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Relocating home can be a tricky business. You must organize like a pro if you want to ensure a smooth transition. Usually, aside from money, time management is something that bothers most of us. So, to have an organized relocation, you must assemble a moving plan, pack on time, and hire Austin area movers to help you out. And the fact that you must do everything on time is what makes relocation so stressful. Therefore, let us explain what your checklist should contain and how to be sure you are ready the night before the move. Let’s take a look.

Finalizing Packing

Obviously, you must be packed the night before the move. And in most situations, this is too late to be finishing such a complex and time-consuming task. Packing should be done at least a few days before the relocation. Simply because it can hinder your progress, and you are bound to forget something while covering the last-minute packing. Although, if this is the situation at hand, you should cover the last-minute packing. Go through your inventory list, check the labels on boxes, inspect your furniture and figure out if it is wrapped safely, and more. If you must pack a few more boxes, do so, and do not leave anything packing-related for the morning. You must be ready to go once your local movers Austin residents recommended to you arrive on site.

Woman labeling a cardboard box
If you have to, finalize your packing process the night before the move.

Contact Movers to Confirm Their Arrival

Another thing to do the before the move is to call your furniture movers Austin offers. Everyone should have healthy communication with their movers, and you should feel free to call them anytime. Of course, call them when you have questions or help. And surely give them a call the night before your relocation to go over the details once again. Also, you want to double-check if anything changed or if there are any delays. Your movers should confirm they are on schedule unless something unforeseen happened. So, call your movers, confirm the time of arrival, and honor your part of the deal.

Prepare Your Travel Bag the Night Before the Move

No matter what we say, most people pack and declutter before moving a couple of days before the relocation. Probably one out of a hundred customers are not packing on the night before the relocation. But one thing that you should leave for this night is your travel bag. It should contain all the important items you might need along the way. It should contain the following items:

  • Personal documents and valuables.
  • Medicine.
  • Pocket money.
  • Change of clothing.
  • Snacks, beverages, or sandwiches.
Pack your personal bag the night before the move
A simple duffel bag will hold all your items and necessities.

This is not your first-unpack box. It is a bag that you’ll have with you all the time and utilize its content if needed. Although, you should pack the mentioned box as well. This box should hold everything you’ll need on the first day in your new home. A dining set, bedspread, toiletries, and much more. Hence, o over your list and make sure both the travel bag and the box are ready for the road ahead.

Cover any last-minute tasks

If there are any last-minute tasks, this is the time to go over them. All the moving-related responsibilities, errands, and chores should be covered days before moving. Sadly, we always have something that pops up and ruins our day. So, if you must run to the bank, store, or something entirely different, do it if you are not jeopardizing the moving process. Also, if you want to purchase additional moving services that can speed you up, talk to your movers about it. You can purchase complete packing or have a bunch of items and furniture stored in one of the local storage Austin units. Special moving services are there exactly for these types of situations. To buy you time and make the relocation more comfortable and convenient.

Organization Is the Key

Now you know what to do the night before the move. If you assemble a good moving checklist from the beginning, this process will be much easier. Simply go over your list and give your movers a call. If anything is out of the ordinary, attend to it and get back on track. With such a good organization, you won’t have any problems.

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