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Moving to Austin is a big step and a new, exciting chapter in your life. However, organizing relocation can also be stressful and even overwhelming. The entire process can take weeks, even months in some cases. It is extremely important to plan your move carefully. Creating a moving calendar can help you stay organized and focused on your moving activities. You need to find reliable moving companies Austin, pack your belongings, including things that are fragile. Then, you should choose a storage unit that meets your needs. Storing fragile valuables is a great solution during relocation because your things will be safe until you find the perfect spot for them in the new home.

Declutter your home before you start packing

Finding an experienced company that provides quality moving service Austin is the most important part of your move. But, the process doesn’t stop there. You need to go through all your belongings and decide which things you want to transport to your new home. Divide all your belongings into several piles – keep, toss, sell, donate. Get rid of things you don’t need, furniture pieces that won’t fit into your new home, clothes you no longer wear, etc. Remember that the cost of your move depends on the size of it. So, make sure you toss or sell unnecessary things before you start packing. As for your most valuable possessions, you need to protect them properly before you start placing them into moving boxes.

A couple packing and storing fragile valuables
Pack your things carefully and protect everything before storing fragile valuables

Prepare valuable, fragile items for relocation

Gather quality packing supplies before you start packing your valuables. These include packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, scissors, boxes, markers, etc. Make sure you cover every fragile item in bubble wrap and packing paper before placing it in a moving box. You can even use two layers of bubble wrap for extra protection. Bear in mind that fragile items can easily get damaged in transport. Also, use packing peanuts to prevent items from moving inside the box. Finally, use tape to ensure everything is fixed and secured.

How to find the perfect storage unit for you?

Renting a storage unit can be very helpful after moving to Austin. Your home will probably be cluttered with stuff and it may seem pretty chaotic. Leave things in a storage facility until you find a proper space for them in your new home. This is especially recommendable if you have some valuables. Storing fragile valuables will prevent any possible damage during relocation. Finding affordable storage South Austin can greatly facilitate and accelerate your move.

A set table
Your china is fragile and valuable so make sure you use quality packing materials

When looking for storage rental Austin you need to think about several factors and your priorities. What should be the size of your storage facility? The best way to determine the storage unit is to make a list of possessions you want to store, including valuables. In this way, you will know the exact number of moving boxes which will help you determine the storage size. Also, the most important factor is safety since you will leave your most valuable possessions there. Make sure that it has video surveillance, security, and gates.

Another thing to take into consideration is location. Your storage should ideally be close to your new home, with easy access. However, this doesn’t have to be crucial. Many companies provide storage pick up service. This means that you do not have to go to a storage unit. The company can deliver your belongings to you. Since you won’t have to drive to and from the storage unit, this will save you a lot of time and money.

Storing fragile valuables – tips and tricks

Moving valuable items is extremely stressful. Storing sensitive valuables takes preparation and planning. We have some tips that can help you relieve stress and ensure a successful move. If you have valuable furniture and antiques you are probably aware that extreme temperatures are their enemies. Protect them with bubble wrap, sheets, and furniture blankets. Make sure you choose a temperature-controlled storage facility. Fine china and collectibles should be carefully cleaned before storage. Wrap each piece individually with bubble wrap before packing. Avoid packing your breakables too tightly and putting too much pressure on them.

Inside a storage facility
You storage space should be a safe and climate-controlled environment

As for the artwork, it is not recommendable to wrap it for storage because it can trap moisture. Your art pieces need to breathe so it would be best to use crescent boards. In addition, prepare wooden frames for storage by applying furniture polish or oil. This will prevent drying and cracking. Again, pay attention to storage conditions – avoid humidity and extreme temperatures. Finally, you may store books or important documents in storage facilities. Put them in a sturdy, plastic container to avoid pests and moisture. Place them in an upright position, except for heavier books which you can store flat. Don’t forget to label all your boxes and containers. Write information regarding their content, destination room, and handling instructions. This will greatly speed up the unpacking process.

In conclusion

Renting a storage unit can be a lifesaver during the move. You can leave all your stuff there until you find the appropriate place for them in your new home. With numerous storage units available everywhere, finding storage has never been easier. But, there are several factors to consider when choosing a storage facility and storing fragile valuables. First, think about the size of a unit. The cost of the space is based on square footage. That is why it is necessary to make a list of items you want to leave in a storage facility. Once you do that, you will be able to select the right size. Take the time to compare the cost of various storage facilities. In addition, consider security and conditions. If you plan to leave valuable items in a storage facility, you will need optimal conditions and a temperature-controlled environment.

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