Things you can and can’t keep in your storage unit in Austin

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Renting a storage unit can solve many problems. It’s convenient for all the things you don’t know where to put, so you just end up cramming them in the drawers or the garage. It’s also a great solution when you are moving and need a place to put all the moving boxes away until the moving day. Whether you are relocation or just de-cluttering, Heavenly Moving and Storage is what you need. For all those little knick-knacks around your house that make your living space cluttered, self-storage is a perfect solution. However, you should know what things you can and can’t keep in your storage unit. Not everything is allowed or better off stored away for long periods. We have a handy list of what you should put in storage, and what you should not.

What are the most common things you can and can’t keep in your storage unit

Although there are numerous things you can and should put in storage Austin, there are certain items you are not allowed to store. You should always check with the storage company about their policy, but some general things you can’t keep in a rented storage unit are:

  • perishables
  • anything flammable or combustible
  • items made of hazardous materials
  • anything illegal
  • guns or ammunition
  • some companies don’t allow storing plants
  • living creatures


Storing anything perishable in your storage unit is a big no-no. Food can quickly go bad even in the best climate-controlled student storage Austin facilities, so if you were considering putting some leftover fruits in your unit when you go home for the summer break, think again. Even shelf-stable food such as cereal, oats, or crackers is not safe in self-storage. Rodents and bugs can easily sense any little trace of food in your storage unit, and even with the best pest control, it is not always possible to keep them off the premises at all times if there is anything edible in the units. This is why storing food, especially perishable items are strictly prohibited.

fruit is among things you can and can't keep in your storage unit
It’s important to know the things you can and can’t keep in your storage unit, so you know what to avoid.

Items made of hazardous materials

If you were thinking about storing some paint, paint thinner, or other toxic items in your storage unit, you probably won’t be able to. Along with fertilizer, fireworks, chlorine bleach, gasoline, acids, etc., paint and paint thinners are considered hazardous materials, and those are not allowed in self-storage facilities. Due to safety reasons, and the possibility of the cans exploding spontaneously, it’s better to buy those items again once you move and safely dispose of the ones you have right now. When you’re getting moving quotes Austin, ask about what items you can and cannot store in their units.

Illegal substances or items such as guns, drugs, etc.

Not storing anything illegal in your storage unit is a given. Apart from most storage facilities having video surveillance, the employees in storage companies are obliged to notify the police in case any illegal items are being stored there. Apart from that, you can also not put ammunition and guns in self-storage. If you have any firearms and are moving soon, see with any friends or family members if they are willing to take them for you until you settle in your new home, since storing them in your storage unit is not an option.

What are the things you can and should keep in your storage unit

Luckily for all of us, the list of things that you can keep in your storage unit is a lot longer than the list of things you can’t. If you are booking student moving Austin offers to help you with your relocation back home during the summer break, consider storing some things in a storage unit. It is more convenient and also cheaper than moving everything home and then back to your dorm or apartment when school starts. The list of things you can and should keep in storage is long. Here are some examples:

  • seasonal clothes
  • artwork
  • antique pieces
  • books
  • patio furniture, pools
  • holiday decorations
  • pianos
  • gardening equipment
  • furniture
  • bicycles

Artwork, antiques, pianos, books

There’s no safer place for your priceless artwork or vintage items than a climate-controlled storage unit. It is also a good idea to put some books in self-storage if you are a book lover and want to avoid cluttering your home. However, artwork and antiques are very fragile. They need to be properly packed whether you’re storing them for longer periods or relocations. The same goes for pianos. Make sure to hire reliable piano movers Austin has art disposal. They will handle your piano in the best way possible and safely take it to your storage unit.

Pianos are best kept in a storage unit if you need a place to store them until you move.

Seasonal clothes, patio furniture, and holiday decorations

Another convenience of storage units is that you can store seasonal clothes there. If you have little room in your student dorm, apartment, or house, renting a storage unit is the perfect solution! This goes for all seasonal items you have. For example, you can store patio furniture during winter, or holiday decorations during summer. This way, your house will be clutter-free at all times and you won’t have to give up having lots of decorations or clothes if that brings you joy. Make sure to get professional packing services Austin has, and relax knowing your belongings are safely stored away.

Christmas decorations
Putting away seasonal items is a great way to avoid clutter.

Hopefully, this list of things you can and can’t keep in your storage unit in Austin has made it easier for you to choose what to put away and what to keep in your house or get rid of when you move. Taking proper precautions and storing only what you can in your self-storage will change your life. Not only will your house be clutter-free, but you can also not get rid of all the things that have sentimental value but you simply don’t know where to keep them. Get enough packing supplies and start packing! Your storage unit is waiting!

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