How to pack holiday ornaments for storage

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The holidays are over and it’s time to remove the Christmas decorations. So are you ready for this task? We know this is not your favorite part, but it needs to be done. Do not give in to the urge to pack holiday ornaments for storage in bulk, you risk damaging everything. The better you do it the more you will extend their lifespan and suddenly you will not feel guilty for investing a lot of money in sophisticated and expensive decorations. Here are some tips from Austin area movers that will help you organize and store your Christmas decorations efficiently so that you can use them for many years to come.

What is the best way to pack holiday ornaments for storage?

In order to properly organize and store decorations of all kinds, you have to group them into categories that are easy for you to remember. The categories can be as follows:

  • Exterior decorations
  • Interior tree ornaments
  • Table decoration

If possible, keep the original boxes that are specially designed for storage of Christmas balls and other decorative items. However, if you no longer have them there are alternative solutions for this.  A box of eggs can do just fine! Another tip, use old special moving boxes for bottles or glasses, they are very practical thanks to their compartments that will avoid shocks. To effectively protect your most fragile items, feel free to use bubble wrap or tissue paper. If you are not sure that you can pack everything properly for storage you can give a call to packing services Austin and let a professional take care of it.

pack holiday ornaments for storage in a box
If you want to use your decoration for many years to come pack holiday ornaments for storage properly.

Clear bins are perfect for packing holiday ornaments for storage

This is the best type of boxes you can use to pack and store your fragile holiday decorations. The plastic is sturdy which will protect them from any possible shocks. Plus they are easily stackable which will save you a lot of space. You can find these boxes in your local container store for an affordable price. Furthermore, look for the bins that have customizable dividers, they will help the ornaments stay in place.

Packing Christmas lights the right way is important

To prevent the lights from twisting and breaking, wrap them around a piece of cardboard and wrap it all in bubble wrap. If you have extra bulbs, to avoid losing them store them in a plastic Ziploc bag. This method will also allow you to quickly check the condition of the bulbs and replace them before storage. It is important to store only the functional lights. If some of the lights are broken try to fix them before you put them away, if possible.

A Christmas tree
Protect your Christmas tree wrap. This will help branches to stay nice and fluffy.

Pack your Christmas tree properly if you want it to stay in good shape

Before you pack your artificial Christmas tree, make sure to clean it. Like any other object in your home, it collects dust. The best way to protect your tree is by placing it in its original box. If you don’t have one you can wrap the tree in plastic wrap and then store it in a plastic box. The plastic wrap will keep the branches nice and fluffy. The better you take care of your tree, the longer it will last. Moreover, if you decide to move one day, your piano movers Austin will help you repack your tree if you didn’t do it properly. They know how to handle large and bulky items.

Christmas wreath doesn’t like to be crushed

If you are lucky enough to have a large closet to store your wreaths install a tie bar or a hanger extension where you can keep your fragile wreaths. They hate to be crushed! You want your wreaths to stay fluffy and perfectly round for the next year. Another way of storing them is in the special wrath boxes. Christmas Wreath Storage Bags feature an internal hook and an external handle that will keep your wrath upright.

Opt for a storage facility if you need more space

If you don’t have a lot of space in your home to store Christmas decorations, think about using storage facilities Austin. You can store not only your ornaments but also other things that are cluttering up your home. You will have more free space in your home while your belongings are in a safe place. Also, before storing your ornaments check if there are any damaged ones. Don’t keep the things you don’t like anymore or that are broken. If you didn’t want to use them this year the chances are you will not use them next year. So throw it away or give it to someone that likes it.

a person holding a christmas wreath
When you finish packing your wreaths and ornaments in boxes, don’t forget to label them.

Label your boxes after you pack holiday ornaments for storage

Whether you keep your Christmas decoration in your garage, attic, or storage box, it is important to store your boxes in a strategic and easily accessible place. Group your boxes and don’t forget to label them so you can find them easily. You will put the most fragile boxes on top to prevent your decoration from getting damaged or broken. Moreover, when you decide to move you will already have your boxes with decorations ready. The only thing you will have to do is to get moving quotes Austin in order to find the moving price that fits your budget.

Packing and labeling everything can be exhausting but it is necessary. The better you do the longer you will be able to use your ornaments. You can rest assured that by following these tips on how to pack holiday ornaments for storage, you will find your decorations in perfect condition and use them for many years to come.


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