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The coronavirus has definitely changed some of our habits. And while we are in a situation where social distancing is a recommendation that we have to stick to until experts decide otherwise, most of our usual plans are on hold. Still, changing residence and finding movers in Texas is not something that can be postponed. And what most people planning to relocate want to know is how to be moving safely during COVID 19. Read on!

Is it possible to be moving safely during COVID 19?

If you are wondering is it possible to be moving safely during COVID 19, the answer is: yes, it is. All you need to do is contact your local movers or even better, full service storage Austin TX that respect all safety measures. The thing is, movers want to help you make this process as stress-free as possible. Also, you need to make sure you are following the security protocols that will save you and other participants in your move and to completely eliminate the risk.

moving person moving safely during COVID 19
Yes, it’s possible to be moving safely during COVID 19.

Make an appointment on time when hiring moving companies

If you are worried about a relocation that you are just planning, you should make an appointment with your movers South Austin as soon as possible. You can also ask them directly what the next steps would be. This is because it is assumed that all companies will be overbooked now that things are slowly returning to normal. For this reason, it is a good idea to book your relocation date in advance. Also, if you move on a tight schedule, ask your movers what would be the best option for relocation.

How has the relocation service changed?

The thing is, there are not so many changes, even if you move across the state and need long distance movers Austin. All types of relocation require similar safety measures. What has changed the most at the moment in terms of the moving service itself is largely related to the user experience itself. This includes frequent hand washing, as well as minimal physical contact between the service provider and clients.

man and woman sitting on the floor and packing boxes
Some safety measures frequent hand washing, as well as minimal physical contact between the service provider and clients.

What about storage services?

Well, all storage services function pretty normally. For example, most people use storage when they move their office and need commercial movers Austin TX. What you might expect is a limited number of hours when you can access your stored property. The other thing is a limit on the number of people who can access their belongings at the same time. Storage companies also adhere to appropriate hygiene practices, including enhanced sanitation. Also, all units are clean and disinfected because they are climate-controlled units.

Important tips for moving

Whatever your opinion is on COVID-19 outbreak, you certainly have to acknowledge there are certain rules. But if you’re not sure about relocation protocols, you’re certainly not the only one. Here we enter an unexplored area about that there are no specific prescribed measures. That is why it is most important that every aspect of relocation is carried out according to the recommendations given by experts. Here are some key recommendations to help you make your move as safe as possible.

In case of any symptoms, be transparent

Tell your relocation company immediately if you experience symptoms that may be related to the coronavirus. This applies to you as well as to anyone in your family. Transparency is very important for the protection of all participants in relocation. Although most likely, the company you hired will not cancel the service due to these symptoms, it is important to be honest because in that case they will strengthen precautionary measures and determine additional protocols in order to protect their workers to the maximum.

In addition to letting them know if you suspect an infection in yourself or a family member (or you may have already been tested and your diagnosis confirmed), let them know because all steps need to be taken to reduce the risk.

Provide hygiene products

To help relocation company employees follow all recommended hygiene procedures, be sure to leave products they can use while transporting your items to and from the relocation truck. This primarily means soap, but also paper towels, as well as hand sanitizer gel. If you are worried about whether you have a sufficient supply of disinfectants, talk to your movers and ask if they include disinfectants in their service.

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Most likely, the company you hired will not cancel the service due to these symptoms, it is important to be honest.

Do not use free or recycled boxes

Now is not the time when it is wise to borrow boxes from a local store or any other boxes that have already been used. The boxes you already have in your home are fine, but if you need extra boxes, it’s best to buy new unused boxes.

How to unpack?

After the relocation company finishes their job and it’s time for unpacking, you need to do this with maximum precaution. The advice is to remove all packaging used for moving and to disinfect all items appropriately. Don’t forget is to wash your hands regularly.

General tips

When moving, you need to follow all the standard advice from experts and apply them to your specific situation. During the move, it is necessary to respect the requirements for social distancing and sanitary protection. If you plan to donate items such as clothing, bedding, furniture, etc. You must check with the organizations what the new donation protocols are. They are probably more complicated than under normal circumstances, but if that means moving safely during COVID 19, you should oblige.

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