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When it comes to moving or renovating your home, you’re probably looking for ways of making the process easier. Well, one of the ways of doing so is by renting a storage unit. You can keep a portion of your items safely tucked away while you need some extra space in your home. Even if you’re simply outgrowing your home and you need storage space for a longer time, this is still a great solution. But if you’re renting storage Austin TX, you want to make sure it’s safe and clean so that your things stay intact. Well, because one of the risks you can face are pests, we’re here to help. We’ll explain how to pest-proof a storage unit after you rent it, and how to find good storage in the first place. So, stick around to make sure you’re storing your things in a safe environment.

Pick a reliable storage facility

Pest-proofing a storage unit starts before even renting it. How? Easy – you need to pick the right storage facility that is safe, sanitized and reliable. By selecting a good-quality storage unit, you’re reducing the chances of dealing with pests or rodents. Here are a few ways to choose the best storage.

Pink storage unit doors
The first step to ensuring you don’t have a pest issue when renting storage is choosing the storage facility wisely.
  1. Read reviews. The best way to see if a storage facility is dependable is by checking what the customers are saying. So, find some reviews online and see which storage rental companies are popular and reputable. Stay away from those with negative reviews and unsatisfied customers.
  2. Ask for recommendations. Another great way to ensure you’re picking the right storage is by asking your close ones if they have any facilities to recommend. If you know anyone who’s recently renter a storage unit, it’s worth asking.
  3. Ask your movers about storage services. Finally, what you can do is ask your movers TX if they offer storage services. Trustworthy and reputable moving companies like Heavenly Moving and Storage will provide you with safe and pest-free storage units.

Inspect the storage facility before storing your things

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few storage rental companies you trust, there’s one step left. Before you make the final decision, you should take the time and visit the facility. Take a good look around and inspect the storage units you’re considering. Check if there are any leaks, humidity issues, mold or, most importantly, pests. After all, it will be much easier to pest-proof the storage unit if it doesn’t already have an issue with pests. So, ask your local movers Austin if you can inspect their storage units. If they’re being sketchy and don’t feel comfortable seeing the storage facility before signing the contract, find a different company.

Pest-proof a storage unit step-by-step

1. Seal any potential holes and cracks in the storage unit

Once you’ve chosen the best option and signed the contract, it’s time to work on pest prevention. First of all, take a close look at your storage unit. Are there any cracks or holes? You can usually spot them in the corners of the floor and ceiling, as well as next to the doors. If you find them, you shouldn’t ignore them. Pests can use these holes to get into your storage unit and damage your belongings.

So, to prevent that and pest-proof your storage South Austin, you need to seal those cracks. Also, if there’s a crack under the door when you close it, use a wooden board to cover it. This way, you’re blocking any potential pest routes and not giving them a chance to enter the storage.

2. Clean and sanitize the storage unit

Once you’ve made sure there’s no way to prevent pests from entering your storage, it’s time for the next step. Keeping your storage unit clean and sanitized is of big importance. Of course, if you get the storage from reliable movers South Austin, the storage will already be clean when you get it. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to do quick disinfection of the space in order to pest-proof the storage unit.

Woman holding a cloth and cleaning solution to pest-proof a storage unit
Cleaning is an important step in the process to pest-proof a storage unit

This will kill any existing bacteria, insects, etc. It’s a good way to double-check that there are no issues. When cleaning, don’t skip any parts of the storage unit – clean the floor, ceiling and walls. Pay extra attention to the corners and make sure to remove any potential spider webs.

3. Get a pest repellent to pest-proof your storage unit

If you want to keep your storage unit pest-free, there’s one more crucial step in your pest-control process. It’s time to get some pest repellents and finalize pest-proofing the storage unit.

  • Get a pest repellent spray – spritz it around the corners of the storage unit. This will protect your storage unit from pests for a while.
  • Get rodent traps and baits to put them inside the storage unit.
  • Place cockroach poison baits close to the door and in the corners of the unit.

These simple things will provide you with extra protection and ensure that no uninvited guests enter your storage unit.

Be extra careful – protect your things when packing

Even though you now have all the knowledge about pest-proofing a storage unit, you can never be too careful. Before you place your things into a storage unit and leave them there for a while, you should make sure to pack them properly. This means taking certain precautionary steps that protect your belongings from potential pests. 

  • Use sturdy, good-quality boxes and containers for packing.
  • Wrap your belongings carefully using bubble pack.
  • Keep the boxes off the floor.
  • Place a plastic cover over the boxes.

In order to know that your things are well packed and protected, there’s another thing you should consider. Namely, you can ask your apartment movers Austin if they offer packing services. If so, professionals can pack your items carefully and ensure that they will remain intact while stored.

cardboard boxes
To ensure that your things won’t get affected by any outside factors, including pests, you need to pack them properly.

You’re all set!

Paired with our tips that help you pest-proof a storage unit, our packing services should be enough to give you peace of mind. If you choose well, your movers will prepare your things and provide you with a safe, issue-free storage unit. So, feel free to contact us and rest assured your items will be stored in a great space.

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