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Suppose you need to find a solution for all the clutter you have in your home or to put away your belonging while you move. You might want to park your boat during the off-season. A good storage space can be your answer. You can find a storage facility in a wide range of sizes. There are some storage spaces in a size of a closet, but they can also be large as an extended garage. When searching for a storage unit, it is important that you pick the exact unit size you need. Otherwise, you may waste money on space you don’t need. So, here you have a storage size guide and all you need to know about storage facilities so you can choose the right one.

Packing boxes for a small storage size
Declutter your home, before you start your search for the right storage size

Declutter before you start searching for the right storage size

Do yourself a favor and follow advice from experienced movers Austin TX, and sort through all your items before you take them to the storage unit. Take a close look at all your belongings and anything you do not need,. Make a pile of things you like, or haven’t used for a long time has to be sold, donated, or tossed out. All other stuff that you want to keep should be stored in the boxes. Mark each box clearly so you can, so you can easily find the particular item later when you need it. Once you have figured out what is going to storage, you will have a much better idea of the size of storage you actually need.

Make an inventory list

Before you pick the right storage size, you need to know what is going in it. Therefore, one of the first things after decluttering you should do is make an inventory list.  Depending on the type of items you want to store you will choose the storage unit. For example, if you hire long distance movers Austin and you need to store almost the entire household, you will go wrong with small storage. But, if you only need to store some paperwork and old moving boxes, then a small store will be the right one for you. However, if you are not sure which types of storage units there are, then you should consult your moving company.

Making an inventory list
Make an inventory list, so you can know what type and size of the storage you need

Types of storage unit sizes

First of all, you need to know what are you looking for, if you want to choose the right size of storage for you. There are many different storage facilities, with different purposes. Storage facilities Austin has many types of storage units you can rent. Here are some examples:

  • Small residential storage units – This kind of storage unit is the size of a small coat closet. It is ideal for storing off-season clothes, sports gear, tools, and other small objects. Storage of these dimensions is perfect for those who love to go big on Christmas decorations. You will have a place for stuff they use only once a year.
  • Medium to large units – These are the most popular size units since they accommodate many needs. If you are changing homes and moving to a smaller house, this would be the right size for you. You will get to keep the stuff you can keep in your new home.
  • Large to extra large storage units – Such storage area is convenient for keeping the entire household. Here you can keep large pieces of furniture or a motorcycle.
  • Commercial storage units  – These storage units are ideal for company owners who have a large inventory.  If you are moving your business, this storage size would be perfect to store items.

Before you rent, check the storage

You are about to make a decision and rent storage, but before you do it, you should check it by yourself.  However, if you are not in the situation to do it in person, there are other ways to make sure that the chosen storage area is right for you. If North Austin movers are your chosen moving company and you want them to transport your inventory to the storage, make sure to check their reviews online. This is the safe way to be sure that you have chosen the right size of storage.

A woman in a storage unit surrounded by moving boxes
Check the storage size by yourself before you rent it to make sure you made the right choice.

Supose the case is that you are moving long-distance and want to rent a storage unit in another state. You should get the information you need by requesting moving quotes Austin. The professionals who work here are highly reliable. They will give you all the information you need to make the right choice and find the perfect storage width for you.

Calculate an extra space in the storage unit

If you are looking for a North Austin storage unit where you will store the items you use less often or they are off-season, you will have to have the access to the items. This means that you will have to calculate some extra space to move around. Therefore, you should always opt for a bit larger space so you could leave a path to gain access to every item you have stored. If you don’t make a path, you will have so much trouble with removing half of your belongings just to grab the Christmas tree that’s in the back.

When you think about getting a storage unit, you may get overwhelmed with all the choices you have. However, we hope that our storage size guide will help you find the right storage for you. Read our guide carefully, make a list of inventory and begin your search. We are sure you will make the right choice!

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