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Every year you need to carefully sort and pack your Christmas decorations. And you already know by heart how to do it. However, to pack Christmas decorations for a move is different. It will require a bit different approach. And a bit more of planning. When you are simply packing and storing decorations after the holidays, you need patience. And you need to carefully carry the boxes to the storage. However, when you need to move them to a new home, it is a different story. All your decorations will need some extra protection. This also means they will need proper packing. You may do the packing yourself. However, to be on the safe side, let the best moving company Austin do it for you. That way, your Christmas decorations will be completely safe.

Christmas decorations are something exceptional, but fragile too

Every year, Christmas decorations are bringing a festive atmosphere to our homes. And joy to our hearts. So, when you move from Austin, you want to bring the holiday spirit with you. It is only important it get the right packing supplies. And to pack your decorations properly.

boxes to pack Christmas decorations for a move
Christmas decorations are fragile.

Also, if you are moving right after Christmas, you only need to pack your decoration. However, if you are moving at some other time, their packing is a bit different. First, you will have to take your decorations from their regular storage place. After that, you have to unpack and sort them. Only after that, you can pack Christmas decorations for a move.

Why right supplies to pack Christmas decorations for a move are necessary?

Whatever household items you are packing for the move, the goal is the same. You want them to reach your new home in a good condition. The same is with your Christmas decorations. It would be pointless to carry them all the way, just to find them broken when unpacking. That is why the right packing supplies are important.

Finding the right packing supplies for your Christmas decorations

You may use various materials to pack your decorations. Here are some ideas on how you can safely pack them for the move.

Use original packing

The best would be to pack Christmas decorations for move using the original packing. By original, we mean the packaging you bought them in. These packings are purposefully made, so they provide the best possible protection.

Cardboard boxes

If you haven’t saved the original boxes, you can always use cardboard boxes. Those that you can get from moving services Austin Texas are excellent for packing fragile items. Not only they can be good for your Christmas decorations. They will protect your other fragile items during the move too. They are strong, clean, and dry. For packing your decorations, it is good to take smaller or medium size boxes. Also, putting inside the individual cardboard dividers will add up to the security of your decorations.

Circuit-shaped thermostat mounted on the wall.
Most of your decorations are temperature-sensitive so be extra safe when pack Christmas decorations for a move

Plastic bins

They are excellent for packing fragile things, decorations including. The sturdiness of the plastic bins will make sure that your decorations won’t break during the move. Also, you can insert the cardboard dividers inside. They will keep your decorations separated. They, they will add to the decoration’s safety.

Unconventional moving boxes

You may have in your household some decorative boxes of various sizes. They can be wooden or tin decorative boxes. Such, you can easily turn into excellent boxes for your decorations. Just add a layer of shredded paper to the bottom and among decorations. Also, would be good to add a layer of paper over the decorations. And, before you close the lead, make sure the box is filled up completely. That will prevent decorations from shifting inside. In case you didn’t have shredded paper, use the bubble paper sheets.

Other packing materials you will need to pack Christmas decorations

Besides the boxes and bins, you will need some more packing materials. Such are:

  • Packing paper – use soft packing paper to wrap decorations
  • Bubble paper sheets – over soft packing paper use air-filled plastic sheets, to add the decorations cushioning
  • Packing tape – to secure the boxes
  • Markers – to label the boxes, so you know exactly what is inside

When you are done with packing your Christmas decorations, you can use short term storage Austin. There, they will be safe while you are packing the rest of your household.

Before you start to pack Christmas decorations, check them

Christmas decorations are fragile. And they are exposed to varying temperatures. Besides, you are taking them out and in every year. All this is weakening them over time. So, it is no wonder if they break up. Or sustain some other damages. Such decorations you will anyway change with new ones, even if staying in Austin. So, there is no point in moving them along. Decluttering before your start to pack is recommendable. And when doing so, check them all, from plastic trees to strands of holiday lights.

Time to pack your Christmas decorations for a move

Now, as you have all the packing supplies, it’s time to start with packing. To make the whole process easier, organize your packing steps.

Inside the climate-controlled climate storage with an upright trolley.
Keep your Christmas decorations in climate-controlled storage units.

Sort Christmas decorations by type for a move

  • Christmas trees – use the original box if you have. If not, you can purchase a new one online. Or you can simply create a matching box using the cardboard sheets. For additional protection, you can wrap the tree in a plastic bag.
  • Ornaments and Christmas balls  – as they are usually fragile, use soft packing paper, or bubble wrap. After that, place them in cardboard or plastic boxes with dividers. Mark the boxes as “fragile”.
  • Strands of Christmas lights – whap them around the cardboard tube (like a one from kitchen napkins). After that, use the bubble wrap to secure them from outside, and fasten the wrapping with packing tape.
  • Wreaths  – use the original storage container or some durable box.
  • Lawn decor - use the original boxes. If not possible, you can wrap them in blankets, and fasten the blankets with packing tape.

Plan your travel ahead and don’t forget to budget it accordingly

In case you are moving during the holidays time, be aware that moving prices are higher. So, adjust your budget accordingly. Also, take into consideration that some of your items will have to be stored. So, you should also add short or long-time storage to your budget. Also, make sure to start with preparations early. The holiday time is chaotic, and you may have a problem purchasing some items.

What if you can’t move your Christmas decorations right now?

You may decide to pack Christmas decorations for a move but leave them for some time in Austin TX. Maybe you first need to organize furniture and other things at your new location. So, in the meanwhile, you can store your decorations in climate controlled storage Austin. Most of your decorations are temperature-sensitive. So, by keeping them in such a facility, they will be nicely preserved. Once you allocated space for them in your new home, your mover will easily load and transport them. So, the next Christmas your new home will get the magic shine.


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