The importance of moving company reviews

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One of the most important things to do in preparation for a move is to locate a reputable, competent, and cost-effective moving company. Despite this, the job is far from simple. A lack of moving business ratings would make things much more difficult. If you’re looking to hire a moving company, there are a number of online resources that may assist you in your search. We at Heavenly Moving and Storage want to help you understand the value of moving business reviews and the necessity of leaving a review after your move is complete so that others may benefit from your experience. If you’re looking for a quality moving service, contact our relocation company Austin TX. And we can’t talk about the importance of moving company reviews without inviting you to take a look at our own.

What is the real importance of moving company reviews

When you begin searching for a moving company, you’ll likely see reviews in the top results of most search engines. It is necessary that we take into account the opinions expressed in these reviews. But, how many reviews should you go through before making a final decision? A whopping 70% of people, according to the BrightLocal 2016 Local Consumer Review Survey, read between four and six evaluations before making up their minds about a certain business. The importance of moving company reviews is higher than ever. With so many scammers on the internet nowadays, one really must learn how to tell the real from the fake companies.

a man reading on the importance of moving company reviews
Reading reviews will help have a better insight into the company’s work ethics.

Finding a reputable mover that would not overcharge you for their services

Moving is a beneficial career choice for many people. It’s for this reason that it draws more people than simply reputable experts. Furthermore, the number of fraudulent moving businesses has risen to the point that it is nearly impossible to find a trustworthy and competent moving company. Everything may appear legitimate, but you never know what your movers like to do. There is also the possibility that your search for a moving business is more specific. If you have a unique moving need, you may need to hire a professional mover. Using traditional search methods, you may have trouble finding what you’re looking for. That being said, if you’ve already worked with a reputable mover like moving service Austin, for example, then there’s no need to do any further research.

Genuine customer reviews will provide you with insight into how well your movers are prepared

Moving companies must be well-equipped in order to perform their challenging work effectively. However, unless you sneak into their storeroom or parking lot and have a look around, it is quite difficult to discover anything about their equipment or vehicle fleet until you ask. Hopefully, the movers you are contemplating hiring have worked with other clients in the past. And, maybe, some of those consumers submitted feedback on the website.

person using laptop
Always read through the reviews to see if there may be some hidden costs.

Most of the time, however, if they followed the rules to the letter and their equipment was in good working order, you would not discover any negative feedback about their cars or tools. For those who have a tendency of driving improper cars, vehicles that are clearly neglected, who do not have the correct tools, or who prefer to improvise while working, there is an excellent possibility that you will find a testimony to support their claim. A legitimate company like Westlake moving company Austin will have all of the reviews and certificates clearly outlined on their website.

How to tell if you are reading an authentic review?

Finally, it is critical to understand that you should not depend on every online review that you come across. For starters, even the most reputable moving firms have difficulties dealing with their consumers. Sometimes a dissatisfied consumer may submit a negative review that does not accurately reflect the value of a particular moving company’s services. However, some moving firms have engaged in unethical practices like bribing false reviewers to make favorable remarks on their websites.

As a result, you must exercise extreme caution while reading and accepting advice from the internet. Pay close attention to where you’re reading those remarks. In the event that you read them on the website of a moving business, you may fully dismiss them. In the case of review websites such as the Better Business Bureau, you should read a lot of them and use common sense to judge whether or not you believe the information included in those evaluations.

The importance of leaving a review for your movers

Because of the reasons indicated above, it is critical that you submit a review when your relocation is complete. If you had a positive experience, tell your friends and family about your movers. If you had a negative experience, tell others to avoid the area. Hopefully, you were able to profit from reading moving evaluations made by others. And will return the favor by leaving one of your own as well. The following are the top 3 reasons why leaving a review for your movers should be on your moving to-do list. Also, feel free to get in touch with full service storage Austin TX if you’re in need of a quick storage solution.

1. Accountability

Not all poor moving companies are outright frauds. While some of these businesses are negligent rather than intentional, the resulting expenses are comparable for the majority of households. If you had a negative experience with a moving business or a member of a moving crew, including that information in your review is one of the greatest methods to urge responsibility. According to the BrightLocal survey, over half of customers would avoid a business with unfavorable ratings, so your comment not only protects future homes but also provides an incentive for the mover to improve.

2. Supporting local businesses

On the other hand, 68% of buyers consider favorable reviews when making a purchase decision. If you had a positive experience with your mover, your review can help the firm secure other contracts. This is especially crucial if you worked with a small moving business that may not rank as well in search engine results as national van lines. Bigger companies like Heavenly move have both moving and storage services and can provide specific needs. So, in general, they are a better option for big moves. For preserving your belongings, we suggest that you get the help of our staff at climate controlled storage Austin TX. So that you’re sure all your possessions will stay intact.

a poster with "We can't thank you enough for supporting our small business"
The importance of moving company reviews is even greater for smaller businesses and communities.

3. Possible rewards

Along with the abstract benefits of posting a review for your mover, there may be real rewards. As said before, many movers rely on word of mouth, which is why some of these movers give discounts, rewards, or fun prizes to those who submit great evaluations following a service. You shouldn’t take the importance of moving company reviews lightly.


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