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Having a storage unit has become normal. Many people rent storage units so they can declutter their homes and keep their valuable belongings safe. Finding a proper storage unit, and choosing the right one can be challenging. There are certain items that require climate-controlled storage, and with the help of the best movers in Austin, you can actually get it! Not only you will get a storage unit that fits all of your needs, but you will also get a lot of useful tips.

How to know which items that require climate-controlled storage?

If you are not sure how to know which items should go to climate-controlled storage, don’t worry. It is easy to sort them and decide which ones will go to a climate-controlled unit. If you have valuable items, electronic devices, antique furniture, photos – those are just some items that should go to this type of storage. Finding storage Austin where you can rent a climate-controlled storage unit is easy. But before you start your search, you should determine a couple of things.

person reading a book
There are a lot of different factors that you need to consider when going through items that require climate-controlled storage

How many items do you plan to store?

The first and the most important thing to decide is how many items you plan to store in general. Do you plan to store big items? Do you have a lot of belongings that you need to pack and store? If you do, you can always hire North Austin movers to help you. They can pack and move everything into your storage unit. So, once you know approximately how many things you plan to store, you can choose the unit that will fit. You shouldn’t rent a unit that is too small or too big. It should be the right fit!

Why do you need climate-controlled storage?

If you are not sure do you really need climate-controlled storage you should know that this type of storage brings a lot of benefits. Even if your belongings aren’t sensitive, they will be much safer and there won’t be any damage. If you have belongings that hold a big sentimental value, it is better to store them safely than to risk potential damage. There are a lot of options when you look for storage North Austin, so you will find the best fit in no time!

One of the items that require climate-controlled storage is furniture

You probably wouldn’t guess that furniture is one of the most common items that require climate-controlled storage. There are a lot of different types of furniture that require climate-controlled storage Austin TX. For example, if you have leather furniture and you plan to store it for some time, this type of storage unit should be your first choice. When temperatures go high, there is a great chance that leather will crack. Also, if the humidity is high you are risking for your wooden furniture to warp, crack or even rot! The best course of action would be to rent climate-controlled storage and be worry-free!

leather furniture
Leather furniture need sot be stored into a climate-controlled unit

Antiques are also items that should go to a climate-controlled storage unit

Antiques are usually made of very delicate materials. And they can not tolerate high temperatures or sudden changes. Depending on how old they are, by not renting a climate-controlled unit you are risking a lot of damage. Antiques also carry a lot of sentimental value. So it is better to invest in a climate-controlled storage unit than to risk your valuable belongings.

Household appliances should also be stored properly

Household appliances are very sensitive to temperature changes, high temperature as well as low. They have a lot of sensitive parts. And you can easily damage them in a regular storage unit. No matter if your appliances are mechanical or electronic – they need a climate-controlled storage unit. For example, high humidity can cause mold inside of the appliances. But also temperature changes can have a really bad effect on appliances and it can cause them to stop working. If you are not sure how to move them to storage, you can always hire hourly movers Austin and ask them for help. They will move and pack everything in no time!

Electronics should also go to a climate-controlled storage unit

Electronics are one of the most sensitive categories that require climate-controlled storage. They are very sensitive to heat, humidity, and temperature changes. They can easily get damaged. And they can even crack! The most common electronics that are stored in climate-controlled units are computers, TVs, phones, recording equipment. And they all require ideal conditions, without any temperature changes. Even if you are trying to save money, renting this type of unit will actually save you money along the way.

electronics on a table
Electronics are one of the most fragile category of items and they require a climate-controlled storage

Documents and photographs require special attention

If you plan to store documents and photos, you should know that these items need to be stored in a climate-controlled storage unit. Heat can cause serious damage to photos. Not only they will start to deteriorate, but they will also fuse together. Also, even when you rent a climate-controlled storage unit make sure that you have placed all of your photos in albums. This will prevent damage. Also, make sure to organize your unit, so you can easily find any photo you need. You can make a list or clearly label boxes.

When it comes to documents, they can easily fade due to humidity. Or they can even easily rot if temperatures change and the humidity gets high. It is important to rent a climate-controlled storage unit for this type of item, especially if you have a small business and you plan to store all of your paperwork. Investing in a good climate-controlled storage unit will be the best thing you can do for yourself and your business!

There are a lot of items that require climate-controlled storage

You should know that musical instruments, collectibles, toys, clothes – those are all the items that should go to a climate-controlled storage unit. It might seem like an additional cost, but in the long run, you will save a lot of memories, valuable belongings, and important items. And if you plan to store any of those items, make sure to start your search for an ideal climate-controlled storage unit!



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