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Moving is always stressful, no matter if you planned it a few months ago or weeks prior. You have to plan everything, even the smallest things like buying enough tape for packing. There is a lot to remember, so the best way to do so is to write everything down. We are here to help you with planning and organizing, so sit back, grab a notebook and pen and let us start with preparing a packing checklist for beginners.

Prepare for the packing

When it comes to moving, everything is about planning. Make plans, and you will be prepared on time, even before. Put a list of things that are not in use for a long time and pack them first. That way, you will put aside unnecessary belongings and focus on the other. Start by making an inventory. Do this in each room — this will help you organize faster and keep track of your possessions. From there, gather moving supplies such as packing and moving boxes, padding, tape, and blankets — everything you need to protect your things during the local or long-distance move.

Woman in blue shirt holding packing box
Use quality boxes when moving.

When you pack your items, try to combine them based on function — for example, pack kitchen supplies together. Lastly, do not forget to mark your moving boxes, so you know exactly where it goes in your new home. On the top and sides of your cardboard box, note the room name and what is inside. Buy enough wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and tape. You will need a lot of that.

What should your packing checklist contain?

Let’s make a checklist. It is always easier to follow your list and follow your steps. Here is what you need to write down:

  1. Get rid of things you do not need.
  2. Sort by category.
  3. Find reliable full service movers Austin to help you out
  4. Pick a moving day.
  5. Buy parking supplies.
  6. Use good cardboard boxes or plastic crates.
  7. Put tasks on your calendar.
  8. Take away breakable goods from your drawers before moving
  9. Use only packages that can be sealed.
  10. Calculate all expenses and set a moving budget.

The packing process is crucial

There are a few things you need to consider before you start packing. If you invest in quality boxes, it will pay out big time. You do not want to be in the middle of the relocation, and suddenly, your cardboard box starts to rip apart, and your belongings flew out of it. Think about all the worst-case scenarios so you can be well-prepared. Secure your fragile items. When packing your fine china, use a lot of bubble wrap and place them vertically. A label that box. Eliminate space. Fill every layer with news wrap or other packing materials to prevent transport bumps. Heavy items go to the bottom of the box. You can always use packing services from local moving companies.

sticky notes and scissors on brown table
Secure safety during transport by packing your boxes properly.

Packing supplies you will need

You will need supplies to pack your stuff, so here is a shopping list. Things you need:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Scissors
  • Newspapers or wrapping paper
  • Cardboard boxes or plastic crates
  • Tape
  • Sticky notes

The moving company will help you a lot

Nowadays, there is a lot of companies that can help you with moving and packing. Diligent apartment movers can help you a lot and save your time and energy. They take care when packing your items and transport them. Hiring a professional is always a great idea, and when they can take care of both packing and transport, it is a win-win situation. Moving during peak season (from May to September) will likely cost more. The same goes for weekend moves. If your budget is short, aim for a weekday move during the off-season months. Always research the market before hiring a moving company. Make sure their services are for you. Professional moving companies are usually excellent with customer service, and your pleasure is their number one job. That means they will do everything on time, and you will be satisfied. 

Consider hiring packing services

Moving companies often offer packing services. For a small amount, you can hire a professional to do the job for you. They have packing supplies, which can save a lot of time for you, and you can keep on your activities without stress. Experts will guide you through the whole process, and you can even rent storage if you need space in the processPacking services Austin is suitable for all distances. While the moving company is taking care of your moving, you can explore and discover your new neighborhood. Walk around the block, find some cozy cafes you can spend your free time after you move. Do something creative or clear your head with a nice cup of coffee. Simple as that. 

woman in red dress wrapping the package.
Professional help is always the right choice if you do not have much time.

Try to be relaxed as much as possible since all the work is waiting for you after you move. You will have to rearrange everything and make your ideal space again. While the moving company is doing their job, you can make plans about design. Pick the color for the walls, buy some more plants and decorations. It is the perfect timing for that. We feel more confident when our surroundings are ideal and the way we wanted to be. Focus on the things that inspire you, and make plans for your new place. Either your new home or your office, it is your time to make it perfect.

A packing checklist will speed up your move

Moving is a stressful event, no matter what. Even small relocation can make an impact on your life. Every aspect of your life will change by moving, starting with your job, surroundings, and even your favorite coffee shop will be different. Take the most out of it and try to accept it. Consider every option you have. Do you have enough budget for hiring a professional, or you can use the help of family and friends? Try to be optimistic and stress-free. With this packing checklist, you can organize your time and space easily. Write down every step, and follow your own guide through the process, and everything will work out amazing.

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