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Finding a good, reliable moving company tends to be difficult. With new movers popping up every day in your area, it is hard to distinguish the good, dependable ones from the scammers. Getting Texas moving company referrals can prove to be extremely helpful in this situation. When someone recommends a certain mover to you saying that they used their moving services and are satisfied, this is a sign to you that the company is trustworthy. There are plenty of supreme moving companies in Texas that would handle your relocation professionally and efficiently. Here are some advantages and a few things to look out for when you get recommendations for Texas movers.

Here is why you should accept Texas moving company referrals

Getting recommendations for good movers is always welcome. Who doesn’t like cutting to the chase and skipping all the nuanced searching and verifying multiple moving companies?  Especially if you are going to college and are looking for good student moving Austin has at disposal. There are more than one reasons to take a look into the moving company someone recommends:

  • if the referral is coming from a friend or a family member
  • you will save time
  • some companies offer referral discounts
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If you got trustworthy moving company referrals, that is great!

A trusted person recommended the company

If a close friend or family member recently moved and they were happy with the moving company, it is safe to say that their recommendation is honest. Whether you are looking for a full moving service or just furniture movers Austin offers, you want to find reliable ones. If you got a referral from someone you trust, there is no need to doubt their judgment or the safety of the moving company. This is a win-win situation for both you and the movers.

Accepting Texas moving company referrals will save you a lot of time

If you’ve ever moved before or had a close friend or family member move, you know how much time it takes to find an ideal mover. Not all moving companies will be available on the date you need them for, some will be too expensive for your budget, etc. This is why getting recommendations for reliable movers is priceless. Even if you are looking for short term storage Austin to put your belongings away until you move, a referral is always welcome. If someone you trust recommended a certain moving company for your upcoming move, take advantage of that and save some time. Instead of searching for movers and comparing prices, use the time to relax or plan a going-away party!

You can get a referral discount from your Texas movers

A great thing that comes with moving company recommendations is that some movers offer a referral discount for their clients. Moving costs can pile up in a blink of an eye. So, using any opportunity to save some dollars is key! Getting to save money on moving or storage pick up service is something no one will say no to. Although not all moving companies offer this benefit, it is always a nice surprise to get a discount. Either way, you will not be at a loss. Finding a reliable mover is worth much more than saving a few dollars and getting worse service for your money.

Things to look out for when you get Texas moving company referrals

Getting a mover referral from a trusted person is one of the best things that can happen when you have an upcoming move. Still, there are some things to look out for. Moving company recommendations are not always safe. You should pay extra attention to the following:

  • moving companies that only have positive or negative reviews
  • referrals from people you don’t know well or at all
  • do quick follow-up research about the mover that was recommended to you
Not all moving company recommendations are trustworthy.

Companies that only have positive or negative reviews

One of the biggest red flags about hiring moving companies that you got a recommendation for is if the reviews online are all positive or negative. Even the best movers with years of experience don’t have all perfect reviews. So if you come across a mover that has only praises for reviews, it is worth doing more in-depth research about that particular mover and their business. The same goes for moving companies with all negative reviews.

Referrals from people you don’t know well

Another important factor when getting moving company referrals is who is recommending their services. If it is a sketchy person from your workplace that you don’t know very well, maybe you should keep looking. Even more suspicious is the case if the person recommending the movers is not the one who has had experience with them, but a friend of a friend of theirs. Do more research about such moving companies.

Not doing further research into the company that’s been recommended to you

Doing your research about the movers that have been recommended to you is important in the instances described above. If you don’t know the person who is referring the movers to you well, or you find the reviews could be fake, then try to find out if the movers are registered and licensed to work. All moving companies have to be registered in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA. If the company you are looking into is not, then think twice about booking their services.

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Doing your research is crucial if you have any doubts about the Texas moving company referrals you got.

All in all, when it comes to Texas moving company referrals for moving or student storage Austin offers, there is no right or wrong answer. If the recommendation is coming from a person you trust and love, then by all means see if the movers are available on your moving day. You can get several benefits. The most important one is the time you will save on searching for reliable movers and comparing their prices. The second benefit is that some movers offer referral discounts, which come in handy for everyone’s budget. But, if there are any red flags regarding the referral, skip the company.

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