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In order for your artwork to remain in perfect condition, all of the items should be stored properly. They should be protected so that no single damage happens to them. This means that you are going to need proper packing supplies and some time. There is nothing for you to worry about, we are going to provide you with useful tips for storing artwork in Austin. This is something you can do easily, but if you do not have the time, feel free to count on the best movers in Austin to help you.

Choose the right storage for your artwork

Not every storage unit is fit for storing artwork. For example, you may think about turning one of your rooms into a storage room. However, you should know that not just any room will do the work. For example, your storage room should be finished and you should avoid attics and basements unless they are climate-controlled.

Paintings on a wall
You are going to need a special storage unit in order to store your artwork safely

In addition to this, there should be no vents or open windows. This can affect the temperature in your storage room and your items can suffer severe damages. So, the best thing you should do is rent a storage unit. The most reliable storage Austin has to offer is always at your disposal. Your belongings are going to be in a safe place, that is for sure.

How to prepare your art for storage?

First of all, you should clean all of the items you plan on storing. By doing this, you will remove the dust and you will know that you have stored your artwork properly. If you would like to avoid rust or scuffing, it is preferable to use a wood polish or metal polish. Feel free to consult a hardware store in order to see what kind of polish would be best for your item. Once you have everything you need, start completing the task. This will be good preparation and it is certain that your artwork will remain in perfect condition. If you are storing your items because you are relocating, count on North Austin movers to give you a helping hand. They will surely make the entire process much easier and you will be stress-free.

Think about what materials to use when storing artwork in Austin

This is surely something that largely depends on what items you are going to store. For example, if you will be storing paintings, you are going to need some high-quality cloth. This will prevent the frame from getting scratched. In addition to this, you can also use some bubble wrap over the cloth. It will additionally protect the paintings.

Grey cloth
It is advisable that the cloth you will be using for packing your artwork is thick and of good quality

On the other hand, when it comes to china or glass items, you are also going to need some packing paper. Of course, you can feel free to use your towels, blankets, linen, etc. if they are in good condition and that they are made of fine materials. Once you do all of this and pack your artwork, the most professional storage North Austin offers will be waiting for your items.

Packing your artwork is also something you should pay special attention to

The most important thing you should remember is not to use large boxes. If you make this mistake, the items inside will easily get damaged or even broken. Instead, get smaller boxes. Of course, you are going to need a greater number of them, but it will be worth it. Once you have prepared your artwork and packed the items, start putting them in boxes. Make sure you have by your side enough packing paper so that you can fill the empty spaces. This will prevent your belongings from moving and no damage will be done. When the unpacking part comes, you will see that everything is in its place. Feel free even to let your mover help you with this. The most trustworthy hourly movers Austin can offer are always willing to give you a helping hand.

Make sure you maintain the right climate

Your artwork surely requires a lot of attention. Each piece should be treated properly so that it would last longer and remain undamaged. In a situation of this kind, where you will be storing your artwork, it is preferable that you rent a climate-controlled unit. The climate controlled storage Austin TX can offer you is a perfect choice. You will get to set the temperature and this will make it possible for you to preserve your peace of mind.

When storing artwork in Austin it is important to keep the right temperature at all times

Just pay attention to keep the temperature to 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit or 21-24 degrees Celsius. In addition to this, you should also check the humidity levels. The ideal humidity for storing artwork is 40-50%. Feel free to come and check on your items every once in a while. You will also have a chance to check the temperature and adjust it if it is necessary.

Storing artwork in Austin is surely a complex process, but it is not impossible to finish it successfully. All you should do is take some time in order to learn what you should do and then start doing it. Think of the best way in which you can organize your storage unit so that everything is easily accessible. You may need some additional time for this part, but it will be worth it. It is much better to organize everything from the start than to lose your nerves later. So, start with the preparations today and you can be sure that your art is going to remain in perfect condition if you do everything by the book.


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