How to pack Valentine’s Day decoration for storage

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The holiday of love is over. If you are the type of person who loves celebrating all the holidays, and more so- decorating your house for each, you probably have a lot of decorations piled up. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter… Planning how to decorate the house and bringing your ideas to realization is the most exciting part. But, what do you do with the ornaments and wreaths when you move? Best movers in Austin have excellent storage solutions! Renting a storage unit before your relocation will help you de-clutter your home without tripping over moving boxes. However, ornaments and other decorative items are a bit more complex to handle. We are sharing tips on how to pack Valentine’s Day decoration for storage.

Here’s how to pack Valentine’s Day decoration for storage

Finding perfect ways to pack your holiday decorations for storage Austin offers to its residents doesn’t have to be complicated. With our tips, the things you made with love to decorate your house will be safe and ready to use again next year. To ensure everything makes it to the next holiday season in one piece, follow these simple steps:

  • be careful with paper decorations such as photo collages, cut-out heart strings, etc.
  • if you have any Valentine’s Day-themed wreaths, hang them on a clothing rack
  • Properly protect artificial flower arrangements
  • take the time to pack your Valentine’s Day artwork securely
paper hearts as an example of how to pack Valentines Day decoration for storage
Learn how to pack Valentine’s Day decoration for storage in the best way possible.

Be careful with lightweight paper decorations (photo collages, cut-out heart strings, etc.)

When you pack lightweight decorations from your Valentine’s Day celebration, make sure you protect them properly. To preserve your photo collages, the climate controlled storage Austin TX has is the perfect solution. Photographs are sensitive to extreme weather conditions, and high heat or extreme cold can damage them. This is why it is wise to choose temperature-controlled storage. Pack the photos of you and your special someone in a box and seal it tight. As for other paper decorations, make sure to choose a big enough cardboard box and pad it with bubble wrap. Once you pad the box with a layer or two of bubble wrap, carefully place your decorations inside. Label your boxes so you know what’s inside, and make sure you don’t put anything heavy on top of the boxes containing your paper decorations.

Hang your handmade love-wreaths on a clothing rack

If you are an artistic soul and you love DIY projects and Pinterest ideas, surely you’ve come across Valentine’s Day wreath ideas for your door. Making beautiful wreaths out of paper flowers and hearts in various shades of pink, white and red is a beautiful addition to other decorations to celebrate the day of love. If you put in your time and effort into making these wreaths, don’t simply throw them away after the holiday. Instead, hang them on a clothing rack when you pack your decoration for storage. You can do this with all your wreaths for an easy, hassle-free way of packing which guarantees nothing will be damaged. Your movers North Austin will make sure to properly load all your belongings into the moving truck.

But, putting your wreaths on a clothing rack will give them enough space to not get smashed, and save you the time you would spend trying to pack and protect them properly.

artificial flower arrangements are delicate, which is why you need the best way to pack Valentine's Day decoration for storage
Take care of your wreaths made of artificial flowers.

Protect your artificial flower arrangements

When it comes to artificial flower arrangements, packing them for storage is similar to packing your paper Valentine’s decorations. After you get enough packing supplies, start packing. You want to pad the box with bubble wrap, and wrap the flower arrangement in it as well. Then, place the flowers in the box and cover them with more bubble wrap. If there is any space left in the box, fill it up with packing peanuts or some crumpled newspaper or packing paper. After that, all that’s left to do is seal the box and label it “Fragile”.

Pack your handmade Valentine’s Day artwork properly

If you made some artwork for your partner this Valentine’s Day, make sure to pack it properly. It would be a shame to waste your hard work, and your partner would surely be sad to lose such a sentimental piece due to improper handling during a move. When it comes to packing artwork in a glass frame, you will need a few things. First, you’ll need a special box for mirrors and frames. Such boxes are thin and long, perfect for those breakable items. Then, you need enough packing paper and bubble wrap, and some cardboard pieces for the corners of the frame. And lastly, you will need some packing tape.

With the tape mark an “X” across the glass surface of the frame and protect the edges with the cardboard pieces. Then wrap your Valentine’s artwork in packing paper and bubble wrap. After that, place the artwork carefully inside the box which you also padded with bubble wrap. Do not forget to label these boxes “Fragile” as well! Your artwork is now ready for hourly movers Austin to take it to your next location.

"love" sign
Carefully pack your handmade decorations so you can use them again next year.

Need help to pack Valentine’s Day decoration for storage? Let the professionals do it!

If you are not sure you can pack your Valentine’s Day decoration for storage in the best way possible, get professional packing services. Professional packers will know how to handle all different kinds of Valentine’s decorations you wish to store away in your storage unit. Storage North Austin is the perfect place for all your decorations and ornaments, handmade crafts, artificial flower arrangements, and much more. Packing experts will take care that all your love-themed decor is properly packed. All you have to do is relax and wait for the next Valentine’s Day to come to unpack all your splendid handmade decorations!


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