Spring cleaning and storage: 7 useful tips

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During winter we usually do not have much energy for cleaning and sorting things out. With nice weather, suddenly we all feel the need to clean and make room in our homes, or storage units. Especially if you have moved during winter, spring is a perfect time to finally put everything in its place. Relocation is a very complex process. Preparations for it last for months, but once a moving company like Heavenly Moving and Storage delivers your goods to your new home, the process is not yet over. Your home is full of boxes, so now you have to sort everything and put it in its place. Remember that this is also not something that you can do in a day or two. The cleaning process also needs a firm plan and planning in advance.

The first question is where to start

When it comes to spring cleaning and storage use, the best option is to make a plan of all the activities you plan to take. After moving, your home is most likely in a moving mess. Warm weather will give you a nice opportunity to make everything nice and tidy. First of all, go through all the moving boxes which you did not open yet. If you labeled all the boxes, it would be much easier to know what each box contains. Open them and see what you would like to keep at the moment. Everything that you do not need, you can put in storage facilities Austin TX. Using storage units is a great chance to remove all the things you do not instantly need in your home. Not only will you clear all the cutters, but also you make more space in your home.

a woman doing some spring cleaning
It is important to prepare your goods for spring cleaning and storage using

Spring cleaning and storage using tips

It’s not only your moving boxes that you need to check. It would be great to go through every corner of your entire home.

a purple storage unit facility
Remove items you do not need from your home and put them in storage

How many times have you looked into your possessions thinking that you like them but do not have enough space for everything? It happens to all the people. If you are, for example, a snowboard lover, or you like fishing, you probably have tons of equipment for your hobbies. Remember that you can clear everything out and still keep all the goods you like. Prepare all the goods you plan to remove before Westlake moving company Austin comes to pick things up and take them into a storage unit. Since nice weather is coming, you certainly will not need plenty of that stuff. The best thing about this is that you can always pop up into your storage to take whatever you need.

Bulky vs. tiny possessions

Once you start with spring cleaning organization, you will realize that there are some big furniture items you wish to remove from your home. There are many options for what you can do with those pieces. However, if you cannot decide immediately, you can store them in a storage unit. Later on, you decide whether you would like to sell or donate them. Storage pick up and delivery is a great service in this case. Professionals can come to disassemble your furniture, pack it, and take it away from your home. But do not forget small items either. There are probably many little things that you have but do not know what to do with them. Don’t be too sentimental about your items. Instead, try to be realistic, and toss away everything you do not use to make more space.

Check your kitchen appliances as well

For spring cleaning, your bedroom and your kitchen are maybe the two most difficult rooms to handle. The reason for this is that most people usually keep there most of their possessions.

a woman washing dishes
Clean your entire kitchen and all the appliances

The closets are full of clothes and other goods. There are also many dishes, glassware, and other things in your kitchen. Sorting clothes is easy. That means packing and storing away all the winter clothes. Interstate movers Texas already put all the boxes in each room of your new home. So it should be easier to know where are all your items. If you still keep some kitchen appliances in those boxes, it is time to take them out. Before you put things in their place remember to clean them once again. Clean kitchen shelves, tiles, and floor before you put anything on it. Remember to wipe and clean your fridge and stove as well.

Other spring cleaning and storage tips

Do not do everything on your own. Remember to involve other family members in this process. Spring cleaning means a lot of work. If you divide tasks among family members, you will finish much faster. In this case, remember to have multiple bottles of all-purpose cleaners and microfiber cloths. When cleaning furniture, take the utmost care. You might need special furniture cleaners to protect your wooden furniture. Don’t forget about the outdoors. Your exterior and garden furniture needs refreshing as well. Clean your garden table and chairs. In addition, wash thoroughly all the garden chair covers and cushions. Also, remember to wash your terraces and balconies. Once everything is nice and clean, you can put everything in its place. If you do not have the space to wash your carpets, give those to professional cleaning services.

Entire home cleaning means doing serious work. No matter how many rooms you have, it takes time and energy to do everything properly. Spring cleaning and storage use should always go together. Even if you do not plan to store things for a long time, you can use storage units to only remove goods from your home until you finish cleaning. For this purpose, you can use a short-term storage unit, which you can use for two weeks, or a month. Whatever option you choose, just remember to make things easier for yourself. Together with family members or friends, spring cleaning can even be fun. Therefore, start your cleaning adventure as soon as possible.

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