How to Enjoy Your First Spring in Texas

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Spring in Texas can reveal many exciting and diverse places. One of the benefits of this time of year in Texas is that there are no price spikes, like during the winter holidays, and there is no scorching heat as during the summer. Texas is a large and diverse country offering many choices for spending quality leisure time. You can enjoy the magical scenery of the Hill Country, swim in the Gulf, or enjoy the nightlife at the beach. If you decide to hire Heavenly Moving and Storage Austin TX to help you with your relocation, you will soon be able to explore some top spring destinations and put them on your bucket list this spring. The weather is beautiful and mild, and the bluebonnets are blooming, so do yourself a favor and enjoy your first spring in Texas.

What are some of the places where you can enjoy your first spring in Texas?

There are many gems in Texas that will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale when you visit them. Texas has something for everyone/ Whether you are the most adventurous type, or you just love peaceful strolls, you can visit:

  • Tyler,
  • South Padre Island,
  • Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge,
  • Dinosaur Valley State Park,
  • Round Top,
  • Big Bend National Park,
  • Austin.

Find out what to do in these beautiful places.

Rio Grande River Texas as a perfect place to enjoy your first spring in Texas
Texas is a vast and diverse state that will reveal many hidden beauties and allow you to enjoy your first spring in Texas.

Visit Tyler

One of the first associations with spring in Texas may be Tyler. This city is packed with natural beauty. The Tyler Rose Garden is the world’s biggest rose garden. There are 35,000 shrubs of over 500 species planted on 14 acres. The rose garden is free to visit and is open daily from morning to dusk. Beautiful Tyler State Park is a relatively small area with hiking trails. You can picnic by the lake, row along the lake surrounded by silence and tall pines.

You can also fish, boat, and swim in Lake Tyler, The Boulders at Lake Tyler, and Tyler State Park. The Caldwell Zoo is a perfect choice for family outings with children. The Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari will also allow you to see some exotic animals, like kangaroos and zebras, in an environment similar to their natural habitat. Tyler has much more to offer, so do not miss putting it on your bucket list this spring.

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South Padre Island is great for living and vacation

South Padre Island is a barrier island and the only tropical island in Texas located in South Texas. It is an ideal year-round destination where you can enjoy the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico and Laguna Madre Bay. South Padre Island is a desirable place to live and vacation, thanks to calm seas and sunny weather. The island is especially popular, during spring break when students hold many beach parties.

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Bird's eye view of South Padre Island
The only tropical island in Texas, South Padre Island is one of the most attractive destinations in Texas during spring break.

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is an inspiring place

This unique sanctuary covers 50,000 acres and is home to many protected wildlife species. The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is a great place to enjoy your first spring in Texas. It’s home to the longest-running Easter Passion Play in the United States each year on Easter. The show is performed outdoors, and the holy city of the Wichitas is an allusion, to Israel of biblical times. The scene of the play is supported by the inspiring mountains in the background.

The show attracts thousands of people from all over the country and is part of a nearly century-old tradition. However, the show is not the only reason this place is so attractive in the spring. This true wilderness will offer you many trails that any climber will enjoy. It is also a popular place for fishing and camping. The refuge is a popular destination for rock climbing and bird watching.

Dinosaur Valley State Park is a must-see

The park opened in 1972 with a mission to preserve the precious traces of the dinosaurs that once roamed this area. The park was declared a National Natural Landmark in Texas because of the incredible tracks frozen in time. In addition to the preserved dinosaur remains, the park offers space for hiking, camping, and mountain biking.

Round Top is a beautiful town

If spring is the season when you want to get away and relax from everyday life, the small town of Round Top is your destination. With a population of only 90, this town is a true getaway. The Flophouze Shipping Container Hotel offers six small residences made from recycled containers. It’s an opportunity to make a small contribution to preserve the planet. A container pool and a spa center will be at your disposal. You will have to forget the technological advantages of the XXIst century. The rooms do not have a TV, but they have a gramophone, vinyl records, and books. This small town is crowded in the spring because Round Top is famous for its antique fair, which has a half-century tradition. Wherever you are coming from, interstate movers Texas can help you relocate and start enjoying life in this small town right away.

Take a trip to Big Bend National Park

A visit to Big Bend National Park and the city of Marfa is a must on your springtime bucket list. You’ll discover beautiful nature, vast deserts, and unusual art installations.

  • Rent a bike and explore the desert
  • Visit the Chinati Foundation
  • Book a night at El Cosmico – You’ll have a unique experience in the highest-rated nomadic hotel.
  • Stargaze at the McDonald Observatory

On over 150 miles of trails, explore the landscape in a ranger-led program. Big Bend National Park is home to more than 450 species of birds, 75 species of mammals, and more than 1,200 species of plants. The park is also home to a great number of fossils from the Cretaceous and Cenozoic periods.

Sunset in a desert
Rent a bike and explore the desert in Big Bend National Park.

Austin is the true capital

In the spring, the capital of Texas becomes an exciting place filled with music and good food. Each March, Austin hosts a festival that combines technology, music, film, education, and culture. Known as the SXSW festival, it features numerous musical performances throughout the city. Many other outdoor activities await you, such as kayak, paddleboard, or canoe rentals on Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin. McKinney Falls State Park, Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs, and Barton Springs are just a few of the attractions that will round out the experience in this city. You will even avoid the challenges of moving if you rely on residential movers Austin TX. With their experience and training, they will meet all the challenges of moving in the best possible way.

Texas is the place for spring lovers

Spring is just around the corner, so find your destination and the road beneath your feet. We hope we’ve helped you make your choice and that you will enjoy your first spring in Texas, whichever of the places you decide to move to.


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