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    Are you a car collector who is looking for a safe place for your valuable vehicle? Whether you have an old-timer, custom-made, sports, or any other kind of car that you use on rare occasions, you will need a place to keep it safe while you are not driving it. If you are looking for a sanctuary for your valuable machine, Heavenly Moving and Storage provides some of the safest car storage Austin or even the whole state of Texas can offer. Protect your vehicle from theft and harsh weather conditions. Give us a call, book a safe place for your auto today, and let us take care of it for you until you are ready to take it for a spin.

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    We will provide your vehicle with a clean, dry, and safe place

    We offer a clean and dry place for your car

    Taking care of the vehicle that you rarely use can be difficult and complicated. Regardless of whether you keep it on your driveway or in your garage, if you have a car that you use daily, it is surely preventing you from using it as you normally would. Besides taking up your space, keeping a vehicle that you rarely use outdoors can have numerous effects on its condition as well. We understand that not everyone who has an automobile can provide it with proper conditions. Luckily, at Heavenly Moving and Storage, you can preserve your machine in a safe and dry place throughout the year. All you have to do is contact our Austin storage services and we will reserve a spot for your beloved car today.

    Benefits of using our car storage in Austin

    Are you still not sure whether you need to rent an additional garage for your second vehicle? The benefits of using our auto storage in Austin are numerous. Here are some of the most obvious advantages:

    • Our Austin car storage will keep the paint job on your vehicle safe from harsh weather conditions, falling leaves, birds, and dirt.
    • Preserve bodywork on your vehicle and avoid the rust that comes with outside weather.
    • It will shield the interior of your car from direct sunlight that could cause discoloration or cracks.
    • It is preventing rodents and insects from making a home in your automobile.
    • Storing your vehicle in the proper conditions that our storage provides will preserve your tires in good condition, preventing cracks and deterioration.
    • Keeping your valuable vehicle safe from theft.
    • You will get free space in your driveway or garage for the other vehicle that you use regularly.

    Prepare your car for storage properly

    While we are always ready to welcome your vehicle in our Austin vehicle storage, we urge you to take certain steps before you bring it over to our facility. As you probably know, a car is not meant to be parked for too long. Long-term storage can have unwanted consequences even if you use the best moving and storage services Texas can offer. So make sure that you:

    • Wash and wax the exterior and interior of your vehicle thoroughly.
    • Check for any leaks underneath your car, in the undercarriage, or engine compartment, and fix them before you store your car.
    • Change the oil to prevent deposits that could jam the engine.
    • Spray lubricant on exposed metal parts of the engine system to prevent corrosion.
    • Fill the gas tank, add a fuel stabilizer, and make sure that you drive your automobile for a while to distribute the supplemented fuel through your vehicle’s engine system
    car engine
    Check your vehicle before you put it in storage

    Steps you should take after parking your vehicle in our Austin storage

    Our automobile storage in Austin provides perfect conditions for preserving your precious vehicle. However, after you drive it in, you still need to do a few things in order to ensure longevity.

    • Lift your car on jack stands to relieve pressure on your tires.
    • Plug the exhaust pipe to prevent insects from entering.
    • Remove the battery.
    • Cover your car to keep it from dust.

    Other storage options that you can find at Heavenly Moving and Storage

    Besides providing one of the best car storage Austin has, our company offers:

    Climate-controlled storage units are perfect for storing temperature-sensitive items

    We understand that the in-storage climate is one of the most important factors when it comes to preserving your items. That is why we offer climate-controlled storage units in which we keep even temperature throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions. Perfect for temperature-sensitive items like electronics, furniture, etc.

    Making your student life easier

    If you are a student and you want to store your dorm room furniture for the summer or keep other items that cannot regularly fit in your dorm, Heavenly Moving and Storage offers a solution – our student storage in Austin.

    We offer different kinds of short-term storage solutions

    Are you renovating your home? Moving your household maybe? Relocating a business during the weekend? If, for any reason, you need to keep your items stored for a short period of time, know that you can use our short-term storage solutions in Austin.

    Our storage pickup and delivery service saves your time and money

    The best thing about using our service in Austin is our storage pickup and delivery. Simply pack your items and call us. Our team will come to your place to pick up your items and transport them to storage without you lifting a finger. You can even let the packing process be governed by one of the most professional packing services Austin has.

    cardboard boxes and wraps
    Our professionals can do the packing as well

    The best thing of all is that you do not have to visit our storage facility at all. Just order your items and they will be delivered to your home shortly. That is how we save your precious time and money.

    Opt for premium moving services as well

    Besides having residential and commercial moving teams at your disposal, we are happy to inform you that you can use any of the following moving services to meet your needs:

    Make sure to apply for a completely free moving estimate and we will provide you with all the additional information you need. Even if you don’t see here something you need, feel free to inquire and we will do our best to find a solution to your specific needs.

    Let us keep your car safe and in good condition

    Remember, if you have a vehicle that you do not use regularly, the only way to preserve it properly is to keep it in car storage Austin automotive enthusiasts and other people like you use for their machines – Heavenly Moving and Storage. Contact us, tell us about your needs, and we will provide you with a perfect place to keep your automobile safe until you need it again.

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