Should you disassemble furniture before remodeling?

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Many people decide on remodeling, renovating, and upgrading before or after moving. Whether you are selling or purchasing a home, it is a smart thing to do. You will either fix everything or set it up to look exactly how you want. Or you will make necessary changes to boost the selling price. Nevertheless, one thing is certain, the furniture and other items inside your home might be on the way. So, today we will figure out if you should disassemble furniture before remodeling. Let’s take a look and figure out if this practice is beneficial.

Are you moving or just remodeling?

If you are moving, you will surely need to hire furniture movers Austin to assist you and make the process easier. They can help you with disassembling and assembling everything once you relocate. Now, if you are remodeling your old home, you will easily do it after all the furniture is out. But if your new home is the target, then you must disassemble furniture before remodeling. And you must do it before moving in and store them somewhere until remodeling is done. The good thing is to remodel your new place way before you even relocate. But in most situations, this is not possible because you do not have access to it months in advance.

movers taking furniture out of the home
If you are moving, let professional movers take care of the furniture for you.

So, the ideal solution is to rent a storage unit from Heavenly Moving and Storage Austin and keep your furniture there for a while. Remodeling can take from two weeks to a month, or more, depending on the property size. And do not assemble anything yet. You will do it easily once the remodeling is completed.

Disassemble furniture before remodeling if you need additional space

You will surely need additional space while remodeling. If you are fixing just one area of your home, the easy fix is to disassemble and move all the furniture to another room. Although, if you are remodeling the entire home, you can still do the same but rotate items once the room is finished. Rinse and repeat until the entire home is remodeled. And if you do not know how to disassemble furniture, call your hourly movers Austin and let them help you. You can make a deal with them to only disassemble furniture for now. Once you are done, you can assemble, relocate, or do whatever you had in mind.

If you must move it out of your home, disassemble furniture before remodeling

If you must move it out of the home, you will surely disassemble furniture before remodeling. As we have said before, one solution is to use storage pickup and delivery services and get your furniture to your new place or the storage unit. Or you can disassemble everything and place it inside your garage. If you have only a few pieces of furniture, maybe you can store everything with your relatives, friends, or coworkers. Either way, if you disassemble it, you will easily move it around, no matter where you go.

You should disassemble furniture before remodeling to move around freely
Disassemble furniture to have an easier time when moving it out of the home.

Can you replace some of it?

This is the ideal moment to get rid of the old furniture. Some of it is not worth disassembling at all. So, you can either donate, sell online, or recycle everything. And this will create more space to purchase new pieces you have been dreaming about for so long. So, declutter before moving and remodeling and figure out how much space you have and how to do this right. Although, you will have a better picture once you are finished with remodeling.

Now you know why you should disassemble furniture before remodeling. To be honest, most bigger pieces will create problems whether you want to remodel, relocate, or both. So, ask for help from a professional moving company, and they will cover this part for you. Good luck.


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