Top Halloween events in Austin to visit after the move

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After a move, everyone deserves to unwind. Wherever you decide to start a new life, surely there are plenty of fall activities to keep yourself occupied with. If professional movers in Texas handle your relocation, your move will be stress-free and will leave you enough time to enjoy a new town. In case you moved to Austin, be sure that you are in for a fun fall. With the end of October just around the corner, you may want to check the upcoming Halloween events in Austin to visit. Professional moving company Heavenly Moving and Storage will guide you through Halloween activities you can participate in after the move. Besides outstanding relocation service, they offer a fun guide through October in Austin.

Top Halloween events in Austin to visit after the move

Halloween is one of the most fun and creative days of the year. It takes a lot of imagination to decorate the house, porch, driveway, stores, and other public places. Also, many events that entail creative costumes take place weeks prior to 31 October. People are sharing candies, socializing, and commenting on each other’s costumes. Everyone makes a special effort to design a unique mask or an outfit. It is a great way of connecting and entertaining the community. Austin does not fall behind other US towns when it comes to Halloween events. Have fun throughout October by attending one of the following events:

  • Halloween market
  • Austin Ghost Tours and Haunted ATX
  • Pop Up preschool Halloween Play Day and other activities for the youngest
  • Lockout Austin and numerous escape room activities
  • Halloween Show 3TEN and many other music events
  • Pumpkin-themed events
a skyline of Austin, Texas
Austin boasts numerous Halloween events throughout October

Halloween market

Visit the famous Austin Halloween market and treat yourself to some spooky handmade curiosities. Tarot cards, henna, vintage stuff, candles, and many more locally curated products. Make the event more fun by showing up in your Halloween costume. If your new flat is overcrowded with the stuff you no longer need, and you need room to buy more Halloween stuff, think about renting a storage unit. The best way to declutter and store away your redundant items temporarily is by taking up storage facilities Austin. A climate-controlled storage unit will keep your items fresh and mold-free. You can even store your Halloween costume here until next year.

Ghost Tours and Panic Room

For those who like to keep the adrenaline running, Austin Ghost Tours are the perfect Halloween activities. Different tours guide you through various haunted buildings that tell the stories of the town’s past. You can choose between Ghosts of the Capitol, Old Pecan Street, or Ghosts of the Warehouse District. No matter which one you chose, you are in for a (trick or) treat! But the fun does not end here for the lovers of haunted places. Haunted ATX takes you on a haunted places tour in an eerie limousine. This spooky Cadillac will give you a ride around historic landmarks that are allegedly haunted. Experience one scary Halloween by visiting places with reported paranormal activities.

Halloween fun for the kids

Austin offers a multitude of festivities for the youngest. Pop Up Preschool Halloween Play Day takes place at the Rivery Park. This is a perfect place for the kids to enjoy a combination of playground fun, storytime, and Halloween crafts, all dressed in their costumes. Another Halloween activity that attracts the attention of both parents and the kids is Boo at the Zoo. Kids dressed in costumes take a night walk through the Austin Zoo, on Fridays and Saturdays in the second half of October. Owls, goblins, ghosts, and a spooky train will certainly create a scary atmosphere.

a couple of kids going for trick-or-treat
Parents can find a lot of fun activities for kids among the numerous Halloween events in Austin to visit

Halloween festivities also bring some music events for the children. The Austin Symphony will perform their Halloween Children’s Concert that takes place every year. This year they will perform on 24 October, with a theme from “Hansel and Gretel” fairy tale opera.

Escape Room Activities

Lockout Austin, Escapology Escape Rooms, Escape the Mystery Room, The Escape Game Austin, and Austin Panic room offer a unique escape room experience. All these events are designed for small groups, families, friends, or co-workers. Solving puzzles and using deduction to find your way out seems like a fun Halloween activity for those who like more engaging events. Usually, the participants have 60 minutes to follow the clues, solve the puzzles, and escape. All Halloween escape room activities in Austin offer an interactive and exciting experience.

a carved Halloween pumpkin on the table
Choose between escape room activities, live concerts, or pumpkin-themed events

Halloween music events in Austin

Party lovers will enjoy this Halloween season. Some of the renowned entertainment venues are organizing great parties and concerts. Since the early 70s, Elysium nightclub hosts alternative music bands and parties. This season this famous club continues with the tradition of partying and costume contests. Also, Halloween Show 3TEN, a downtown music festival, is the place to be for rock ‘n’ roll lovers who enjoy live music. Moreover, those in favor of electronic music will have a great time as well. Spooky Silent Disco takes place on the very night of Halloween. With three DJs on the stage playing great music and boosting up the mood, a good time is guaranteed.

If you are a musical type and a piano player, throw your own party for Halloween. Put on a spooky costume, invite your neighbors, and have fun at your house. Professional piano movers Austin, will make sure your piano reaches your new home without a scratch.

Pumpkin-themed events

Pumpkin is the most recognizable Halloween trademark. Besides being delicious to eat, it is also a great decoration. Pioneer Farms Pumpkin Nights are among the best pumpkin-themed events. It features impressive sights of pumpkins designed by artists. If you are into more interactive family events, remember to visit Sweet Berry Farm. Here you may find some of the best family Halloween events in Austin to visit like hayrides or pumpkin painting. Once movers South Austin have successfully conducted your move, all you have to do is enjoy the fall festivities.






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