Moving in the summer heat: how to guide

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Choosing the best time to move to a new home is always on everyone’s mind. You of course want to avoid large traffic and you want your moving truck to come as fast as possible. So, this is an important thing to choose. People often wonder should they move over the weekend when they don’t have work and kids don’t go to school? Or should they choose a work day so that there is less traffic during the trip? But have you been wondering how it feels moving in the summer heat versus the snowy season? No matter the season, Heavenly Moving and Storage Texas will make your relocation a pleasant experience.

Should you be moving in the summer heat?

A lot of people decide to move during the summer. And the reasons for this are many, from kids being out of school to you being on a summer vacation. The weather is better than in the winter, and there are no rains. Also, it is known that the housing market is much better during the summer, so it might be easier to find the perfect home. But, since this is the peak season of the moving business, you need to know that it will be more expensive than moving during other seasons. Take into account your moving budget and plan this in as well. Some general tips when moving in the summer heat are simple, but a reminder is always a good thing.

Try to start your move early in the morning, so you avoid the hottest part of the day, or you can spend that part in the drive. This depends on whether you are moving local or long distance of course. So, be ready for when the movers come and start as soon as possible. Be sure to have enough water bottles for you and your movers, since they will be working hard in this heat. It is a good idea to turn the AC on in your new home before you come there, as it will be so much easier to have a chilled house once you get there. It will be much more pleasant for you and the movers who will bring the boxes inside. If this is not possible, you can bring a portable fan.

woman putting spf before moving in the summer heat
Be sure to protect yourself while moving in the summer heat

How to prepare for your move?

No matter what time you choose for your relocation, you must always know how to prepare properly. Organizing a home relocation needs a lot of planning and this will be the best thing you can do. Write down your plans and moving services Austin Texas companies you want to hire. See if you can include your family in them as well.


Decluttering is a process that you should always go through when you are moving. This means you should go through absolutely everything you own and decide whether to keep it or not. There are probably some old things you have put away and forgotten about that you no longer need or want. So, you can give them to someone you know, donate, throw away or sell them on the internet or during a yard sale. Decluttering will help you with packing and the cost of your relocation. If you have less stuff, you will pack more quickly and you will pay less since you will have less weight to transport. And if you are unsure about some items, don’t worry. You can rent storage North Austin located and place them until you decide.

clothes on hangers
Declutter your wardrobe before moving


When you start packing, firstly get all of your packing materials, like boxes, packing peanuts, and packing tape. Use boxes of different sizes and try to fill them. But don’t put too much into one box. Instead, fill the holes with packing peanuts or paper towels. This will ensure nothing gets damaged or broken during the transport. You should label all of your boxes with the name of the room the items are going into. For boxes filled with a lot of small objects, you can even make an inventory list and tape it to the top of the box. Label from each side so that movers can see however they pick the box up.

Choosing a moving company

Choosing the right moving company will make your relocation the most pleasant and exciting experience ever. They are going to make sure nothing goes wrong and all of your things are safely loaded and transported. They can also offer storage Austin TX. You can also ask them to help you make your relocation plan. Since they have experience, they will be able to recommend the best options for you. But always make sure you are hiring a reliable moving company, and not someone that is out to scam you. You can check this by seeing their license if they are registered with AMCSA or by checking the reviews from the previous customers. They will always share their experience to help the next people who are hiring this company.

man packing a glass
Choose a reliable moving company

How to protect yourself and your family when moving in the summer heat?

We all know that moving in the summer heat can be extra work. During all of your running around to finish everything, buy supplies and visit friends, you need to be safe. So, how do you protect yourself during high temperatures? First thing is that you should always wear your SPF and protect your kids with it as well. This will be important as you will spend a lot of time running errands. How you dress during summer is also important. It seems like the best idea is to go short for summer, right? Sleeveless t-shirts and short dresses, as you don’t want to be even hotter. But, another thing you can do is wear oversized long clothes. Light colors like white and beige can help, and having something over your arms and legs can help out with sunburns. Also, be sure to choose the proper materials, like linen and cotton. They will be much more comfortable during the summer, and you will feel easier spending the day outside dressed like this.

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