containers stacked on one another
On-site storage containers are usually simple metal containers ideal to deal with bulky items while renovating

On-site storage allows you to have a storage container in your own yard instead of transporting them to another location. This can be a real time-saver and will help you not lose your inspiration. So, instead of losing time and risking damaging your items, simply store them in your front or back yard.

Even if you decide to move your items out of your household, do it right

Rarely will you be able to transport a bunch of bulky items on your own. Furthermore, even with help from your friends or family, you will most likely lack an adequate transportation vehicle or equipment. So, why not leave it at the hands of professionals? If you have to move, for example, your furniture out of the house, you can rely on furniture movers Austin, to help you do that. Having professional movers deal with bulky items while renovating will save you a lot of stress and time. On the other side, these movers have a lot of experience with various types of items. Thus, their service will be of great help to you during this period of time.


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