How to pack furniture for storage

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Renting a storage unit became an everyday part of people’s lives. Having an extra space where you can store all excess items is extremely valuable. And the best part is that everyone can afford them. A simple call to your local hourly movers Austin and you can have your storage space. But the harder part is to maintain, clean, and pack furniture for storage. Obviously, you can’t just toss your furniture inside storage and hope for the best. You must prepare it if you want your furniture to stay in a good shape. So, let us cover this topic today and make it happen.

Inspect your items and then pack furniture for storage

Whether you are moving or simply relocating some of the furniture, you must inspect everything first. The goal is to realize the state your items are in before you pack furniture for storage. Some pieces of furniture are good to be sold or donated. While others are of no use at all, and you can recycle or throw them away. And while inspecting furniture, you will realize what size of storage unit you need and how many pieces you have in the first place. Once you check all the furniture you possess, you can decide if you want to pack everything yourself or purchase packing services Austin. If you have more than you can handle, hiring movers would be your best choice.

Disassemble it before you pack furniture for storage
Figure out how many pieces of furniture you have and if anything can be disassembled.

You’ll need a few packing materials

Remember, you must inspect your storage unit as well. This way you will know what can fit and what kind of environment you are facing. More importantly, you’ll figure out what kind of packing materials you must purchase to protect your furniture adequately. You will quickly realize that you can pack furniture for storage with the following packing materials:

  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Blister packs and protective covers.
  • Corner pads and foam protectors.

It is all you need to pack your furniture properly. And you can find all packing supplies at your local Home Depot. Some materials are cheaper, and the better-quality ones are a bit more expensive. Find the best combination and order a batch of materials right away. Once you have them delivered, start packing.

Let’s pack furniture for storage together

Now that you know the size of your storage space Austin, you can prepare your furniture. Firstly, figure out if you can disassemble anything to gain more space. Also, you will transport furniture easily if you do so. And smaller pieces are easier to protect than big and robust furniture. So, start by cleaning all your furniture. Then, wrap each piece in a plastic cover or bubble wrap. It will protect your furniture against bumps and scratches. Although, you must be sure no moisture is trapped inside because over time it will damage your wooden surfaces. Next is to apply corner pads for additional protection. And of course, place smaller pieces in boxes. If you have original boxes, even better. If not, find an appropriately sized one for each piece of furniture.

woman and a man wrapping a chair
Wrap each piece of furniture in blister packs for better protection.

Once you deliver your furniture to the storage, find a nice place for each piece. Make sure the middle of the storage unit is reserved for extremely large pieces. Although, leave enough space to move around without breaking anything. The rest of the furniture should be placed against the wall in a circle until your unit is full. Hopefully, you have rented a bit larger unit from your Heavenly Moving and Storage Austin company. It is always better to have a slightly bigger unit than a small and cramped one.

Clean your unit from time to time

Most facilities have dedicated maintenance crews. But they will never enter your unit without your permission. This means they are cleaning outside and inside the facility but as far as it goes for your storage, you must clean it yourself. Simply use a broom, duster, and a fiber cloth the get rid of the dust and dirt. Once a month or so, use basic home cleaning products and refresh all surfaces a bit. Although, if you are visiting rarely, then you should do it each time you visit. If you keep your unit clean, there will be fewer chances for pest infestation and mold. Above all, your item will stay in a good shape, ready to be used at any time.

Now you know how to pack furniture for storage. Follow our guide and you can rest assured your furniture will stay in a good shape.

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