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Halloween is a great holiday to spend with friends. You get to show how imaginative you are and dress up as a funny creature. If you have kids, you can dress them up as well and go trick or treating. However, once the fun is over and everyone is supposed to get back to their day-to-day tasks, you have to pack Halloween costumes carefully so they don’t get damaged. If you pack them without enough care, they might get damaged. That way, you won’t have anything to wear for next Halloween. So, take your time and make sure you follow our instructions and you will pack your costumes like a pro.

When you invest a significant amount of money in a Halloween costume for your child or for yourself, you will probably want to keep the outfit you bought for another time. There are many ways to clean and pack Halloween costumes. You’ll do it so well it won’t matter if it was made from the cheapest or most expensive material.

Learn about the clothes before machine washing them

Machine washing a Halloween costume can be done. It’s totally normal for traditional fabrics and other materials that are machine-compatible. For example, you might like to wash the costumes before your move with moving companies Austin, and machine washing is just perfect for that. It doesn’t cost much and it removes all the food stains, dust, and sweat marks that may be damaging your costumes.

Pumpkins with scary faces are stacked upon each other on a pile.
Pack Halloween costumes well and you will be able to use them next year in almost the same condition you left them in.

However, there are many Halloween costumes that also have some kind of special materials on them. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Maybe some accessories or other types of garments that shouldn’t be put into a traditional washing machine. Make sure you read all of the tags and packaging of the costumes you buy before you choose a washing machine as the solution. Get packing Halloween costumes after you’ve machine washed them but make sure you don’t wash something that wasn’t made to be washed like that.

Try spot cleaning before you pack Halloween costumes

Spot cleaning your costumes before a move with residential movers Austin TX is a great choice. Spot cleaning means cleaning only one part (usually a small one) of clothes that has some stain on them. Even after you wash a garment in the washing machine, stains often need a spot cleaning to make the stains actually disappear.

A kid is dressed as a ghost
Dry cleaning is considered a safe bet when cleaning costumes. It will clean your clothes from any kind of dirt.

Maybe your Halloween costume only has a few stains. In that case, spot cleaning is probably the best choice to keep the outfit clean and fresh without machine washing the whole costume. The moment a stain appears, you should start cleaning as quickly as possible. That’s the best way to deal with stains using spot cleaning and your costumes will stay intact. Try not to bleach costumes that are not white. If you know the best spot cleaners, your costume will be perfectly fresh and clean before you go on to packing Halloween costumes using storage North Austin. Spray-on type of spot cleaners isn’t useful when you want to clean your entire costume. However, it can be helpful before you actually get your clothes to a professional dry cleaner or maybe before putting away your costume in a sealed bag.

Hand washing is surprisingly useful

You want your costumes to be fresh and to pack your costumes well before you use storage service Austin TX to store them. However, some people just don’t have the conditions or time to prepare the costumes well. So, often a great solution is hand washing.

If your washing machine isn’t suitable to wash your Halloween costumes at home, hand-washing is the best solution. It’s quick, it doesn’t take anything except soap or some other appliance you’d use to wash your laundry. Hand washing can really help to remove all kinds of stains while also keeping the costume in almost perfect condition. That’s especially true after one use. Always pay attention to tags and instructions provided on all Halloween costumes when you buy them. That’s where you’ll find suitable advice on how to maintain and preserve your costume. That’s before washing it and after you pack Halloween costumes. If you wash your costume by hand, it will probably need more effort in addition compared to special cleaners. That depends on whether the costume includes feathers, leather, spandex, or any kind of accessories.

Professional dry clean before you pack Halloween costumes

Utilize a professional dry cleaning service. That will save you a lot of time and you will get the best type of cleaning. They clean it deep and you lose no quality of the product. When you put your costume in climate controlled storage Austin like that, you know it’s gonna stay in perfect condition.

Two kids are posing for a picture once more before you pack Halloween costumes
Keeping your costumes in a good condition, especially if they are expensive, is a great long-term investment.

Have your costume dry-cleaned by professionals. That way you will keep the material good. They will also preserve the garment in a sealed bag if you ask them to do so before they hang up the costume or store it away in a safe room. A lot of Halloween costumes have instructions that include “dry clean only”. That means it is best to find a professional service that understands how to properly maintain and clean the costume. They will save your costume from any kind of damage, wear, or tear during the cleaning process.

Wrinkle remover & ironing can do wonders for your costume

Ironing a Halloween costume after use and after it has been properly cleaned is a way to ensure the costume is in good condition before you hang it up or pack it with packing services Austin. In addition to ironing a costume, using a wrinkle-remover is great as well to deal with wrinkles. It’s good for special fabrics or materials that are difficult to hand wash. Check package instructions prior to using a wrinkle remover. Do it before ironing the costume as well. That’s necessary to avoid damaging the entire costume. You won’t be able to reuse the costume for future uses if that happens.

Once your Halloween costume has been properly cleaned it will be in its original form. Store it in a sealed garment bag. That will prevent wrinkling and other wear and tear that usually comes with time. Hanging costumes the way they were before using is the best way. However, using a storage tub and properly maintaining the shape of the Halloween costume is maybe even better to keep it in the best shape possible. Clean and pack Halloween costumes for your children who may wear the garment in the future.


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