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Owning a motorcycle is a dream of many people. The freedom you get riding it, cannot be compared to anything else. However, once you decide to move, having a vehicle of this kind can be a problem. Unlike the car, it is of no help. And you have to relocate it the same way you would all your other belongings. But you cannot just ship it and be sure that it will arrive safe and sound to your new home. There are a few steps you have to do first to make sure it is safe for transport. Therefore, before you hire relocation company Austin TX, here are a few tips on how to prepare a motorcycle for transport. Follow these steps, and in no time, you will be enjoying a ride in your new hometown.

Start to prepare a motorcycle for transport by cleaning it

Same as any other vehicle, you should wash your motorcycle regularly. But once you have to move, this step is even more important. North Austin movers always advise their customers to clean their bikes before the relocation because it is safer that way.

The dirt and stones that get lodged inside the tire creases can damage the bike during transport. Because they can fall off, it is easy for them to scratch the paint. They can also cause injuries to people transporting it. And if you are planning on leaving for some in the storage, there is a danger that residue dirt will start the corroding process. Therefore even if you washed it recently, do it again just before the move. So you are sure there are no leftovers from your last ride.

A hand in glove holding a cleaning product
Get your bike ready for the move with a thorough cleaning

Take off everything possible from your bike before the move

When professional movers start loading your belongings into the truck, they have to make sure everything is secured. That means there should not be anything that is not tied down or properly sealed. Because during the ride, there will be bumps in the road, and things might bounce around. And this can cause damage to your belongings and to the truck itself. Likewise, prepare a motorcycle for transport by removing all the items that can come off. Even if you are moving nearby with local movers Austin or long distance, you should not miss this step. Therefore remove all your belongings from saddlebags, GPS systems. Also, if you have any custom upgrades on your motorbike if they can come off, remove them.

For safe transport of your motorbike check if it needs any repairs

Do not expect that relocation of your motorcycle will be a smooth ride. There will be sharp turns and bumps on the road. And if your bike has any existing damages, they might get worse. Therefore before local or long distance movers Austin arrive, make sure to repair any minor damages. Especially if there are any loose parts.

However, the good news is that probably you will not have to take it to the repair shop. You can do it yourself with simple hand tools. A screwdriver will be enough to tighten all the screws. Also, ensure that there is no oil leak. Because it can be dangerous to transport your motorbike like that. Keep in mind that if you do not do this and something happens, insurance will not reimburse you. And that is highly likely to come to pass during the drive to your new address.

a screwdriver
Tighten all the loose parts to prepare a motorcycle for transport

Do not empty your tank completely

If you are shipping your motorcycle overseas, then you should ensure that your tank is completely empty. Because if it is not, the moving companies will refuse to transport it. It is due to international rules. But for domestic transportation, you can leave one-third of the tank full. However, do not fill it all the way because it will only add more weight. And it will cost you more to move it. Yet with 1/3 of the tank, you will have just enough. So if you have to drive it up the ramp, you will be secured. Thus make sure it is not empty because it might take you forever to push it into the truck.

Do not forget to take pictures before you ship your motorcycle

If anything goes wrong, if you do not have proof of the previous condition, it will be your word against them. Therefore before you relocate your motorcycle, take all the necessary photos. That way, with proof, you will be able to get compensation for any damages that might happen during the transportation. So start with taking photos of the bike from all the sides. If there are any scratches and dents, document them. And if you want stronger insurance, take your vehicle to the mechanic. He will check it from top to bottom and issue all the documentation. Thus once you get to your new home, check your bike for any possible damages. Record them too, and send all the photos to the moving company.

a photo camera
Take detailed photos of all the scratches and dents

With these easy steps, your motorcycle will be ready for transport in no time

To prepare a motorcycle for transport, you do not have to spend a lot of time working on it. Firstly, few days before the moving company arrives, wash it thoroughly. If you do not have time, the City of Austin has plenty of reputable washing companies that will professionally clean it for you. Secondly, remove all of your belongings and any upgrades that can come off. Also, tighten all the loose parts. And take picture of all the existing damages. Lastly, keep 1/3 of your tank full. Since you will have to load it onto a truck, it is easier to drive it than push it up. Once you have everything done, you can rest easy because your bike will be ready for transportation.

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