How to Store Jewelry in a Texas storage Unit

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Precious jewelry and accessories are something everyone has. Some have more than others but there is no person in this world without a single piece of jewelry. Whether it is a handmade necklace or an expensive one-of-a-kind diamond ring. And it is convenient for people to store their jewelry at home. But did you know you can store the jewelry in a storage unit? Although, storing jewelry in a storage unit can be challenging as it requires careful planning and a bit of preparation. Therefore, we will help you to store jewelry in a Texas storage unit and ensure that your items are kept safe and secure. But first, let us choose one of the best storage facilities Austin and prepare your jewelry for storage.

How will you benefit if you store jewelry in a Texas storage unit?

Storage units are great and easily accessible. Not to mention that nowadays we have storage in North Austin with 24/7 guard on site, complete surveillance, temperature regulations, constant access, and much more. This means you will benefit greatly, and your jewelry will be perfectly safe. Now, it all depends on the location of the unit as well as the perks you choose to have in your leasing contract. Long-term storage solutions often have lower prices and better deals in general.

If you have a lot of it, store jewelry in a Texas storage unit
People with extensive jewelry collections can benefit greatly from a storage unit rental.

Also, instead of renting the entire unit, you can use a safe or lockbox only. A safe or lockbox will add an extra layer of security to your jewelry storage. Make sure to check with your company if they offer this solution and choose a model that is fireproof and waterproof. Obviously, renting a storage unit for jewelry is not so great option if you have only a few pieces in your possession. But it is quite a great option for those with an extensive collection. Even more so if you have extremely valuable pieces in there.

You should store jewelry in a Texas storage unit but choose the right one

As you may know, the subtropical Texas climate with arid and humid weather is not so favorable for your jewelry. It can tarnish and corrode it and eventually damage jewelry beyond repair. This is why we must recommend climate controlled storage Austin. If you rent one, you will set the perfect weather climate inside your unit. Something you can never do in your home. And the price of these units is not much different when compared to regular storage units. Besides, if you decide to store jewelry in a storage unit in Texas, you will choose the best option for your buck. And ensure your jewelry is perfectly safe.

Hence, a climate-controlled unit is a way to go. Browse online and find the best moving company Austin. Give them a call and confirm the terms and the price for such a unit. We are sure you’ll be able to afford it, along with all the perks such a unit brings. And remember, negotiate the price a bit. Good storage providers will always work in your best interest and offer discounts where possible.

Sort your jewelry into categories

Before you can start preparing to store jewelry in a Texas storage unit, you must sort it into categories. Obviously, you will inspect your jewelry first and according to the material and value, you will aim for perks that your storage unit should have. So, consider the following categories:

  • Handmade wooden jewelry and costume accessories.
  • Jewelry made of precious metals.
  • Diamonds, gemstones, and pearls.
  • Specific, unique, and extremely expensive pieces.
A person holding pearl earrings
Sort jewelry into categories and take special care of precious gems, pearls, and diamonds.

Once you know what kind of jewelry collection you have, you can start searching for appropriate storage in South Austin.

You should take care of the specific jewelry first

If you have specific jewelry in your collection, you must focus on it first. Such pieces are usually expensive, unique, and emotionally valuable. So, you must stick to a few important rules. Firstly, never store jewelry where they are exposed to UV lights or direct sunlight. And you should get rid of excess moisture by placing a few silica gel packs inside jewelry boxes.

Also, individual pieces shouldn’t touch each other but have enough room between them. Create dividers made of fiber cloth or felt lining, or any similar textile material, especially for pearls and gemstones that can scratch other jewelry easily. And again, you will eliminate all environment-related factors if you rent a climate controlled short term storage in Austin. Then you have only to think about an appropriate container to hold your jewelry.

How to prepare the jewelry for storage?

Clean your furniture with cotton sticks and soft fiber cloth. Avoid using any chemicals other than jewelry cleaning solution. Use soft, non-abrasive materials like cotton or velvet to wrap each piece of jewelry individually. This will help prevent scratches, tangling, and tarnishing. But always prioritize using original boxes if you still have them. Most of us keep manufacturers’ boxes for warranty and because those containers are designed to keep your jewelry in impeccable shape. Then, label each wrapped item or box to make it easier to find what you need when you come back to retrieve your items.

Golden jewelry ready to be stored in a Texas storage unit
Saturate your jewelry in a cleaning solution or take it to a professional to do it instead.

Avoid storing jewelry in plastic baggies because plastic bags can trap moisture, which can damage your jewelry. Instead, use breathable materials like cloth bags or tissue paper to store your items.

Do you need insurance?

Now, you can add another layer of protection for your jewelry. Next to the climate-controlled and heavily guarded storage unit and proper protective packaging, you have insurance as well. There is moving insurance, insurance against damage, theft, and much more. You can choose to cover jewelry only or opt for a full package. If you do so, your jewelry will be under insurance while at home, in transport, and once it is finally inside a storage unit. So, consider getting insurance for your jewelry in case of theft or damage. Your storage unit provider may offer insurance, or you can look into getting coverage from a third-party provider.

Don’t be afraid to store jewelry

Regular visits to your storage unit will help ensure that your jewelry is safe and secure. Make sure to check for any signs of damage or tampering each time you visit. But if you choose a reliable storage unit provider, this shouldn’t be an issue. Now you know how to store jewelry in a Texas storage unit and why this is the best option out there. The only thing left to do is to start searching for local storage facilities and reputable companies that can provide safe storage for your precious jewelry.

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