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When moving, you wish everything to go as smoothly as possible. This is not always the case as phony moving companies are lurking for a gullible customer. That is why it is vital to learn how to spot moving scams. Finding a certified moving company will make an immense difference. In a moving frenzy, the last thing you need is a moving fraud. Understanding how these companies operate will make it easier to avoid them. Professionals at Heavenly Moving and Storage will offer you directions on how to recognize a moving scam and choose the best services for your move.

Check for the warning signs and spot moving scams easily

With proper guidance, anyone can learn how to stay away from scammers and choose top-quality service for their relocation. There are things that phony companies take advantage of, but they can be spotted with proper guidance. After you learn how these companies operate, you will be able to spot red flags easily. Here are some of the most important things to pay attention to:

  • read online reviews
  • avoid putting a large downpayment
  • book an on-site estimate
  • read the contract
  • the behavior of the personnel

Read reviews online

Not every review you read is trustworthy. Surely you will not hire a company with numerous negative reviews but beware of the excessively positive reviews as well, as they might be a sign of a rogue company. Also, make sure to read reviews on various review sites. Scam companies usually do not have reviews on third-party websites, as they keep changing company names to deceive potential customers. A good company will have realistic commentaries from satisfied customers.

typewriter writing review
Read online reviews and look for companies with the best reference and you will be one step closer to spot moving scams

Avoid paying large amounts upfront

If a company asks you to leave a large cash deposit upfront, it is a clear sign that you are not dealing with a licensed company. They can leave with your money and disappear, without giving you any help with your move. Most companies do not ask for a deposit or take just a small downpayment. With certified moving companies, you will get a detailed and free estimate of your move. Get yourself the best moving quotes Austin and rest assured your final bill will equal your initial quote. With Heavenly Moving and Storage you get a high-quality service at an affordable price, transparent business policy, and an accurate moving estimate.

Check if there is an on-site estimate

Every company should offer an on-site estimate. This way you will obtain the most accurate quote, as the home survey will give the estimator the most accurate overview of your possessions. Professional companies conduct a thorough home survey, as opposed to uncertified ones that only give your possessions only a quick glance. Also, avoid the company that offers quotes only over the phone. They usually start with a low fee which increases later on, due to alleged unexpected events and hidden costs. Professionals at North Austin movers give you the option of obtaining an estimate via phone, online, or by scheduling an on-site visit.

woman writing on a paper
Avoid companies that do not offer an on-site estimate

Read the contract carefully

It is in your best interest to have your possessions safely relocated from one place to another. That is why it is vital to be assured your belongings are in safe hands. A certified company will ask you to sign a filled-out contract, specifying details such as moving date, price, and supplies if necessary. Read the contract carefully before signing, especially the small print. The contract should also emphasize that there are no hidden or extra costs. Do not trust the company unless they put in writing everything you agreed on, especially the price. This way you will make sure that you are dealing with professionals, as rogue companies often have you sign a blank contract, under the pretense that it would be filled later. Also, an uncertified company will rarely give you proper paperwork.

It is extremely important to deal with a licensed company, especially if you are moving cross country and making a big change in your life. In a situation of extreme stress and anxiety, more problems will pile up if you make a bad choice about moving company. Exquisite service offered by long distance movers Austin will make your cross-country relocation pleasant and enjoyable.

signing prefilled contract is one way to spot moving scams
Carefully read the contract before signing

Beware of the suspicious etiquette

People’s behavior conveys a lot about how they run a business. If a company rushes you to get the moving process done as quickly as possible, it is a clear indicator of non-professionalism. Also, if they avoid answering your questions or provide you with vague answers, you know you are dealing with an uncertified company. No matter how nice they might seem, there always has to be a note of professionalism in a conversation with customers. When you phone the company, they should answer with more than a simple “hello”. They should clearly state the company name when picking up the phone. This way you know straight away you are talking to the right people. A renowned company knows the rules of proper phone etiquette and how to properly address the customer.

Check out what other services the company offers

Renowned moving companies usually try to expand their field of expertise. They offer a wide range of services such as storage services, packing services, long-distance moving, commercial moving, piano movers, and student movers. A wide selection of services gives the company more credibility. If you trust a company, you will leave your relocation worries entirely in their hands. Safely store your items with storage Austin and rest assured your possessions will be in good hands. You will also have the option of having them delivered to you at your convenience. When the right company deals with your move, you will notice that many other advantages come in the same package. Once you learn how to spot moving scams, you will have a better sense when it comes to choosing the right moving company.

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