How to make your home appear bigger after moving to Austin TX

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We all want our homes to look bigger and to have more space. Nowadays there are so many different popular home styles that you can choose among. This is particularly important if you have just moved and if your new home still looks like a warehouse. The first step would actually take place before the relocation, and that is downsizing. But if you did not manage to downsize your items before packing, there are certain things you can do now. Remember that the hardest part is behind you. But there is still plenty of work to do. Before your regular after-the-move life in Austin starts, you will need some assistance from movers and packers Austin. With their help, you will easily create more space in your new home. In this article, learn some tips in order to make your home appear bigger after the move.

Where to start from?

A spacious home is what many people desire, especially after the move to a new space. To start with you can always play with colors to get the impression of a wider space. In addition, playing with some light and proper furniture will help you get quick results. To start with, use some light colors such as white or beige for your walls. When it comes to furniture, it is useful to consider some units of storage Austin. This is the easiest step to quickly get rid of all those pieces you do not have the space or idea where to put. Just make sure to find a unit that is close to your house so you can visit it whenever you need something from your storage. Therefore, decluttering would be the basis of your home reconstruction. This will instantly help getting more free space.

ladder and wall
Make your home appear bigger by using some light wall colors

Prepare items for storage to make your home appear bigger

After the relocation to Austin your house is still chaotic with many moving boxes around.

You haven’t even opened yet all of them. Now it is the best time  to start your ‘second little move.’ You might feel that you already had enough of moving, but trust us this will help. Since you have previously labelled all the boxes, there is not need to open them randomly. So first of all, open those boxes with the items least needed at this moment. After opening and checking all the items, start putting them aside to pack them, so hourly movers Austin can later come and pick them up. The good thing about hourly movers is that you will pay for their services for the time they spend on your items relocation. They would come and take the items into a storage unit  so you can have more space.

two people unpacking boxes
Have some unpacking order

What to keep in your new home and still have a big space

In case you have a piano which is a pretty big piece, or any other valuable big item that you do not want to assemble, you can store those items away.

If at the moment, you still do not know if you will use these items in the future, putting them away on a storage unit can postpone this big decision. Safe movers Austin will safely transport your precious belongings. In addition, you can play with the furniture you plan to keep. Arrange your furniture to open your floor space. Push your couch against the wall, and open your floor and pathways. Regarding your bedroom, you should put the king size bed into a corner and thus get more space. Also, make sure not to block any pathways by putting some pieces of furniture on it.

white wall and a chair
Keep an open space with your furniture

Make use of some hidden storage

In order to make your home appear bigger , try to use some multipurpose furniture. Using such furniture will reduce the amount of pieces that you have in your house. You may use a chest as a coffee table. Not only can you put items on it, but also you can use it to store some blankets. Both for the living room and bedroom you can use beds with the additional storage where you can put different kinds of items. You can use storage pick up service for all those you need to remove and transport to a storage unit. Also, keep your furniture open. Those with glass such as glass tables will keep the light flow through the piece and create the impression of a bigger space. Also, attach a folding shelf beneath a window where you can put additional items.

Other ways to make your home appear bigger

In order to get the impression that your home is as biggest as possible, you should remove all the drapes and rugs in your new Austin home. But if you wish to keep some rugs, you can choose those with such a pattern that will give the impression of a bigger space. Apart from painting the walls, you can also paint some furniture. Do not put too many pictures on the walls as it will only close the space. Lay an oversized full-length mirror against a key wall to make your room look longer and taller. In addition, use some simple but decorative pieces to hide documents and other papers. Everything else that you have such as books and decorative items, try to sort by colors. Finally, keep it minimal to look big as much as possible.

There are many ways how you can make your home appear bigger after your relocation. The most important first thing to do is to remove the clutter from your new space. Decide on what items you need an which you do not and prepare them for transport to a storage unit. Storage units are very useful to still have some items which you do not currently have enough space for. Go with some simple furniture style and colors. Light walls and empty floors will make the space open. Show off your leggy furniture, as the empty space underneath will give the impression of a bigger room. Finally, let your imagination play to get the best results.

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